Climate change deniers have grasped that markets can't fix the climate - The Guardian


This was written in response to the above pro-global warming rant posted by Guardian's Seumas Milne which you can see here where he blames climate change and numerous bad weather events on free market capitalism and continued massive use of dirty energy (fossil fuels). Yes we're putting enormous amounts of CO2 in the air. Yes it traps heat before it can escape into space. But what hasn't happened as predicted is a dangerous rise in atmospheric temperature that could cause catastrophic weather on earth. The projected rise of 3.8 degrees by politically driven alarmist scientists has risen no more than a harmless, trite 1.3 degrees, further eroding their credibility for objectivity.

Is there some inexplicable delay in the catastrophic heating of the atmosphere? Alarmists like Milne, Gore and John Kerry (invested as they are in climate Armageddon) believe religiously in this delay and impractically call for drastic reductions of CO2 by radically transitioning globally to clean energy economies regardless of the devastating economic impact due to significantly higher energy costs-as happened in Spain. This doesn't matter to them. It's CLEAN ENERGY OR DIE! That is their message even though it would mean massive joblessness, depression and global strife. A little chaos today (no matter how many suffer or die) means nothing to them; for the survival of the human race is at stake and they are its saviors and saints morally and spiritually exalted above the rest of us money grabbing selfish cretins and ignorant deniers who are worse than al Qaida and Osama bin Laden and the nuclear terrorists of Iran.

 But they've been betrayed by Obama and the clean energy Dems who lost their nerve and backed away from Cap and Trade in 2010. Why? Because its contractionary impact on the struggling US economy would have made Obama a one term president and given both the House and Senate to Republicans who'd use their power to DRILL BABY DRILL: open exploration of dirty energy on federal lands and revive the coal industry. They couldn't afford to alienate more voters by shoving a massive carbon tax down their throats like they did with unpopular, costly, chaos-causing Obamacare. Until clean energy (which I prefer, having a respiratory ailment that makes me hyper-sensitive to pollution) is cheaper than dirty energy the later is here to stay come what may higher atmospheric temperatures and all if that should be. 



 kiuru7 comments on ApolloSpeaks

Curious, even as you choke on pollution, you still defend the polluters.

'...impractical message that we need to radically transition globally to clean energy economies replacing cheaper carbon fuels with more expensive energy'.

The only impracticallity is the vested interests in standing in the way of the greater production and reliance on cleaner energy. Almost no-one is advocating an overnight change, but it is possible to transition gradually. There are examples of this, and in successful economies such as Germany, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands to name a few. Even China understands that cleaner energy sources are essential given the levels of pollution they suffer during their rapid industrialisation.

It is even sensible to seek alternative and sustainable sources of energy given that fossil fuels are finite, have other high return alternative uses, e.g. medical, plastics, lubricants etc. This will involve multiple sources of energy depending on the available resources, i.e. sun, wind, tidal, geothermal, hydro - perhaps even using fossil fuels as a back up base load generation to time dependent generation of energy. This could continue as an interim until fission or some other source of independent generation of energy is developed/discovered.

Your ilk need to toughen up, understand we need to make sacrifices in order not to plunder the future of the next generations by not only fouling their planet but also using encumbering them with fewer resources to tackle the polluted mess we left them. We only need to look at preceding generations to understand that it is possible to sacrifice and still survive. To not do so would make us the most selfish, greedy, indulgent and stupid generation of all time.

We must stand up to the status quo that benefits the vested interests and consider future generations. It doesn't need to happen overnight, but we must make a start to the transition, other countries have already begun to do so.

 ApolloSpeaks replies to kiuru7

22 February 2014 8:21am

Was it "vested interests" that caused Spain's green energy sector to go bust? Or Obama and the Dems to kill Cap and Trade? Despite their worsening pollution problems China, India and Indonesia are going gangbusters opening new coal fire plants-one per day between them (Kerry last week singled out Indonesia for its booming use of fossil fuels). Why? Because of the reality that clean, green alternative energy (which I prefer for selfish health reasons) is too damn expensive and economically unfeasible at this time in history.

Get used to it friend, dirty energy runs the world. And this will be true for some time to come. This "gradual transition" you speak of is going to be a long one. Those who fear global warming Armageddon in the short term better pray that they're wrong-as it appears they are, thank God..



15 thoughts on “CLEAN ENERGY OR DIE!

  1. That’s right Apollo. If in the unlikely event warmers are right about a disastrous heating of the atmosphere there can be no radical shift to green economies to head off catastrophies. If they happen we’ll adjust to them and move on.

  2. How many people have these Enviro-Cultist Watermelons killed by pushing this fraud?
    We turn food into ethanol, while people are starving. And people are freezing to death in Europe while they shut-down their coal driven power plants.

    Blood is on these people hands as they try to manipulate their fraudulent data to push their politics, increase their tax revenue (with their Carbon Tax schemes), and increase Government control over people’s lives.

  3. The weather is always been unstable… it’s called “SEASONS”..
    Thats right there is indeed a word for it..

    Theres another word but I hesitate to make it more complicated..
    That word is “CYCLES”… now don’t freak out on me..
    it’s a bit more complicated than Seasons..

    That damned SUN can mess up an Ice Age -OR- create one..
    besides THAT plants just LOVE…. Co2…

    You know.. Plants the basis for all terrestrial life on this planet.. and could be basis for all(or most) sea-borne life as well..

  4. Climate Nuts, Climate Loons, Climate Nazis.

    This climate change crap is one of the biggest scientific hoaxes ever perpetrated on naive people.

  5. The Kenyan and his ‘RATS, including his worthless SOS, Hanoi Boi, said that “global warming science” is “settled.” No more you talkee!

  6. The only reason the left keeps pushing global warming aka climate change is in their pocket books. It makes them money in things they are invested in.
    It also gives them more power over the people. Someone can be whipped into shape if the EPA moves in on their property, or business.
    This is a wicked and perverse left side of our government.

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