pro-Life and anti-LGBT (in no Moslem country do gays have civil rights and women absolute abortion rights) my question to Democrats and Secular Progressives is this: how is expanding the number of LGBT hating pro-LIfe Moslems (in Islamic Law abortion (unless the mother's life is at risk) and homosexuality are crimes against God) good for the cause of women's and LGBT rights? How is it progressive and humane to our women and gays to allow a flood of regressive, medieval, anti-modern Moslems into this country?

To put it another way, if Syria were a predominately Christian country (as it was before the 11th century) with millions of gay-hating, pro-Life, Bible believing orthodox and fundamentalist Christian refugees would you be comfortable with giving hundreds and thousands of them asylum here when many of you consider the Christian Right a threat to democracy? When like most Moslems they oppose atheism, gay marriage, drug legalization, pornography, pre-marital sex, prostitution and godless secularism? When many of you fear that the Christian Right subversively has an anti-constitutional agenda to transform our nation into an oppressive, theocractic religious state? Truthfully now, would you want to increase their numbers?


Don't you know that the vast majority of Moslems in every Islamic country are fundamentalists? That they believe in the inerrancy, absolute veracity and divine perfection of the Koran and Hadith? And that their ideal form of government is the Prophet Mohammed's 7th century Median caliphate where he collapsed the separation between church (mosque) and state, and had supreme, absolute political and religious power as if he were God? In short, don't you know that Islam at its core is anti-democratic? And that given the choice between democratic freedom or being ruled by Mohammed in a master-slave autocratic state most Moslems would choose the later?

Don't you know that the divine, holy, inerrant Koran teaches that Jews and Christians are hated by God as betrayers of and traitors to His plan to unify humanity under His rule in a one world Moslem state? That their religions are a perverse and distorted form of monotheism? That Islam is the true monotheistic faith as it was given by God to Abraham, and recovered (with God's help) by Mohammed? Don't you know that this radical Islamic fundamentalist supremacism is the underlying cause of 9/11, the violent rise of ISIS and the bloody Arab-Israeli conflict going back 68 years? How is increasing the number of these anti-liberal, progress resisting, modernity hating, unmeltable ignoramuses good for the safety, security and unity of our country? How is it good for interfaith relations, constitutional norms and American principles, values and ideals? Divided as we are how is deepening and worsening our divisions a good and desirable thing? Where's the benefit in this? Where's the logic? Please, help me to understand!



Not only does the Left choose Islam over gays and women, they chose it over Jews. As a Jew and Zionist I have common cause with pro-Trump LGBT folks and pro-Trump feminists not just to back the     President's partial, limited 90 day ban on Moslem immigrants and refugees; but in an outright, total, permanent, unlimited ban until Islam undergoes a reformation like Judaism and Christianity did. This country's three million Moslems are more than enough. For Islam's hatred of Jews (going back to its lunatic Jew-hating, genocidal founder) is far greater than its hatred of gays, and its sexist contempt for women. No more Moslems! End their immigration now! That's my policy.




  1. Spot on Apollo.Yes, the Left chose Islam over the Judaeo-Christian moral system. When you ride the beast, at some time the beast is going to throw you off and eat you.

  2. The left and the globalist think that they can control islam.They can’t . Get used to seeing them shoot up places like the Pulse gay bar. It’s going to happen again and again.

  3. Last week I saw a “gay community leader” saying “we stand by our brothers in the Muslim community.” What an asshole.

  4. Lefties have worked overtime importing crazed Muzzies over onto our shores and planting them all around the nation, and they’ve also pushed the sick homo agenda with a vengeance, from empowering perverts/molesters into restrooms to ginning up hatred and persecution towards individuals like bakers and wedding photographers that refuse to cowtow to their evil depravity. “Insane” “incoherent” No! They’re bad shit fucking nuts.

  5. The left loves Islam because it’s how they get rid of Christians, Jews, and are able to control a population.

    They tried it with Nazism, Marxism, etc., years ago, which has killed millions using government force, but Islam gives the left the opportunity to achieve totalitarian control using a religious pretext and the courts.

    It is the perfect tool to achieve a globalist agenda.

  6. Feminism has been sacrificed to transgenderism and elevation of Islam to a protected class. Which is why women who complain that men win both men’s awards and women’s awards (even when having male organs) are called transphobic. And why pointing out that Islamic nations arrest rape victims, have forced marriages, female genital mutilation, honor killings gets you called Islamophobic.

  7. Love your post and blog Apollospeaks. I do wonder if the wealthy islamic states are the real funding and puppet masters behind the pro-Muslim left; and once the left gets us where they and their puppet masters want us the islamists will take power eliminating all of us. It’s a terrifying scenario. I should stop my wondering.

  8. Excellent, Apollo! It is indeed ironic that liberals whose PC fanaticism sees homophobia, racism and sexism everywhere are blind when it comes to Islamic countries where gays are thrown from buildings, hanged and openly murdered for their sexual orientation. Ditto for the feminists who ignore, forced child marriage, gentital mutilation and slave like subjugation of women in Muslim nations.

    1. Most Western gays and feminists are in denial about Islam’s inherent homophobia and sexism because they want to avoid seeming bigoted.

    1. Great link! And I thank you for it.

      1400 years ago Islam started out on its quest for power and dominion as a local problem in the city of Mecca. Then the problem spread to nearby Medina where its Jewish population was brutally annihilated for resisting conversion. Then the problem violently spread killing, raping, pillaging, and subjugating throughout the Arabian Peninsula and blood soaked Middle East. Then from there the problem spread terror and death from the Pyrenees to the Himalayas. Then came the horrific conquests of the Ottoman Turks- a problem for many nations and peoples.

      Now we have the problem of Islamic imperial restorationism where Islam is struggling to become a great world power and empire again at war with anyone standing in its way. Islam from the start never ceased being a “problem.” And now the most hated, feared, violent, intolerant religion on earth is, as you say, a “worldwide problem” worsening by the day.

    1. Not surprised to hear this.

      I was in Paris for a week in 2005, and I remember walking a couple miles to the Eiffel Tower. All safe, festive, and happy.

      I read the other day that the Tower is now in a secure zone surrounded by some Muzzie no-go areas. I guess I won’t be going to gay Paree any time soon.

      Talk is cheap. What is he going to do about it? The downhill slide of the last decade is real.

  9. There’s going to be a worldwide Revolution against Islam and it’s about time! I don’t want them here, and they don’t want us UNLESS we convert to Islam. It’s time for war!


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