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Trump hating, obstructionist Judge James Robart

The anti-Trump obstructionist justices of the Ninth Circuit Court

Once upon a time liberalism was a treatable, curable mental disorder -- the cure for which was repeatedly getting mugged by reality until one became sensible. My cure came during the malaise and misery days of the Jimmy Carter years: the Iran Hostage Crisis, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan,  and the economic, military and geopolitical decline of this country turned me into a common sense, healthy minded, right thinking Ronald Reagan conservative. And I wasn't alone. But that was then. Now the malady of liberalism is chronically worse; today it is an untreatable, malignant brain eating disease that no dose of hard reality (however massive, strong and shattering) can cure. 

An instructive contemporary example of a hopelessly stupid brain eaten liberal is Jean Claude Juncker (above), head of the European Union. In the wake of the deadly jihadist truck attack on a crowded Christmas Berlin market that killed 12 and injured 50 last year Juncker said, and I quote, "that the best way to fight [Islamic] extremism is not with the rhetoric of exclusion [hatred of Islamic evil, mass, murder, intolerance and bigotry] that helps the extremists, but by [turning one's cheek and] continuing to receive migrants."

In other words, the rhetoric of inclusion, love and open borders, welcoming more anti-Western Moslems into our midst, is the best way to fight ISIS and al Qaida and all forms of murderous, militant, jihadist terror. In short, brain eaten liberals like Juncker believe that godless secular progressive humanism (regarded as a crime against God by normative Islam) is the answer; that if we hug Moslems hard enough and show them compassion, empathy and understanding, we will squeeze the jihad, hatred and distrust out of them and turn them into modern, civilized, 21st century people.

And such was the thinking of Barack Hussein Obama who, during his weak-on-terror-reign-of-error, responded to 13 deadly homeland Moslem terror attacks that killed 90 and injured 389 (see)*, and I5 foiled terrorist plots that would have killed and injured hundreds more, by boosting Moslem immigration by the hundreds and thousands (see and see). Reality be damned! Instead of being realistic about Islam (and the hundreds and millions of hate driven active and passive jihadists and fundamentalists worldwide)  pretend that it's a religion of peace, love and justice and tigers will magically turn into harmless pussy cats. 

*Also during Obama's reign the FBI was tracking 1000 plus jihadist suspects,  refugee chaos and crime engulfed Europe (see), and he received warnings from the FBI, CIA and NSA (and now from Bashar Assad) of ISIS and al Qaida infiltrating Syrian and other Mideast refugee flows (see).

And such is the mentality of James Robart and the three brain eaten, anti-Trump, left coast, obstructionist judges who usurping the absolute authority of the President (as given to him by Congress) to stop any and all foreigners from traveling and migrating to our country (U.S.C 1182 see) blocked a perfectly legal, moderate, reasonable executive order temporarily halting travel and immigration from seven dangerous Moslem lands: Iran, which sponsors terrorism (and is complicit with the Taliban in killing U.S. troops in Afghanistan (see); and Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Sudan which are overrun by deadly terrorist violence.

Global Terrorism Index - Wikipedia
(ACTUAL YEAR 2015 TO 2016)
1 Iraq9.96Increase 0.20
2 Afghanistan9.44Increase 0.238
3 Nigeria9.31Increase 1.018
4 Syria8.61Increase 0.027 [4]
5 Egypt8.108Decrease 0.458
6 Yemen8.076Increase 0.358 [5]
7 Sudan7.484Increase 8.486
8 Somalia7.6Increase 0.48
9 Libya7.29Increase 0.966
10 Thailand7.279Increase 0.096

6 of Trump's 7 dangerous Moslem countries for immigration have the honor of being in the top 9 of the Global Terrorism Index (see).

And how did these four partisan political hacks in black robes justify their illegal usurpation of executive and congressional power? By ignoring USC 1182 (the governing law of the ban) and creating out of thin air new, outrageous, unheard of laws protecting a new class of victims from big, bad "anti-Moslem" Donald Trump: the peoples of these seven Moslem countries. What did they do? Made the U.S. Constitution the law for Somalis, Iraqis, Iranians, etc. They virtually conferred on non-resident aliens (lacking visa and green cards) first amendment, equal protection and due process rights as if they were US citizens living or traveling abroad with the rights to enter this country at will. Indeed, it's as if these judges erased our borders with these countries and added seven new states to the 50 we already have. Judges can't get any crazier, irresponsible and dangerous than this. 

