Among US Presidents Barack Obama has two distinctions that set him apart from the rest: 1. He's our first black President; and 2. He's perhaps the most popular and likable FAILED President in U.S. history leaving his successor a mess while his approval rating was above 50%. And because he's failed so badly on the economy, fiscal policy, healthcare and financial reform, border and cyber security, law and order, national unity  Russian reset, Iran, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and the War on Terror Obama's been a political disaster for his party on a scale unseen since Herbert Hoover devastated the GOP in 1932.
Perez doesn't rule out Hillary running again in 2020
But the incompetent, feckless catastrophically failed Obama is so hugely popular with rank and file Democrats, and his successor Donald Trump so hated and reviled by them, that the party has chosen to keep the status quo and stay the course unmindful that worse is yet to come. Indeed, having learned nothing from Hillary's defeat in 2016 and the two mid-term debacles of 2010 and 2014, and believing that Trump will be such a disgrace and disaster that the Obama years will look like a golden age in comparison, the Democats have chosen the Far Left establishment again; and they have elected for their party chief and deputy two loyal, true blue radical Obamunists: Tom Perez and Keith Ellison. 
Tom Perez, Obama's former labor secretary, and Keith Ellison, America's first Moslem congressman, are ominous signs for the Dems of worse to come in the Era of Donald Trump who they continue to contemptuously underestimate and ridicule at their peril. Indeed, some of these signs as you will see are strongly and strangely linked to Obama by way of his birthday (a day of infamy) as well as his failed politics.
For example, on the day Tom Perez was born (10-7-1961) Barack Obama was exactly 64 days old (see). The proximity of Perez's and Obama's births (just 9 weeks apart), and the fact that Perez served in Obama's cabinet,  suggests that this is a significant coincidence that likely prefigures what lies ahead for the Dems in 2018: the third straight loss for Obamunists of a mid-term election. Indeed, as the number 64 is the square of 8, or 8x8, it just so happens that 88 weeks separates Perez's election as DNC chief last month from election day 2018 (see). On that day, November 6, I predict that the political collapse of the Democrats will continue; that they will lose more seats in the House, Senate and state legislatures principally because of a booming US economy triggered by Trump's anti-Obama pro-growth policies; and pundits will write that the party must strike out in a new direction or suffer the blow of losing the 2020 election.
Indeed, in 2018 the still very popular Obama will be out on the campaign trail supporting Democrat candidates, and personalizing the election (like he did in 2016 with Hillary) working desperately to save what little is left of his failed legacy after 20 MAGA months of Donald Trump. Astonishingly, that very November 6, 2018 will be continuing the wave of the 2014 mid-terms is indicated symbolically by the number 20914-this five digit number encoded with the year 2014 is the number of days separating Obama's birth from election day (see).
Also seemingly ominous of coming defeat was the convergence of Perez's last birthday on October 7th of last year (see). This was the eventful day that WikiLeaks launched its release of John Podesta's   6500 stolen emails which proved so embarrassing and hurtful to Hillary and her party. Could this possibly signify that Tom Perez as DNC chief will prove just as embarrassing and damaging to THE Dems as Wikileaks? And that he'll be gone as party chief after 2018?
Who then could replace Perez as party head to lead it into the 2020 election? Will it be Perez's deputy Keith Ellison who is backed by the Bernie Sanders wing of the party? Will Dems believe that the answer to their woes is moving further to the Left (as the country moves Right)? Under Ellison the Obama caused collapse of the party would continue unabated. Indeed, just as Perez was born just 64 days from Obama's birth in 1961, Ellison amazingly (as I wrote HERE) was born two years later in 1963 on Obama's second birthday. Incredibly, just as Obama is exactly 24 months older than Ellison, when he (the closest thing we had to a Moslem president) was sworn into office on January 20, 2009 it was 24 months and 17 days after Ellison's swearing in on the Koran by Pelosi as America's first Moslem congressman.
January 3, 2007 Ellison is sworn in as congressman
To say the least, the Perez-Ellison team is bad news for the Democrats. Both men are race obsessed, class warfare, business hating radicals. La Raza, pro-illegals Perez once characterized all bankers as "blood sucking Klu Klux Klansmen (that's how crazy this man is);" and Ellison is a pro-Palestinian, jihad friendly, anti-Semite. It will fascinate you to learn that on the day Keith Ellison was born Tom Perez was 666 days old (see). There are those who believe that this infamous triplet Biblical number, found in the Book of Revelation, is a symbol of extreme evil. In going further to the radical extreme greater evil than Obama will befall the Democrat Party. 



  1. 666

    Satan corrupted and infiltrated the Democrat party in the late 60s, early 70s. Roe v. Wade solidified his takeover, and the Clintons made it into the largest criminal organization in the world

  2. I agree Apollo. Perez will be out of the DNC Leadership after 2018! He’s just a ruse to get Ellison in when Dems knew if they voted for Ellison directly, it would kill their party.

    Ellison will be DNC chair by the time of next presidential election cycle.

    1. Ellison will be DNC chair by the time of next presidential election cycle.

      Nah. Perez was recruited specifically to keep Ellison out. They probably share 95% of the same beliefs, but Perez is from the Obama & Clinton wings. He is also a more palatable to the Jewish Dem donors.

      It would not shock me if Hillary ran again. It would shock me if they nominated her again.

    1. Hillary should be at the top of the ticket until she is 95. She has earned it through her decades of public service, and she is smarter than everyone else.

      1. The first 2020 Presidential Debate should be interesting:

        MODERATOR: “Mrs. Clinton, if you can hear me, squeeze my hand.”

        1. They’ll be running cardboard cut outs of the Clintons in ‘20. From their appearances in ‘16, both looked like death warmed over.

  3. The Democrats have a serious problem with their bench. They don’t appear to have any superstars rising through the ranks that could run for the presidency in 2020. All their established “warhorses” will be in their 70s and 80s come 2020, including the fake Indian from Massachusetts. Crooked Hillary might as well be 80 today. She has not aged well.

    It’s probably a moot point though. Trump has done nothing but build on his support in the Rust Belt since getting elected. Without PA, MI, WI and OH, the Democrats have no realistic chance of making Trump a one term president.

    1. “The Democrats have a serious problem with their bench. They don’t appear to have any superstars rising through the ranks that could run for the presidency in 2020.”

      That’s how things looked just before Carter, Clinton, and Obunghole.

      1. What a choice, it was like choosing between Syphilis (Perez) or Gonorrhea (Elliison). Evidence of a diseased party of losers

  4. I’m surprised they didn’t pick Podesta… or perhaps he’s already under contract with the Hillary 2020 campaign.

  5. Great post Apollo. Obama backed this clown Perez. No surprise he won. He’ll continue the Democrats downward slide.

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