During the GOP debates last year Donald Trump let it be known that he was no fan of George W. Bush. Sounding like a Bush derangement leftist he unfairly blamed the former president for the well concealed 9/11 attack when neither Bush nor Bill Clinton had any actionable intel on the plot (see); and then he accused Bush of lying about Saddam Hussein's WMDs when Bush, like Clinton before him (and every other country) was deceived by Saddam into believing he was hiding his still missing deadly stockpile (see and see).
But apparently one aspect of the Bush administration that Trump esteems, embraces wholeheartedly and would like to revive is the use of waterboarding, sleep deprivation and other methods used in Bush's successful counter-terrorism program-to extract critical, life saving, actionable information from top, high value terrorist detainees.
At a rally in Ohio last summer when talking about the horrific ISIS suicide bombings in Istanbul that killed 40 Trump shouted out to a cheering crowd "What do you think about waterboarding?" And followed up saying, "I like it a lot, but don't think it's tough enough."
In the past Trump has said that as Commander-in-Chief to save American lives he'd use "torture" on captured terrorists. And if that failed he'd then take it to a higher level and threaten the detainee's "families" with either injury or death to force them to cooperate. It is interesting to note that in the 1990s former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, as a last resort, ended a murderous nationwide terrorist campaign that killed 1200 people (he escaped assassination) by radical al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya by going after their  families (see). "If you continue killing Egyptians your wives, sons and daughters are going to die," warned Mubarak. And after carrying out his threat, frightened for the lives of their loved ones, al-Islamiyya stopped its killing spree, and became a non-violent political group. 
 Polls show that by a staggering 2:1 margin Americans have no problem with the Bush EIT program (see); and favor torture as a tactic in the war on terror to keep them, their families and country safe.
But strictly speaking Bush's use of water boarding, sleep deprivation, lengthy exposure to ear-splitting music, etc. doesn't qualify (as Trump indicated yesterday) as "torture." They were medically supervised Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EITs) falling short of what torture truly is. Consequently, Barack Obama's DOJ (headed by Eric Holder) after an extensive three-year investigation of Bush's program couldn't find a single prosecutable crime. Why? Because no crimes were committed-the methods used were perfectly moral, legal, safe and justified (see). 
José Rodriguez Jr.

José Rodriguez Jr. The man who broke KSM.

Now that Trump is President and has access to classified information on Bush's program he's reading about its triumphs in hurting al Qaida and saving lives; and is convinced more than ever that it worked and will work for him as a last resort when captured terrorists refuse to talk.
Indeed, Trump has read how it took 183 legal, medically supervised waterboardings (six times per day for a month), and 180 straight hours of sleep deprivation, to break the iron jihadist murdering will of Khalid Sheikh Muhammed, mastermind of the 9/11 attack. Trump read in great detail how after enduring the justified punishment and pain KSM betraying Allah, Islam and the Koran (which sanctions torture, murder, genocide and any crime to further the faith) sang like a canary giving up a treasure trove of info on planned terror attacks in the US, and al-Qaida's international operations.  After reading about this and other successes, and speaking to experts on the subject, Trump, I believe, is hell bent on reviving secretly Bush's program (or doing worse if need be) when captured, high value jihadists are uncooperative in spilling out their terrorist guts.
We waterboarded terrorists with no intention of hurting them; but ISIS drowns their prisoners to death. And morons on the Left in the millions see no difference between them.
I don't buy for a second Trump's charade of deferring to Mattis; or that Mattis himself is opposed to such methods when they are necessary. The "no torture principle" is not absolute and inviolable to real patriots and rational people. Even John McCain, the great opponent of torture, is quoted as saying that in a ticking bomb situation where a terrorist with information is captured "we gotta do what we gotta do." In such emergency situations torture becomes a moral and national security necessity; and not to use it is cowardice and a crime.  What is clear is that Donald Trump is no girlie man like his stupid, feckless, weak-on-terror predecessor and will torture bloodthirsty Moslem savages when needed to save American lives and defeat Islamonazi jihad.  



Clinton scolds Trump for advocating torture-WashPost






Fact Sheet: Extraordinary Rendition | American Civil Liberties Union 

What this means is that Clinton paved the way for Bush's Enhanced Interrogation Program. 


  1. The left is browning their depends over Trump’s words. Fortunately, Trump’s popularity is just going to rise over this.

    1. More scifi than real science. If “truth serums” had any value there would have been no need for Bush’s EITs, or the Clinton/Bush Extraordinary Rendition program.

