As of Inauguration Day this country has done a complete political 180 such like we have not seen in nearly a century. We've gone from an Islam First, world citizen, open borders, anti-Israel, tax and spend, redistributionist, weak-on-crime, pro-AGW President, who opposed American greatness and exceptionalism as bad for this country and the world, to the opposite extreme: a proud "America First," U.S. citizen, Islamorealist, closed borders, pro-Israel, tax and deficit cutting, law and order, put welfare poor to work, anti-AGW President who is hell-bent on making America uniquely and exceptionally great again.
Indeed, the closest historical analogy to this political 180 is the shift from Woodrow Wilson to Warren Harding in 1921: from a borderless, one world, progressive, big government globalist (a two term Democrat, pro-League of Nations president) to Republican, anti-League, conservative, small government Warren Harding. During the 1920 presidential race Harding ran against Wilsonian idealism (like Trump Obamunism) as a crazy, crackpot, abnormality that put America on a ruinous path of economic  and national decline. 
Candidate Harding's message to American voters was as follows:
"America's present need is not heroics, but healing; not nostrums, but normalcy; not revolution, but restoration; not agitation, but adjustment; not surgery, but serenity; not the dramatic, but the dispassionate; not experiment, but equipoise; not submergence in internationality, but sustainment in triumphant nationality."
 "Restoration" of American values or Americanism vs. a revolution to transform us into something radically different through "experimentation" and social engineering; and "sustainment in triumphant nationality" vs.  subordinating our country to international laws and institutions (like the UN); this sums up Donald Trump's defiant "America Firsteconomic populism and anti-globalism. 
The Forgotten Depression
Moreover, Harding like Trump ran against and defeated an opponent from the same state (rare in US history see); and won election on four key issues: the economy, restoring tariffs, limiting immigration and intervention in foreign wars.
Indeed, Wilson's high tax, spendthrift, regulatory regime was strangling American business, industry and productivity. The economy was in a depression with 12% unemployment, and the American worker was hurting badly. Harding also opposed the slashing of custom tariffs that were benefiting other countries at US expense; he also (like most Americans) had it with unfettered immigration and wanted it temporarily restricted to assimilate the flood of millions of immigrants already here. And lastly, he pledged a strong America at home that wouldn't intervene abroad as it had in World War I-a costly war in lives and treasure which had become hugely unpopular. 
Unlike Trump Harding was elected in a crushing landslide victory. But no sooner did he assume office than he slashed taxes, spending and regulations (which ended Wilson's depression and unleashed the roaring, soaring, immensely productive Twenties); and signed the "Immigration Restriction Act (see)." Amazingly, this bill was revised years later by Calvin Coolidge to include a complete ban on immigration from all Arab and Middle Eastern countries (see). Though Harding died in office his policies renewed America and reversed its decline; and in 1924 his successor Calvin Coolidge won election in a landslide.
Indeed, though Donald Trump was the most outlandish and alarming (to the establishment) presidential candidate ever seen his administration like Harding's is in reality a  REVOLUTIONARY RETURN TO AMERICAN NORMALCY after the radical, destructive, left-wing nuttiness of the Obama years. We are in the first 100 days of eight victorious Donald Trump years. The economy is destiny, stupid; it's going to be a roaring, smoking, red-hot powerhouse of entrepreneurship, innovation, productivity and job creating success. The Great American Comeback is at hand! I'll bet the barn on it.
Yes, electing Harding was the single worst mistake American voters ever made. At least until they elected Trump - we don't know yet whether Trump will be even more catastrophic.
Wilson wanted Hoover (the most popular Progressive of that time) to seek the Democrat nomination with FDR as his running mate.With the economy in depression that would have worked out just fine.

BTW, Trump is implementing the same policies that ended the Wilson Depression, prevented a sixth post-WWII recession in the mid-1960s, ended the stagflation of the early 1980s, and prevented socialist Sweden from collapsing into a Greek-like socialist catastrophe in the 90s.




  1. So many see America’s greatness as IF that’s a shameful idea.Recall Obama’s world apology tour for the U.S.A. “wrongdoings” back in 2009.Americans should’ve recognize back then what a “dark horse” voters elected into the “white house”.

    But….Thank God, We the People woke up in 2016.

  2. I’m excited about your predictions Apollo. But not everybody will prosper in the next few years. Opportunities appear everyday, but it’s only good for those who are looking.

    Donald Trump has the blessings
    We are Pro-Israel. God is on our side. !

  3. But. NOW. We have. Real person n the w.h. Not a dirty politician from the past….a whole new world for us…someone in there …not for the $$$$$$$$ but to WORK and make America. Where it should be…out of the gutter….with someone who really cares about America

  4. Such success in our economy will really annoy G. Soros and his puppets who did all they could to destroy the USA so they could take over the ruins as a dictator.

  5. I am afraid Trump may overheat the economy, but i am also afraid the globalists will undercut the economy with central bank shenanigans. We shall see, better than Hillary.

  6. Under Obama, there is a lot of money that people and companies are holding in reserve, waiting until he is gone and they can have some faith in a stable economy with decisions made for the good of the country instead of Obama’s hopeychangey whims. As soon as people and companies see that Trump and Co. are acting in the interest of the country, you will see a flood of money pour into the economy.

  7. Following eight years of Obummer it should be easy to double the GDP growth. I foresee a labor shortage in the next few years therefore an efficient guest worker program needs to be established soon.

  8. Do you know why the Deutsche bank hopes the orange evil achieves what he says? The Deutsche bank is broke because of very large loans to the orange evil, who is not even paying interest. They are hoping they can start getting some of their money back if they support the orange evil. Fat chance from the bankruptcy specialist.

  9. All indications so far and today’s executive orders on energy tell me we will have a bright future with President Trump. Thank goodness the incompetent Obama is gone.

      1. Given the universal, 24×7 scorn heaped on President Trump by nearly the entire enemedia, this trend proves that the power of enemedia agitprop has been shattered, and that the enemedia no longer drives the political narrative or what people think or believe.

      2. Oops, Trump’s ratings boom up? Liberals can’t stand that. Their headlines? “Trump Ratings Not Booming Up Fast Enough.”

    1. Yet the MSM is still, even last night, pushing the BS poll from a week ago, that claims his approval is the lowest of any President at this time. It was a “fake poll” just like the “fake news” story about Flynn and the Russia phone calls, timed to be part of the media hit job.

    2. Rasmussen has a history of being fake. We need a more reliable outfit to do presidential approval polls. They are stupid, but if the left’s polls are not countered then the perception can get out there that the president is popular (in Obama’s case) or unpopular, and impact the sheeple and congress.

      They may be allowing genuine numbers for the time being so they can report a steady decline over the coming months, and have a high starting point.

      1. “Rasmussen has a history of being fake. We need a more reliable outfit to do presidential approval polls. “

        Unfortunately, you’re right. Rasmussen was great until Scott Rasmussen was kicked out of the organization he founded. Still, the trend this poll is showing is encouraging if true.

    3. It has been shown over and over that polls are fake due to the silent majority who don’t participate in them. I am sure his numbers are way better than what Rasmussen is reporting.

  10. The abnormal Obama administration was the best for Republicans ever! Look at all the stats: gun sales skyrocket, more Democrat seats lost in his 8 years than ever in history, total control of senate, house, state governers, and last but certainly not least President Trump will pick one, maybe two, maybe three supreme court justices.

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