Tom Brady, the Donald Trump of the NFL, said after the Super Bowl …" We faced a lot of adversity this year and overcame it with a lot of mental toughness." And, of course, so did Donald Trump on the battlefield of politics as he went through a grueling, tumultuous 16 month presidential campaign and came out on top as did Brady in the Superbowl. Strong souls like Trump and Brady thrive on conflict and adversity and never quit until they win. 
The victorious Chicago Cubs in the 2016 World Series came back from a 3 games to 1 deficit, the greatest that is possible in that classic, to become the seventh team in 112 years to achieve it; and similarly the victorious New England Patriots in the Superbowl came back from an utterly staggering 25 point deficit, the greatest in that classic's 51 year history,  unlikely ever to be equaled or surpassed; and both championship teams are strongly (and I believe providentially) connected to the greatest, odds defying, underdog political phenomenon in US history since Harry Truman: Donald John "Comeback King" Trump-who is linked to both teams at the top by way of their supportive, Republican billionaire owners. And just as the Cubs victory as I showed HERE was an unmistakable sign prefiguring Trump's unexpected presidential election, similarly the Patriots' miraculous win anticipates his unlikely reelection in 2020 after a period of terrible crisis and adversity.
The Cubs and Patriots were two Trump associated miracles.
Now I am a lifelong baseball fan not a football fan and never watched the Super Bowl. But on Superbowl Sunday because of the politicization of that game (leftist nutjobs tried and failed to turn quarterback Tom Brady against Donald Trump see and Trump haters were massively rooting for the Falcons) I made an exception and watched it. And I'm glad that I did. For it was the most thrilling, jaw dropping sports event I ever saw; and, as you will see, it is emblematic and has meaning (like the World Series) for the course of Donald Trump's storm tossed presidency.
Indeed, prior to the game I wondered if the outcome of the World Series would repeat itself in this world championship football event. Thinking analogically I wondered would the Patriots (a team owned by Bob Kraft, Trump's dear friend of 20 years) be the World Champ Chicago Cubs redux-a team owned by the pro-Trump   (see) Ricketts family (Todd Ricketts is Trump's Under Secretary of Commerce)?
Trump with friend Bob Kraft
Trump with friend Todd Ricketts
Indeed, I wondered: 'would the Patriots defeat the Atlanta Falcons in a manner similar to the Cubs coming from a 3-1 game deficit (just a week before the election and anniversary of Truman beating Dewey) to defeat the Cleveland Indians? In other words, would the Falcons be the first to score in the game (like the Indians won the first game of the World Series), and then go on to score big (just as the Indians had done winning the next two out of three games) against the Patriots before they'd collapse like the Indians and lose making the Patriots football's World Champion Cubs?
 Hillary Falcon Clinton with Patriot Don
And it happened pretty much as I imagined and hoped it would. The Falcons were the first to score in the second quarter making it a 7-0 game; then scoring again making it 14-0. It was then I heard one of the Fox sportscasters say that "no team in the 50 years of Super Bowl history ever came back from a 14-0 deficit to win. 10-0, yes," he said "14-0, no." And to make matters worse, and more impossible for the Patriots, the Falcons scored again pulling ahead by a crushing  21 to 0, with the struggling Patriots managing to score a pitiful 3 points by halftime.
Super Bowl 51: New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons in photos
But in the third quarter the disaster grew significantly worse for the Patriots: the Falcons scored again making it a 28-3 game, thus widening their lead to a seemingly unreachable 25 huge points. "But it ain't over till it's over." As I never gave up hope for the Cubs, or for Trump on election night, I didn't give way to despair that the Patriots were finished and couldn't like Trump and the Cubs pull off an improbable, odds defying upset victory.
Super Bowl 51: New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons in photos
And then like the Cubs winning two straight games to even the series with the Indians at 3 a piece Tom Brady and the Patriots achieved something greater, bordering on the miraculous: after playing like amateurs they came alive and scored 25 straight points (7 in the third quarter and 18 in the fourth) to tie the game 28-28 and take it into overtime* -- where running back James White (ironically number 28) scored a two yard touchdown making the Patriots world champs again.
And when White scored and the Patriots won "the greatest game ever in Super Bowl history" I was thunderstruck by the similarity to the 7th game of the World Series-also "the greatest 7th game in history." For like the Patriots and Falcons going into overtime the Cubs and Indians with the game tied at 6 battled on into extra innings; then at the top of the tenth Ben Zorbrist delivered his tie breaking double driving in the 7th run.
As with the Cubs the Patriots' astounding victory was, I believe, providentially related to the Trump presidency as an auspicious sign of things to come after a time of setbacks, trouble and crises. Indeed, the victory of the pro-Trump, Ricketts' owned Cubs was to Election Day what the greater, more astonishing victory of the pro-Trump, Kraft owned Patriots is to the challenging time ahead for the President leading up to the 2020 election-which he will win having earned it by keeping his promise of
Indeed, there are many propitious signs pointing to a second term for President Trump (see); but the Patriots' steep, unprecedented, come from behind, unbelievable climb out of a virtual football abyss in so short a time is the most striking and compelling sign of all. Those who support this President and his MAGA AGENDA must keep this game in mind when it seems that fortune has deserted him, and all seems lost. MARK MY WORDS, a time of terrible troubles is going to challenge President Trump to the utmost of his powers-and it could be starting now. Conquering adversity is a pattern with this man: in the 90s during the Clinton era he reversed and saved from bankruptcy his badly faltering real estate empire - and was hailed by the New York Times as the "Comeback King" for his accomplishment (see); and then during his 16 month presidential campaign he came back from extreme, brutal, unprecedented adversity (that would have discouraged, broken and crushed most candidates) to defeat Bill Clinton's corrupt, low energy, lying wife. I'll say it again to be clear: 
The World Series and Super Bowl are the signs that the Administration are the Patriots and Cubs rolled into one; and Donald Trump is Tom Brady and Ben Zorbrist quarter backing touchdowns and batting in game winning runs as he heads into the storm destined to emerge one of the great ones.


