The desperate, vicious, failing, destroy-Trump-at-any-cost alt-left media as of yesterday have a strange new champion and political hero: FBI Director James Comey. Strange because less than five short months ago in the 11th hour of a tightening presidential race (11 days before the election) Comey delt an unexpected blow (a late "October surprise") to their sure to win darling candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton: Comey (without conferring with Obama's pro-Clinton "tarmac" Justice Department) sent a letter informing Congress that the FBI is reopening its investigation into Hillary's email server. That Comey should now be lauded as a hero by anti-Trumpers after being viciously demonized over the Hillary probe (that definitely cost her many late undecided voters and maybe the election) is strange in itself; but stranger still is this sudden love affair after learning yesterday that the TeamTrump-Russia probe started in July, five months before the election and not afterwards-which have some Clinton people badly and understandably upset (see).
Indeed, my question to Trump-haters is this: why does James Comey have any credibility with you as an impartial investigator when there's hard evidence that he's anything but? That he's partisan, corrupt and opportunistic? Why do you trust that he's heading a fair, honest, unbiased probe of the Trump campaign team's alleged ties to Russia when he kept it under wraps for eight months? When on the very day he reopened the Hillary case he went public with it knowing it would dominate the news cycle until Election Day and hurt Hillary politically (not that I care)? Why aren't you furious after learning that Comey zipped his lips until yesterday about the existence of a Trump campaign probe? Why the silence in July about Trump but not in October about Hillary? Why did Comey keep the Trump probe hidden for the four months prior to the election, and then publicly reveal it 18 weeks later when Trump was securely in power? Why did Comey wait so long? Didn't you, I and the public have a right to know?
The real question is this: was Republican Comey in collusion with the Trump campaign? Like Vladimir Putin, did Comey favor Trump (the border security, law and order, anti-jihad candidate) over Hillary (perceived to be weak on crime, border security and terrorism)? Did Comey at the last moment deliberately interfere in the election (doing it by design) to enable Hillary's defeat and endear himself to irate Republicans so he could keep his job if Trump should win? Was that Comey's self-serving plan? 
Schiff: We know less than a fraction of what the FBI knows. 
Really, Trump haters, how can you be certain that Comey wasn't a weaponized arm of the Trump campaign, and now of the Trump White House, and is putting on a show of impartiality? How can you be sure that when Trump (rejecting calls from Democrats to fire Comey) allowed him to continue as FBI chief he wasn't being rewarded for his October surprise that may have won Trump the White House (as both Hillary and Nate Silver believe see)? Indeed, if Comey finds a smoking gun that could hurt one or more of Trump's associates, or the big man himself, how can you be sure that he won't suppress it-as Adam Schiff recently accused him of doing with a sh*t load of information (see)?
Face the facts Trump haters: with James Clapper two weeks ago telling Chuck Todd that he saw no evidence from the FBI and other intel agencies of criminal collusion between Team Trump and Russia, and with Comey seemingly Trump's man and unreliable to disclose any crimes that have or may come to light since, things are looking mighty grim for you. Comey is not your last best hope for bringing down Trump. In hoping he is you're setting yourselves up for another disappointment (remember Gropergate?). Trump's MAGA revolution disruptively rolls on while you squirm and burn unable to stop him.  


  1. Comey’s congressional testimony was mostly political posturing. The media are setting up Comey to help them in their attacks on Trump. But I agree with Apollo, it will fail

      1. That’s been my question, too. How the hell did they come up with that conclusion?? It’s a mirage.

        I don’t remember any Russians at the polls….with a knife in my back…until I filled in the dot for Trump

      2. “I just keep asking how Russia helped Trump but no one will explain it to me.”


        I asked 2 libtards TWICE at point blank range how Russia helped Hitlery. That was a bad day for me and had to get it out on them. They could not answer me either. Had enough of one of them in a room, and everyone snickered when they just babbled nonsense.

      3. “I just keep asking how Russia helped Trump but no one will explain it to me.”

        They bought Ivankas clothes line before it was cool.

        Clear intervention.

      4. I just keep asking how Russia helped Trump but no one will explain it to me.

        The story is that the WikiLeaks DNC hack, with the Pdesta emails, is what did it. Further, that these were hacked by the Russians, that Guccifer 2 is connected to the Russians and to Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, and that Assange was just the release agent, a pawn in the process.

        That what was released was the undenied truth, and it set us free, is not covered in the Dem talking points.

      5. “I just keep asking how Russia helped Trump but no one will explain it to me.”

        It’s called, the best defense is a good offense. The Left has made this up, is laying it all on the line to discredit, delay, and wink wink nod nod have someone hurt the President so he can “dissolve”.