  2. After a city gets vaporized or thousands are killed in a chemical/biological attack, all these ‘civil’ nuances and ‘this is not who we are’ dialogue crap are going to be flatly rejected.

    1. Just as it was after 9/11 when Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Republicans were okay with waterboarding and other so-called forms of torture.

  3. If I knew that just one of my family members or friends would be murdered in the next day or so, and I could find out by getting info out of a captured terrorist, then I’d use every means at my disposal to get that information.

      1. Libs believe that we should “empathize” with our savage Moslem enemies. And that if we hug them hard enough we can squeeze the jihad out of them.

    1. Here’s their (muslim)Opinion of our Political Correct Interr.Methods & our Rules of Engagement: = “If you (christians) use your PC Rules of Engagement attempting to defeat us (muslims) then there is No Way that you can WIN, – – And if we (muslims) use Our Islamic Rules of Engagement against you (christians) – then there is No Way that We (muslims) can Lose..

  4. Start out by keeping them awake for 48 hours. Feed them trichinosis infected pork chops from last nights mess hall trash. Coupla visits from Zeus and Apollo from Magnum PI days just to keep their adrenaline flowing good. After a few hours at the water park and a good hit of sodium pentathol, they will be your best friend.

  5. What is this supposed to convey? Trump has said openly that waterboarding or even more severe measures should be employed to get timely information. Muslims are told to lie to infidels to lure them into a false sense of security. Ask a muslim (devout) what non-muslims are, and they will say we are infidels. Ask what would happen if we did not convert to Islam, if truthful, we would be killed. I am not saying all would do this, but they have been taught this since birth.

    1. Islam is a “religion of peace.” But the problem is those who reject Islam’s version and vision of peace, “Islamic world rule” are the criminal, evil, devil possessed enemies of God. And this utopian vision is drummed into every Moslem child as being divine truth.


  6. Waterboarding is not torture under the Geneva Convention. Torture is defined as causing permanent damage or broken bones (as I recall – please help if this is not correct).

    1. You are correct. Repeated medically supervised waterboarding and days of sleep deprivation are at worse extremely unpleasant, not bone breaking, mutilating, sadistic torture like idiot libs believe.

    1. How could Holder have prosecuted anyone for waterboarding when his boss was killing terrorists in deadly drone strikes along with innocent men, women and children? Neither are crimes.

    1. Very true. And like most insane libs this fake Roman Catholic feigns horror at waterboarding, but is perfectly fine with late term abortions and infanticide.

  7. There was a French General in Algeria, I believe it was Paul Aussaresses who said that torture doesn’t work for confessions but works very well for information which can be checked as the person being tortured knows it can be checked.

    1. Of course. If KSM provided useless info the waterbording and sleep deprivation would have continued until he broke.

  8. What got the left so exercised about EITs is that information that should have remained secret until no longer relevant was elicited. The information itself was the problem, not the techniques.

    1. F–k them. When it comes to saving lives not only does the end justify the means, it excuses the means. Two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan killing 100,000 prevented a land invasion where ten times the number could have died.

  9. The only real argument against torture is that, when facing “civilized” opponents, we should refrain from it or they won’t refrain from using it against our troops.

    However, since we are not fighting civilized opponents anymore, that argument doesn’t even apply.

  10. Thanks Apollo for reminding us that Bush’s “torture” program was rooted in Clinton/Gore’s extraordinary rendition program.

    Arrest Bill Clinton!

    By Marc A. Thiessen December 12, 2011

    A true story: Several years ago, the CIA informed the White House counterterrorism adviser that it had located a wanted Islamic terrorist and requested White House guidance for how to proceed. The counterterrorism adviser recommended “extraordinary rendition” — snatching the terrorist in a covert operation and secretly whisking him away for interrogation in a foreign country. A White House lawyer demanded a meeting with the president to argue that this would be a violation of international law. In the Oval Office, the lawyer and the counterterrorism adviser argued their cases, when suddenly the vice president walked in. Hearing the lawyer’s objections, he said: “Of course it’s a violation of international law, that’s why it’s a covert action. The guy is a terrorist. Go grab his ass.’ ” The rendition was authorized.

    The vice president in question was not Dick Cheney, nor was the president George W. Bush. Rather, they men who decided to carry out the first extraordinary rendition of a terrorist target — over the legal objections of the White House counsel’s office — were Al Gore and Bill Clinton, according a description of the meeting by the counterterrorism adviser, Richard Clarke, in his memoir, “Against All Enemies.”


    1. That’s right. Bush/Cheney followed Clinton/Gore’s lead. If Bush and Cheney should be in jail Clinton and Gore should be their jailmates.

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