Rainstorms Wash Away Drought in More than 90 Percent of California | NBC Bay Area


A map by the US Drought Monitor showing California drought conditions from Oct. 26, 2016 to Jan. 25, 2017.
A recent huge, major blow to the eroding credibility of ideology driven doomsday warmunists (the "settled science global warming  consensus") was the unforeseen end (defying their Nostra-doom-us computer climate models) of what was forecast to be California's "endless, permanent, ever worsening, disastrous drought." From Barack Obama on down what has now turned out to be a short-lived five-year drought (one of many such events over California's 166 years as a state) was ominously pointed to as conclusive, indisputable, settled scientific proof of catastrophic, world dooming anthropogenic global warming (CAGW)-with worse, much worse to come for the great Southwest and the United States.
In 2014 former NASA scientist and climate activist James Hansen (who'd been laughably warning for decades of worsening global heat waves and droughts amidst vast global greening due to rising, beneficial CO2 levels) said, “Increasingly intense droughts in California, all of the Southwest, and even into the Midwest have everything to do with human-made climate change.” Other climate alarmists hysterically warned, "California is now in the DEATH-GRIP of a brutal,  record breaking drought....." "The [entire] U.S. may NEVER AGAIN return to the relatively wet conditions experienced from 1977 to 1999.” “In the Southwest the [computer climate] models project a PERMANENT DRYING by the mid-21st century that will reach the levels of aridity not seen before in historical droughts...." And on and on went the fake science trickery, bad predictions and lies.
We were authoritatively told that the burning of fossil fuels, heat trapping CO2 emissions and increased warming of the atmosphere was either the primary cause or an aggravating factor of rainlessness, aridity, drought and (referring to the US droughts of the 1930s) dust-bowlification in California. For warminists like Hansen, Obama and Gore the so-called "record breaking" California drought was emblematic of what stupid, blind, ignorant, self-destructive, fossil fuel burning mankind was doing to planet earth, and ultimately to itself. That if man stayed the "perilous course" of oil, coal and gas-powered industrial capitalism (that's lifting millions out of extreme poverty in third world states) he would dangerously Californiaize the planet; that eventually arid, rainless, dry conditions would engulf the world causing global crop failure, famine, malnutrition, starvation, disease and massive death; Hansen and others predicted this holocaust was historically inevitable and was our horrific future if mankind didn't dramatically reign in and reverse his use of carbon emitting fuels. "Deindustrialize or Die" is their message of salvation to mankind-while proposing economic schemes of taxing carbon and hiking fossil fuel prices that are hyper inflationary, ruinous and politically impossible.
And then came the rains (as they did after the last two less severe five year droughts ending in the 30s and 90s) to dampen down the dumb hysteria and flush the climate lies down the drain. But even before the rains fell the big lie was that the drought was the worst in California's history; that its soil had never been so parched, dry and desert like; while this may have been true for California in its 166 years as a state (some dispute this see), it wasn't true, as the lying, deceptive, mendacious warmunists knew, for the last 1166 years.
Scientists tell us that beginning in the year 850 and ending in 1320 California and the Southwest US experienced two pre-industrial era MEGA-DROUGHTS separated by 50 years: a 240 year drought from 850-1190; and a 180 year drought from 1140 to 1320 (see). 
These two mega-droughts occurred during what scientists call
the Medieval Warm Period (WPM); this was one of three world-wide interglacial warming epochs including our own (the first being the Roman Warm Period 250 BC-450 AD) which occurred over the last 2300 years when global temperatures have been proven to be warmer than they are today; this has been shown in hundreds of peer-reviewed studies ignored by the "CAGW concensus" as it makes nonsense of their unscientific war on fossil fuels, CO2 and "dirty" industrialization (see).
Indeed, one such study (and this didn't surprise me) shows that coincident with its two long, devastating medieval droughts California's temperature was 3.0 C higher than it is today - and with significantly less atmospheric CO2 ( 270 ppm vs. 400ppm today       see). You can't have clearer proof showing the lack of any correlation between CO2 and intense global warming which is at the crux of CAGW theory. You can't have clearer proof on how badly warmunists exaggerate and distort the heat trapping and warming capabilities of CO2 - and falsely claim we are living in the hottest, most perilous period in human history. If their theories were correct temperatures would be catastrophically soaring, seas destructively acidifying, and millions dying from extreme heat, crop destruction and famine. But none of this is happening.
It is ironic that several days after climate realist Donald Trump's historic inauguration, and his promise of turning America into a fossil fuel superpower to make our economy great again, the terrible drought in California (defying unrealistic warmunist predictions) was declared at an end. As human activities had nothing to do with the drought there was nothing man could do to end it; and as global warming is the work of nature no policy of Trump's can effect it for better or worse. The media is now demonizing Trump as the greatest single contemporary threat (worse than Islamic terrorism)     to this planet and civilization. But this is the desperate cries of a dying order. It's the fanatical warmunist elite Trump is threatening and their pseudo-scientific messianic movement to save a world that's thriving, and not in peril or dying; and will thrive even more from the powerful, indefatigable, America first  presidency of Donald J. Trump.


  1. Is there any meter for drought? Where I used to live in Delaware it was based on the levels of the groundwater, so you could still be in a drought after a flood or a hurricane.

  2. The climate change nuts are now saying that both the drought and drought relief can be blamed on climate change. Go figure.

  3. Thank you President Trump for ending the drought! (hey Obama took credit in advance for receding tides, so why not?)

  4. It was 60 degrees in Manhattan yesterday. Today it’s in the low 40s and I need an overcoat to go outside. CLIMATE CHANGE! I hope it is not too late for Trump to fix it.

    1. “Today it’s in the low 40s and I need an overcoat to go outside.”

      It is funny, when the weather here starts getting in the 40’s it is (woohoo) drive my open top landcruiser in a teeshirt weather

  5. I read an article the other day that Death Valley is still in a drought and has been for the last 10,000 years. Damn that man made climate change.

  6. Historically, California gets 1 year of flood every 5 years; or 4 dry years out of every 5 years. So a 4-year dry spell is normal and has to be planned for. For a dry spell to be a drought it has to last longer than 4 years. California last had a real drought in the 1980’s; the lower Colorado River has been in drought for about 10 years.

    1. They Never officially ended the drought we had in the 90’s, why would anything be different now? The Drought GOES ON FOREVER, along with the 3000 drought management employees.

  7. The earth can’t fix stupid, and that’s what kommiefornia is. Give those fools a few years with dumping water into the ocean (to save the Pacific Coast alligator scum) and they’ll be back to crisis mode in no time.

  8. Apollo, maybe you’re not aware of this but nearly every place on that map you posted that is still in drought is a place that doesn’t get that much rain anyways, and thus is not going to affect the state water picture as a whole. Nearly every reservoir in the state is overflowing.

    1. Hitler complained about Algore getting the Nobel Peace prize when, he said it should have gone to the woman who saved holocaust victims. Nice touch.

      1. Did dinosaurs fart?

        Who got them to stop? Why did they cause that ice age?

        Do you see how stupid it is to assume the inhabitants of the earth (man and animals) cause climate change?

      2. 2000 years from now as a new ice age is developing, countries are mass-producing beefaroni to feed to livestock before it’s too late.

      3. The worlds population of termites puts out 10X the CO2 than all of mankind (by weight). What are we going to do about them?

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