Over the course of the 2016 presidential campaign I have posted dozens of articles on this site anticipating and predicting from numerical coincidences, synchronous events and other extraordinary signs a Donald Trump victory in November; and concluding from the odds defying, historic, earthshaking outcome that Trump is a Providential Man and that Hillary was DESTINED to lose to him. 
But the other day the question occurred to me: was Hillary Clinton meant to lose in the unusual, frustrating and painful way that she did? Winning the national popular vote but losing the absolute majority of electoral votes?  The answer it seems is yes. The manner of her lose was foreordained.
Indeed, of our 58 presidential elections 2016 was only the fifth time in American history that the winner of the popular vote lost the election. And when I researched the four previous elections (1824, 1876, 1888 and 2000) looking for patterns and signs of intelligent design I discovered a complex of what appears to be signature effects of a Higher Power (chance can't explain it) prefiguring Hillary's fate: that she was destined to join Andrew Jackson, Samuel Tilden, Grover Cleveland and her husband's vice president, Al Gore as the fifth presidential candidate to win the popular vote but not make it to the White House. Beginning with the fateful day of Hillary Clinton's birth this is what I found. 
Hillary Clinton was born on October 26, 1947 (see) - a date, so it turns out, that has great significance in the history of unfortunate presidential candidates like her. For that day marked the 123rd anniversary of the start of what is inarguably the most amazing and unique presidential election in our history. This was when, for the first time, that the candidate who won the popular vote didn't become president. And that candidate was none other than Andrew Jackson, future founder of the Democratic Party and 7th President of the United States.
Now in the 1824 election the date October 26th was the first day of seven weeks of national voting (ending December 2nd) where the American people attempted but failed to choose their sixth president from one of four candidates: John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, William Crawford and Henry Clay. The voters failed to pick a winner because they failed to give any one of the four the required majority of 131 electoral votes that were needed at the time to win.
Indeed, when the votes were counted General Andrew Jackson, who was favored to win, outdid his three rivals, JQ Adams chief among them, in every category: he topped Adams in the popular vote 41% to 31%; topped him in the number of states won 12 to 7 (there were only 24 states at the time); and topped him in electoral votes 99 to 89. But because Jackson came up 32 votes short of the 131 needed, for the first time in American history (as required by the Constitution) the election was decided by the House of Representatives.  And there on February 9, 1825 213 Congressmen amazingly voted John Q. Adams the 6th President of the U.S. giving him 13 of the 24 states and Jackson 7 (see).
In other words, the incredible, unprecedented, never to be repeated 1824 election, which started precisely 123 years to the day of Hillary Clinton's birth, was the first in US history where the winner of the popular vote lost the election-as Hillary was to do 192 years later when defeated by Donald Trump. You can't make this stuff up.
Now in the presidential race of 1876 (the 23rd in our history for the 19th presidency) Republican Rutherford Hayes defeated popular vote winner Democratic Governor Samuel Tilden by one electoral vote (see). Now Tilden like Hillary Clinton was a Democrat from New York (see). And as Tilden's loss made Hayes the 19th President (see), Hillary's loss made Donald Trump history's 19th Republican President (see). An amazing correspondence.
Moreover, as it was Hillary being Barack Obama's Secretary of State that played a large role in dooming her candidacy (because of Benghazi, emailgate, the collapse of US foreign policy and the job weakening her health) it is fascinating to note that Tilden died on August 4, 1886-exactly 75 years to the date of Barack Obama's birth*.  
*Obama was born August 4, 1961. 
That brings us to the presidential race of 1888, the third where the loser, like Hillary Clinton, won the popular vote. And that loser, President Grover Cleveland (who lost to Indiana's Benjamin Harrison) was, like Tilden and Hillary, a Democrat from New York. Moreover, as the Hayes-Tilden presidential race was the 23rd in our history Harrison's defeat of Cleveland made him the 23rd President (see)-an interesting coincidence. But even more interesting and incredible as a sign of things to come was Harrison's running mate, Levi Morton, himself from New York (see). For Morton was born in 1824, the first time ever the popular vote winner lost a presidential election. And sure enough it happened again with popular vote winner Grover Cleveland becoming the Andrew Jackson of the race. And astonishingly, as a sign of things to come for 2016, the winning 1888 Republican ticket had candidates from the states of New York and Indiana, but with the President and VP in alternate places.
President Harrison (Indiana)
Vice President Morton (New York)
President Trump (New York)
Vice President Pence (Indiana)
Those of you who have been following my writings on this amazing election know that the number 16 has been strangely auspicious for Donald Trump  (seesee and see). You know that when Trump announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015, making illegal immigration and border security key issues, that it was 16 days from Ann Coulter publishing her best-selling book on this subject; that it was 16 days from Kate Steinlie's murder by an illegal Mexican alien; you know that it was 16 months from Election Day, that Trump defeated 16 GOP candidates and a Democratic rival who was born on the 16th month of his life (and destined not to live in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue again).
And now adding to this remarkable, absolutely providential numerical pattern was the election of 1888-which wonderfully in many parts, as we've seen, corresponds to the election of 2016 in that the GOP candidate ran against a Democrat from New York; the GOP ticket had candidates from New York and Indiana; and they won the election while losing the popular vote. Indeed, that late 19th century election occurred 128 years before November 8th; and 128 is a multiple of 16 8x.  If this isn't the Work of Providence then
But I'm not done.
Gore warned during a mid-October Hillary Clinton campaign rally that Trump would send the U.S. careening toward a climate 'catastrophe'
Gore on October 11th campaigning for the first time with Hillary in Florida warning the crowd of a repeat of the 2000 election. For once a Gore prediction came true (partially) as Hillary, like Gore, won the popular vote but lost the election.
16 years before Hillary Clinton became the 5th candidate to win the popular vote and lose the White House Al Gore, her husband's Vice President, very definitely prefigured her political fate. For as Hillary lost the battle for the 45th presidency to Donald Trump (who the  electoral vote) Gore, the 45th Vice President, lost the electoral vote to George Bush in Florida. In other words, Gore's loss to Bush foreshadowed Clinton's loss to Trump; and oddly both Bush and Trump were born in 1946, 22 days apart (see and see); while Hillary and Gore (born late 1947 and early 1948) were born 22 weeks apart (see). But there's more.
This too is mind-blowing. On November 7, 2016, 24 hours before the election, Janet Reno died at her home in Miami, Florida; this timely death gave us a late 11th hour sign on the 16th anniversary of the 2000 election (which was decided in Florida), and on the 140th anniversary of the 1876 election (in part decided in Florida), who would win the election the next day: Donald Trump like George Bush and Rutherford Hayes defeating a Democrat without the popular vote. Here's the article I wrote on November 7th surmising that Reno's death was an ominous sign for Hillary signaling defeat. It makes fascinating reading, and I believe is further proof that the manner of Hillary's defeat (winning the popular vote) was providential not accidental. Judge for yourself.