    1. DITTO!

      I hear President Trump is going to host the first Super Bowl party of his presidency at Trump International Golf Club in Florida.

      1. You gotta love this. The Super Bowl and the president’s victory last November have so many similarities as Apollo shows, and of course it’s making the lefties go bonkers!

  1. Need someone with Photoshop with Trump holding the paper like Harry Truman with the headline “Falcons Defeat Patriots”.

      1. The Falcons outscored the Patriots in every regulation quarter there was scoring except for the 4th quarter; it’s time to end this unfair system where you lose most of the quarters but can still win the game.

        But there’s still hope! @realJillStein now filing Federal lawsuit to challenge the holding call that put Atlanta out of field goal range deep in the fourth. #HopingToGetIdiotRobart.

    1. The Russians hacked the replay cameras and that pass was not caught and the knee was down before the ball crossed into the end zone.

      How long must we tolerate this madness. We need to scream that it is my football game too. Maybe we can get George Soros to fund lawsuits over deflated footballs (there must have been some around in the 4th quarter and overtime.

  2. The last 3 months:

    REAL lessons from Cubs, Trump, Brady and the Pats in the importance of…

    1. Humility

    2. Never giving up

  3. Trump once again proves he knows what he is talking about.

    He picked the right team and missed by two points.

    Way to go Mr. President!

    Isn’t it great not to have a pres__ent _resident any longer?

    We’ve got the real deal!

    1. Trump was really going out on a limb there. An 8-point victory margin in the NFL is very uncommon. I came across a source that says only about 3% of NFL games have ever been won by exactly 8 points.

      The most common victory margins are 3, 7 and 10 points — which isn’t surprising since these numbers represent a field goal, a TD (with an extra point) and a TD-FG combination.

      1. Let’s not underestimate Trump’s prediction. In the 4th quarter Atlanta followed Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s plan. How did Trump know?

  4. Marc Lamont Hill said this on CNN yesterday: This Brady victory is proof that, when given a level playing field and appropriate resources, white men can be successful in America

  5. Someone named Shaun King tweeted at half time: This is what happens when Trump picks your team to win


    What a schmuck.

    1. I found this doozy

      “I feel like this is some kind of bizzaro world lately where evil always wins. First Trump, and now the cheating, lucky, all around dislikeable pats win the SB with the largest comeback of SB history. Feels like the world won’t give me a single damn thing to feel good about lately.”

  6. A lefty co-worker of mine told me yesterday that if the Falcons had won Trump would have said that it was fake news and wasn’t so. I kid you not.

  7. The Patriots DID NOT win the game, the Falcons did and must be declared victors! They had the lead during all 4 quarters, clearly had more fans in the stands and polls said that 74% of the country were rooting for them over New England.

    It’s a travesty in America this thing was decided by a touchdown in overtime. That does it—I’m moving to Spain!

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