"The Obama stimulus ended the economy's plunge," says lying leftwing economist Paul Krugman. "But it didn't work because it wasn't big enough (see)."

 "The stimulus was too small which was the fault of the GOP," said lying VP Joe Biden in 2010 (see).

"The Obama Stimulus prevented a second recession that could have turned into a depression... but it wasn't big enough to spark a strong recovery (see)"


It was Friday the 13th, the 44th day of 2009, when the Democrat controlled Senate, with help from three Republican moderates, handed the 44th president his first major legislative victory: the $860 billion mega-stimulus. Called the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) it was the stimulus of stimuluses, the biggest, baddest, boldest, grandest countercyclical government spending program in history designed by its size to reverse the worst recession since the Great Depression and prove at last the demand-side theories of John Maynard Keynes: that governments can spend their way out of economic distress and back to prosperity by stimulating consumption and demand.


Til ARRA every Keynesian spending experiment had failed: liberal Republican Herbert Hoover spent a $700 million budget surplus that he inherited from Coolidge to end the Depression, massively raised taxes on the rich (from 24% to 54%) and went $2 billion into debt, but without success-the crisis worsened with every move he made. His successor Franklin Roosevelt (Hoover on steroids) hiked taxes even more and outspent Hoover doubling his debt;  but he too had no success-suffering a collapse of his programs in 1937 he prolonged the crisis he couldn't fix..until the war put America back to work making arms and fighting monsters.


The Spanish, Italians, Irish, Brits, Portuguese, Greeks and Japanese (for 23 years now) also tried Keynesian stimulus spending and failed. But for Barack Obama it would be different. Just as he was America's first Black president so he'd be the first head of state to make Keynes work. Why? Because he was smarter and wiser than his predecessors and learned from their mistakes. What did he learn from Hoover, FDR, the Greeks, Japanese and the rest? Only that they spent too little, and unlike them he wouldn't UNDERSPEND. His Keynesian stimulus (unlike those before him) was "the right size, the right scope and had the right priorities;" urging Congress to act quickly in passing it he said, "the crisis [of job loss] was accelerating and getting worse.....and could turn into a catastrophe if we fail to act (see)." In other words, the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression could become another depression if ARRA wasn't passed.


But this was a lie. The first of Obama's big whopping lies. For on the ill-omened day when this ignorant, arrogant, inexperienced man took office (bungling his oath as he would his presidency) the worst was over. The economy wasn't deteriorating (as it was for Reagan 28 years before) headed toward a new depression as Obama warned. In fact, the economy was on the mend. Just as Bill Clinton inherited a recovering economy from George H. W. Bush so did Obama from Bush the younger (though not as strong). As you will see from the GDP chart below (provided by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, a branch of the Commerce Department), the economy hit rock bottom and started a V-shaped recovery in the 4th Quarter of 2008 (late November/early December) when George Bush was still president.



   In short, far from the sky falling as Obama warned the BUSH RECOVERY was underway when he took office. If deficit hawk John McCain had been president and resisted pressure from Pelosi, Reid and MSM for a huge spending stimulus bill the Great Recession technically would have ended all the same in June 2009 (still Bush's economy) when GDP was growing positively for the first time in 18 months.

Obama's claim, backed by Krugman, Reich, Zandi, MSM and the New York Times, that his colossal sized stimulus (that failed to trigger the promised robust Reagan-like recovery) was a success in that it saved us from a 1930s Depression is a lie.

In reality, it was Bush's TARP bailouts that prevented the economy from going into a depression by saving the US banking/financial system from collapse. Obama, Krugman and the NY Times have conveniently forgotten that-as they hope you have.


The stimulus was a gigantic waste of money, and more than justified Tea Party outrage. The deep recession or depression that  Harding/Coolidge inherited from Woodrow Wilson in 1921 (with 11.9% unemployment) was turned into the Roaring, Soaring, Prosperous Twenties (with unemployment shrinking to 1.5%) by slashing taxes, spending and federal regulations-creating an environment friendly to business, investment and growth and inspiring consumers to spend.


Obama (the Great Depressor) has gone in the opposite direction increasing taxes, spending and regulations and scaring consumers, lenders and businesses with his massive deficits and debt and divisive, anti-business, class warfare actions and rhetoric; and the consequence is terrible uncertainty and fear of the future (a public engulfed in goolm) causing the worst recovery since the Great Depression verging on a double dip recession-a weak, pathetic, trickle growth recovery of under 2% (for 2013) and now with a collapsing housing market again. The trend is clearly downward.


Barrow and spend endlessly until there's a strong recovery-anything short of that is evil, ruinous, GOP/Tea Party austerity.

While Obama falsely takes credit for saving America from an economic depression (though we're psychologically depressed) he now blames the failure of his stimulus to trigger a rip roaring Reagan-like recovery on its size. What was the "right size and scope" in 2009 was in reality, like the FDR, Greek and Japanese failures, UNDERSIZED. But this too is a lie. For aside from the $860 fiscal stimulus the Bernanke-Yellin Fed (with Obama's blessing) has printed up trillions in fiat money in what has been the greatest monetary stimulus explosion in US history. Moreover, though Obama has spent $5 TRILLION over budget he laughably calls this UNDERSPENDING. And worse still the most reckless spending head of state in world history calls his last five years (and $7 trillion in new federal debt) the AGE OF AUSTERITY. It doesn't get any insaner than this. What sober person would fault me as rude for calling Obama a lunatic?




  1. Democrats owned the White House, the US Senate, and the US House of Representatives for two straight years and could have done ANYTHING they desired (as proven by the ObamaCare Train Wreck that is a 100% Democrat-Created Disaster).

  2. Democrats owned the White House, the US Senate, and the US House of Representatives for two straight years and could have done anything they desired (as proven by the ObamaCare Train Wreck that is a 100% Democrat-Created Disaster). That means Obama could have got a bigger stimulus if he wanted.

  3. Apparently, some conservatives like Apollo1) don’t understand what ‘stimulus’ means or how it works, and 2) can’t or won’t comprehend that it was the Republican plan for recovery. President Obama merely continued what President Bush started. But President Obama is a Democrat so it’s vitally important that he’s attacked even when continuing a GOP plan. These are the same people who complained when President Obama eliminated Osama Bin Laden after their own President gave up the search.

    1. Please provide us with a full audit of exactly where that $800+ billion went. Can’t wait for your reply, as we all want to know, as to date, the Obama Administration has not provided such an audit, nor have they told us where “our” money went.

    2. Screaming Frank…Had you paid attention, you would have seen that the money Bush gave to businesses has been paid back in FULL.
      Obama wasted the money on trivial things, and got nothing done. Part of the money was spent on a dog park for the elites in DC. That’s no stimulus!! It is pure paying back cronies, and getting blessings from Washington big wigs.

    3. Frank:

      When the Senate passed ARRA on February 13, 2009 it was one year to the very day that George Bush signed a stimulus spending bill into law-the purpose of which was to end the recession by giving consumers $150 billion in tax rebates. What didn’t work for Bush was not going to work for Obama though his rebate was three times larger. What the stimulus means is FAILURE.

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