As for President Trump (who was led astray by Paul Ryan) it's just a temporary setback on the way to repeal and replace "CRAZY (Bill Clinton)," MISTAKEN (Chuck Schumer)" "TRAINWRECK (Max Baucus)" Obamacare.
The celebration of Democrats over the Trump/Ryan failure is laughable. House and Senate Republicans one and all (and most rank and file party members) are united on ends and divided on means. They are hell-bent and unified on wanting to repeal and replace collapsing, imploding, impoverishing, class warfare  Obamacare, but differ on how to do it. When they resolve their differences, which I'm confident they will do soon, Obamacare will join Romneycare, Hillarycare and Single Payer (Bernie Sanders)
    Vermontcare on the ash heap of history.
See my prediction of Obamacare's inevitable repeal and demise based on the 18th century repeal of the Stamp Act. This ancient sign of liberty from unfair taxation and oppression shows that Obamacare was doomed from the start and doesn't have a future.


  1. P.Trump: What’s wrong with the bill, Paul?

    Paul Ryan: Not enough votes…

    P.Trump: Don’t have it to pass, well that’s okay, let it drop, now we are going to do it my way…

    Paul Ryan: I’m sure I can get it done…

    P.Trump: Nope you’ve done enough, now I’ll take over and get it right for the American People…

    1. GOOD POST! Personally, I think President Trump has engineered this situation so that Ryan’s fingerprints are all over it and when it fails, he’ll be the one with egg on his face. President Trump will then be able to get Ryan to bring up the legislation he wants and not the lobbyist authored crap Ryan has been offering.

  2. Freedom Caucus is saving us from Ryan who wouldn’t be there if the Freedom Caucus didn’t support him in the first place

  3. RomneyCARE/ObamaCARE was invented by the GOP and soon will be TrumpCARE if the President keeps listening to the RINOs.

  4. Ted Cruz may have discovered a way to totally change Obamacare without 60 Senate votes

    American Thinker ^ | Mar. 12, 2017 | Thomas Lifson

    Democrats tend to love sneaky lawyer tricks because their side is so good at them. The passage of Obamacare under the Senate rules governing “reconciliation” is the most prominent example of creatively applying the rules to get what they want.

    But it turns out that there are some really smart and creative legal minds on the GOP side, and now that the GOP runs the Senate, the sauce for the Democrat goose also flavors the Republican gander, if that isn’t too disagreeable an abuse of metaphorical license. Ted Cruz is one such legal mind; in the words of legendary Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz, “…one of the best students I ever had.”


    Lets get on with it for the People. Ryan needs to stop his effing foolishness. NOW! maybe Ryan wants to ruin Trump and the new Republican non-elitist party, her sure acts like it.

  5. They really need to lose the habit of “passing something”.We want it done right, not necessarily right NOW. And with Ryan in charge of it, it ain’t gonna be right.

  6. You say the repeal of Obamacare will happen soon? You’re being overly optimistic. From the looks of it it could take months, maybe years, maybe never.

  7. There is no republican leadership. This just shows what a weak sister Paul Ryan is, I’m not sure Mitch McConnell is any better, he still doesn’t have President Trumps cabinet completed. Did he ever get the number 2 guy for the DOJ approved?

  8. Congress created Obamacare, and Congress can legislate as Congress sees fit. It’s not as though Trump won’t sign legislation that he finds acceptable, and Congress can change this law two months from now if it wants to. Meanwhile, Trump can get on with executive department priorities and tax reform.

  9. Smart….5 times they put a complete repeal bill on Obama’s desk……

    Now they somehow can’t manage it……

    Call their bluff…..

    Blow the lid off the swamp!

  10. In the words of Ann Coulter, just repeal the damn thing and put the free market in charge of offering healthcare WITHOUT government interference. Exceptions, of course, should be for the truly needy who cannot afford coverage or meds. The hundreds of different plans insurance companies could offer (across state lines) would be awesome.

    These Washington bastards that refuse to let the free market take over need to lose their jobs! They will be the reason the GOP will lose their majority. I’m happy the conservatives didn’t fold even though the blame should be placed on Ryan and the RINO’s.

  11. If they ( Ryan) fail, an emergency session should be called in the House, to replace him as Speaker! He’s had over two years and what has he accomplished? Nothing! Absolutely NOTHING!!!

  12. One thing I do like, and it’s that Trump demanded a vote now.

    He didn’t wait for them to diddle around with it.

    It almost looks like he wants to call the vote so it will fail.

    Now I know he says otherwise, but forcing the vote today makes it seem like he’s not as adamant about this as one might think.

    What has he got up his sleeve?

    Is he setting it up so he can say he tried their way, but that’s not what people wanted?

    I don’t really know. It doesn’t look that way now, but this guy seems to always have the ace up his sleeve.

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