Boston judge’s ruling unblocking Trump travel ban highlights arguments the White House is likely to make on appeal | Beesquare

Massachusetts District Judge  Nate Gorton got it right: He found that there is a rational reason for the Trump administration’s policies. That federal Immigration and Naturalization Act [see Addendum] gives the president broad power over immigration. "The President's order," said Gorton, "provides a reasonably conceivable state of facts (which concerns national security) that could provide a rational basis for the classification. Accordingly, this Court declines to encroach upon the delicate policy judgment inherent in this immigration decision.”

I wonder, would these "so called judges" (who are social justice workers and legislators in disguise) have done the same to President Obama had he issued this executive order? Not a chance! They would have respected it in Obama's case, just like Judge Gorton did with President Trump. Indeed, contrary to Robart's and the Ninth's abuse of judicial power Gorton (citing, quoting and referencing USC 1182) dismissed a suit brought by the ACLU against Trump's ban ruling that it was (as we see above) perfectly legal, lawful and constitutionally sound (see). 

But Robart's and the Ninth's contempt for and hatred of Trump was greater than their respect for the President's office, the Congress, the law and national security; so they unlawfully challenged Trump's authority by illegally creating new laws to restrain him as if they were lawmakers in Congress.


A second Federal Judge in Virginia upholds Trump's ban - a stone's throw away from Washington where the Supreme Court will follow suit.

ISIS jihadists must have been firing their weapons and cheering wildly over the 9th Circuit's decision, as it now makes it easier for them to slip into this country to work havoc.

And it's because of insane, reckless, radical rulings like this (putting partisan politics above the constitution and national security) that the Ninth Circuit is the worst of the worst of the country's 11 Circuit Courts -- having (because of their poor judgment) the highest reversal or failure rate (80%) in appeal decisions argued before the Supremes, with many unanimous 9-0 rulings (see).



The same fate as the confirmation of so-called "racist" Senator Sessions as Attorney General, and Trump's other constitutionally legal cabinet appointees:


Jeff Sessions being sworn in as AG on February 9th, the same day that the obstructionist 9th Circuit Court upheld Robart's unconstitutional stay on Trump's ban prefigures its inevitable vindication and victory.

Judge Neil Gursuch 

Indeed, the 9th Circuit Court ruling on the 9th day of February is, I believe, a sign to the administration to delay appealing the ruling to the Supremes until Judge Gorsuch is confirmed and there are 9 justices on the bench. That's to play it safe as a 4-4 deadlock would leave the 9th's ruling in tact. But if in the meantime the administration rewrites and revises the executive ban and goes back to the 9th with a stronger case (as it seems to be doing), it will make no difference; like the first appeal, which was doomed from the start, it will fail all over again as these obstructionist judges are hell-bent on dealing Trump another defeat to make him look bad.  But it won't stop him. The score like the Super Bowl is Courts 27 Trump 3. And we all know how that turned out.

 But isn't it great fun watching powerless, frustrated Democrat senators, liberal left coast activist judges, hysterical doomsday crackpot warmunists, the gotcha anti-Trump media, progressive university and union heads, criminal sabotaging NSA leakers         and millions of angry, foul-mouthed, violent protesters trying to stop this odds busting, gravity defying, Tom Brady-like President from advancing his MAGA Agenda and war on radical Islam?

Million man anti-Reagan protest in New York

It reminds me of the millions of frightened nuclear freeze loons who uselessly opposed and marched against Ronald Reagan as he was renewing America's economic and military greatness and defeating the Soviet Union. The vast left-wing anti-Trump forces are an army of moral and mental midgets with pee shooters firing spit balls at an unsinkable battleship preparing to blast them to political kingdom come.  

Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 states: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”
These are only 72 from the Trump/Obama 7 violent terror plagued countries whose plots have been foiled possibly saving hundreds of lives. How many more Moslem fundamentalist immigrants from Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Sudan, etc are now plotting deadly attacks with bullets,     bombs, trucks, machetes and knives?


  1. I’ve never seen a judicial do-over. Is this similar to a mulligan in golf?

    Ninth Circuit Court Now Demands It Be Protected From Itself…

    Oh, the winning… it’s often too funny. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is now independently, on its own impetus, requesting an internal vote on a full panel en blanc hearing to review its own decision.