  1. Fascinating as always AS.

    There was an article I read back in December that said that Clinton was obsessed with the idea that Trump might win the popular vote but lose the Electoral vote, so she spent huge amounts of money on ads in states like California, Illinois, NY, trying to run up her popular vote total, and lost track of the fact that it is the Electoral vote that really matters. Essentially, she and her crew played a stupid game. Plus, she ran a very LOW ENERGY campaign, holding only 54 rallies between August 1st and November 8th, compared to Trump’s 129 rallies. The Clinton campaign also fell for the media’s insisting that the size of rally crowds is unimportant, that her 1,000 person rallies were just as good as Trump’s 15,000 person rallies.

    1. The NY Yankees score 55 runs to the Pittsburgh Pirates 25 during a seven game World Series, but the Pirates win four games. Yes, the Yankees won the ‘popular vote’. But the Pirates won the World Series

      1. I heard another similar analogy:

        World Series: Team A wins game one 10-0, team B wins the next 4 by 1 run each game. Team A scored 6 more runs (all in the same “state”) and team B won more games (states or EVs).

        If you’re a liberal moron Team A is the world champion but if you have half a brain Team B is the world champion.

      2. Your football team loses 21-17, but it had the most yardage gained, 359 yards to 232 yards. If you are a liberal, you should declare your team the winner, on the new progressive idea that yardage is more important than points.

        1. Heard the same thing from a sports player on TV: “Yeah. You won the popular vote. That’s like getting your ass kicked in football but complaining that you won the most yardage.”

    2. There was an article yesterday that said that Clinton was obsessed with the idea that Trump might win the popular vote but lose the Electoral vote, so she spent huge amounts of money on ads in states like California, Illinois, NY, trying to run up her popular vote total, and lost track of the fact that it is the Electoral vote that really matters.


      I can attest to the fact that Hillary ran incessant tv ads here in Illinois during the campaign.

  2. Apollo should have titled the piece “Hillary Clinton and the Esoteric History of Popular Vote Winners Who Lost the Presidency”

    This is occultism plain and simple, and a very good and interesting read.

  3. The left didn’t even get a ‘participation trophy’ They lost everything, House, Senate and eventually the SCOTUS along with State Houses and of course the respect of millions of real Americans. Awww Sheite!

  4. Clinton is a cheater and liar. Her campaign is comprised of cheaters and liars. They lost. Now they are a pack of sore losers. Rules mean nothing to them. They are the sniveling adolescents who turn over game boards when they don’t have their way. Then cry “not fair”. (The ones that grow up to be narcissists and sociopaths)

    1. Rules- we don’t need no stinking rules-

      Rules are for rubes

      Shows how much the democrats think of the citizens and the constitution

      If nothing else the election has shown the common citizen the utter disdain the elites of both parties have for the the common man

  5. Apollo speaks for God (father Zeus). Are you trying to revive the Olympian religion? What kind of pagan defends the Judeo-Christian Tradition?

  6. Trump would have won more popular votes if Red states had Senate races – well it did have one and institution Bayh was beaten soundly.

    Democrats harp the fact their candidates got more votes. Big deal.

    At the end of the day, they lost and they’re in the minority.

    1. “I heard that if you removed California from the elction Trump would have won the pop vote by 1.3 mill.”

      Get rid of LA county and Trump won the popular vote.

  7. The genius of the Founders continues to amaze, even though the things they feared aren’t the same as what we fear today. But in their quest to guard against a king-like ruler (or an ignorant population) they took the concept of a representative republic and applied it to choosing the chief executive.

    The 538 ensures the inherent fairness of giving each of the states an equal voice. But democrats and liberals have always struggled with the notion that this is a constitutional republic, not a democracy, and have always been willing to contort the definition of “fairness” to suit their needs (i.e. until they win).

    1. That’s a great synopsis, and totally illustrates why we need an electoral college. Without it, obviously every election would be decided by cities in the Northeast and the West Coast, with a contribution by Chicago.

  8. I remember election night. All the networks kept talking about Trump didn’t have a way to 62mm votes. None. Hillary was on her way to 65MM and a sure landslide. They all called the election right.

    Oh wait a minute I remember Martha Raddatz crying when Trump got to 270. I wondered why she was crying. He had no way to get to 65mm votes. I am confused.

  9. MSM cared nothing about popular voting on election night.

    They were ALL atwitter over the ELECTORAL count.


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