  2. What I heard Comey say is that the FBI and the Justice Dept weren’t spying on Trump. That leaves the CIA and whoever else.

    I sure hope Trump had a good source before he sent the tweet.
    I’m just going to trust that the truth will come out and Trump will be vindicated.

  3. Surprised that Comey was not asked about the technology available to snoops. Suspect that one a cell phone number is known and in use, its not terribly difficult to “listen in”, create a digital record and then a transcript. Also do not suspect that it can be done by one well trained agent who knows how to use this type of equipment. Could a retired NSA techno whiz, on behalf of Obama or someone else, “listen in” to Trump and others without the NSA, FBI or the CIA being officially aware? Perhaps ex CIA chief and Obama acolyte John Brennan should be questioned under oath and his communications reviewed.

  4. Trump did bla bla bla!! Comey said bla bla bla and more bla. I believe we should bla bla bla….. why in the name of hell dont you people get on the phone and call your Sentor and start calling or screaming for Comey’s head!!! No amount of posting on this site is going to help! We got President Trump in the White house so now is the tome to SHOW that you have his back by burning those phone lines and let them know what we expect, please!!

  5. Let me get this straight, they have been investigating Trump since JULY and have NOTHING LOL..not even a teenie tiny bit of a Russia connection..just proves my point they have NOTHING they never had anything this whole Russia nonsense was made up back in April when the Dems needed a reason for their loss

  6. Comey said there was no evidence to Trump’s claims that Barack Obama wiretapped him and Trump Tower …

    He said he saw no evidence. That doesn’t necessarily mean it didn’t happen.

    Either he might not be telling the truth or another agency might have been recording calls.

    It’s also possible that they listened in to Trump staffers calls to people they were wiretapping.

    I don’t know what happened, but people who believe something happened aren’t going to unbelieve because of anything Comey said, so it’s hardly a “gut punch.”

    1. “no evidence to Trump’s claims that Barack Obama wiretapped him and Trump Tower,”

      So, where did Flynn’s phone call information come from? I know Flynn isn’t Trump. But I “assume” that the leak on him came from the same investigation.

      Why would a FISA warrant be obtained for no electronic surveillance?

      The twisting and spinning by the media is astounding.

  7. For once I agree with you Apollo. Comey is partisan and corrupt and helped elect Trump and should be investigated.

    1. The rats cannot have it both ways. You cannot say that the Russians helped Trump win when your side won the popular vote which is the only thing that the Russians could hope to effect.

  8. Obama spied on:
    * Angela Merkel
    * Fox Reporter xxxx Rosen
    * The Associated Press
    * Sheryl Atkinson

    The intelligence community has been weaponized and used for political purposes against:
    * Representative Chaffetz while investigating the Secret Service scandals
    * former intelligence agents critical of the administration in any capacity like Ali H. Soufan and Thomas Drake
    * and used the Espionage Act more than anyone else to go after those who reported true scandals about his administration

    And the NSA and other agencies pretty much had everyone’s metadata on all communications and open door to nearly all electronic communications.

    Given these facts, is it unreasonable to say he would tap the phones and monitor activities of his chosen successor’s biggest rival? To defend his

    1. Gowdy was pretty good. I thought he was quite pointed about who was in the room, and thus probably a leaker. The deflection was incredible. Maybe both sides heard what they wanted to hear. What I heard is there was some real mischief going on that led to private citizens in Trump Tower being surveilled.

      Even if (as is complained by the perpetually outraged) Obama didn’t order the wiretap, he certainly was in a position to stop it. It does seem like crimes were committed and NO ONE who was responsible for stopping the spying on private citizens was doing their job.

    2. Comey has a sure felony crime here that he won’t commit? And He had Hillary dead to rights on mishandling top secret data at the very least. But he testified today that he will keep looking and investigating for a Russian Trump connection that violated the law where none has been found. Comey has to go.

  9. Apollo has a valid point about the left cheering Comey when he interfered with the election and helped Trump. They’re cheering a proven enemy. Shows how direly desperate they are

  10. Comey has tried to kiss rear end of both parties and is hated by both, destroyed any pretense of non-partisanship and wondered far off the reservation of being a clean cop. You made your bed Comey…

  11. My guess is that Comey completed his investigation of Trump-Russia ties before Trump took office and found nothing. And he’s just blowing a lot of smoke to make it seem he’s still looking for a crime to make Trump haters happy. In hoping against hope that Comey will find a smoking gun the Trump haters, as Apollo says, are setting themselves up for disappointment.

  12. Sessions needs to appoint a special prosecutor to look into Comey’s corrupt past. That SOB has to go…preferably to prison, or better yet…

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