    Additionally, the full ninth are asking the Trump administration to file an additional brief telling the court why the three member original appeals ruling authority was wrong. In essence, the smart judges know what wasn’t considered, and are now looking for an out.

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

      1. Someone on the 9th Circuit realized that making a decision on an executive order without actually referring to the executive order itself was the surest way to having it overturned unanimously by the Supreme Court and giving even more impetus to having the 9th Circuit broken up.

        They may be liberal legislators in judicial robes, but the 9th Circuit is not completely stupid.

    1. These people are unhinged and desperate
      Unhinged and desperate people can do stupid things.

      The 9th has done the stupidest thing possible for Judges in our legal system by embroiling themselves in politics and offering a politically correct but bluntly illegal and unconstitutional ruling.

      In doing so they have judicially overreached so badly that they provide the executive branch and the legislative branch the justification to step in and intervenes in Judicial branch affairs and sanction the courts

    2. They did not cite the law in their opinion or sign the opinion. The”adults” know they screwed the pooch.

      Don’t bite trump. Let them swing in the wind.

      1. For the life of me, I still do not understand what is equivocal or unclear about the perfectly clear, two sentence single syllable statement empowering the president to do exactly what he did.

  2. This new attitude could be because the country was able to see what a biased excuse for a court we are paying for on the Left coast. A moron could read the law and know that the president acted constitutionally. He Ninth Court members should be impeached and the Ninth Circuit split into four courts. It shouldn’t be difficult to replace the prejudiced judges we listened to on that pathetic phone deposition. Some first year law students should be available.

    1. Right. The three judge panel failed to take the law into account, which means they just voted against Trump because they hate him.

        1. Do what Presidents Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln did (per Rush), arrest the judges for exceeding their authority and throw them in jail.

          They want war?

          Let give them war.

  3. These judges in the 9th should be tried for TREASON. They are clearly enabling some who are serious risks and even known threats to our national security to enter.

  4. U.S. stupidity allowed Japan to severely cripple our Naval Fleet in Pearl Harbor in 1941. U.S. stupidity allowed the Chinese Army to cross the Yalu River undetected in 1950 and attack our troops unexpectedly in Korea. U.S. stupidity allowed Rhamzi Yousef to enter the U.S. in 1993 as a “refugee” so he could build the bomb that was supposed to bring down the World Trade Center buildings. U.S. stupidity allowed the 9/11 terrorists to learn how to fly airplanes into skyscrapers and overstay their visas undetected. We cannot afford to remain stupid.

  5. I’m still tyring to figure out how Trump’s EO is a “MUSLIM religious ban”?

    87%, that’s 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide, are not affected by the EO.

    That’s not a ban.

    Christians from those countries are also part of the ban as is every other religion.

    That’s not a religious ban.

    Would a MUSLIM from CANADA be banned? NOPE
    Would a CHRISTIAN from SYRIA be banned? YEP

    That doesn’t sound like a MUSLIM ban to me.

  6. It was evident by the fact that the Ninth took so much time rendering a decision that they couldn’t find anything wrong with the law and were looking for any reason to halt the EO. According to the Constitution, Article 3, Section 2, Clause 1, there was no reason to even hear the case. Mass. District Judge Gorton said as much.

  7. It was not the business of the Ninth Circuit to assess the risk of a terrorist attack coming from the countries listed in the temporary travel ban. Their job was only to rule on whether the President had the authority to issue the EO. Which, as Apollo shows, is spelled out in black and white in 8 USC 1182.

    That said, I was not impressed with the lawyer DOJ sent to argue the case. Fortunately Sessions is on the job now.

  8. Are you thinking what I’m thinking??? Trump played them…he wanted his ‘ban’ to work and knew he had to play this way first, they messed up and now he has them by the (whatevers)….

    While they are playing ‘fish’ President Trump is playing 3 D Chess…

  9. Black robed politicians are part of the swamp most people aren’t looking at. Fortunately President Trump is.


  10. Good point Apollo, and very true: The 9th has virtually erased the borders between our country and the 7 terror states.

    They should be impeached.

  11. Trump is doing just what the American People voted him in office for: showing how corrupt the gov’t is on ALL levels.

    There is no way they can save themselves now…they took on the wrong person…

    Thinking that President Trump was going to be another ‘Republican President that hides in the closet’…they are finding out they are done for…

  12. Immigration and Nationality Act | USCIS

    Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 states: “Whenever the President finds…..”

    That one seems to have confused the 9th Circuit judges.

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