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Why will Trump win the Granite State and Presidency again in 2020?  It's the economy, stupid!

Starting the thread:

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LOL! make a lot of assumptions.....but everyone needs a dream....and that's yours....LOL!



Assumptions based on the economic history of this country going back 96 years to the Roaring, Soaring, Prospering Twenties unleashed by Supply-side ("trickle down') ideas. But don't take my word for it or from any right-winger. If JFK were alive today it's 1000% certain he'd be backing Donald Trump's (what I call his) "Five Point Maganomics Program" for super charging the US economy. Why? Because it's practically identical with his pro-business, pro-growth, "trickle-down" tax reduction, GDP boosting policies which made him, his family and the nation more prosperous:

Because of 
IN 2020
President Trump's path to 270 electoral votes will be easier for him than it was last year because of the following five point plan to radically reverse and energize our weak, trickle growth, bad jobs, high debt, overly regulated Obamunist economy.



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Go peddle your blog to someone else, I'm not interested in what you're selling.

What I'm selling is salvation from the 7th rung of radical leftist hell. What I'm selling is a way out of your ignorance, confusion and despair. I'm a friend not an enemy, Sy. I feel your pain. Please, let me help you.  It won't cost you a dime.


No it's you who need me to rescue you from the political catastrophe ahead that Trump is causing with his disastrous presidency and policies. Mark my words: He will not be able to push his agenda through congress. He's failed to garner the votes to repeal Obamacare. Republicans will never be able to agree on legislation to get anywhere, thank God. Trump is George Bush's third term and, mark my words, he's going to plunge the country into another recession with his tax cuts just as Bush did.  

Indeed, by the time four years rolls by, if Trump's still president, you won't find anyone who will publicly admit to voting for Bush. They will primary him...and he'll lose. That all hinges on him staying out of prison for his collusion with Russia. It's already caused four members of his administration to either resign or recuse themselves...Flynn, Sessions, Nunes, and now Chaffetz... Trump has failure written all over his orange face. And on Election Day 2020 the House, Senate and Presidency will belong to us Democrats. 

You have the same Trump derangement mentality that laughed uproariously when he announced his candidacy, and confidently predicted he wouldn't survive the first GOP debate; then predicted he'd never surmount GOP establishment and media opposition to win the primaries; then predicted he'd be defeated by the" Never Trumpers" at the GOP convention and be denied the nomination; then predicted that Hillary would crush him and finish him off in the first debate; then predicted his massive defeat because of the Access Hollywood groper tape and multiple groping charges. 

I'm watching Trump with the utmost glee triumphantly dismantling piece by piece Obama's growth killing declinist globalist legacy, and cowardly appeasement foreign policy; and preparing the economy for a robust Reagan-like recovery and return of America to greatness. And you're hopelessly stuck in the same stupid groupthink mindset that was certain he wouldn't get to first base during the campaign. Pathetic. Heck, the nomination of Gorsuch alone puts Trump far ahead of Reagan's first 100 days (made memorable by the Hinkley shooting). Only angry, frustrated, mentally deranged Trump haters are blind to what he's now accomplishing.

Get used to it friend:

This unpredictable, gravity defying, indefatigable man is in the first 100 days of eight victorious MAGA years.

Howard Craft  ApolloSpeaks 

The first 100 days are not looking like a good harbinger.


Neither did the first three quarters of the Superbowl for the Patriots look good for them, nor the first four games of the World Series for the Cubs. The later was a sign of Trump's come from behind election victory in November. The later could very well foreshadow that Trump is the Tom Brady of American politics, and will come back from near certain defeat to take the 2020 election.


Failure now indicates future success ?

Hey, I hope he does well....

No. Like the Cubs and Patriots it APPEARS that Trump is failing as president, just as it APPEARED for 16 months that his presidential campaign was failing and he'd lose the nomination, then the election. 

What will guarantee Trump's success and reelection is the doubling of Obama's pathetic, flat to failing, trickle growth economy of 1.48% GDP to a more robust 3%. Given all the pent up growth in the economy this 3% (which will expand it by $10 trillion) will be easy for Trump to accomplish. No way he can do this and not win in 2020 the Rust Belt states that put him in the White House.

" What guarantees Trump's success is the doubling of Obama's pathetic trickle growth economy of 1.48% GDP to 3% "

And how will he do that ?

Tax cuts ?

More of the GW Bush agenda ?

We'll see...

He's already doing it by showing economic leadership: The soaring of consumer confidence, the new optimism of the business community, the Dow breaking 20,000, and the Feds raising interest rates twice since the election are all due to the TRUMP EFFECT: the promise or anticipation of radically changing the direction of our flat to failing, middle class destroying, highly regulated, declining economy.

How? By dismantling Obama's, stupid, oppressive, growth inhibiting regulatory state, implementing corporate and middle class tax reform, rebuilding the infrastructure, stopping the flow of job robbing, wage depressing illegal aliens (and deporting millions), and repatriating $trillions in hidden offshore corporate profits. Trump haters who think that Trump is failing are deluding themselves like they did for 16 months during the campaign. They're out of touch with reality living in an alternate universe of fear, anger, darkness and despair. As Michelle Obama said after the election: HOPE IS DEAD. and so it is for New Deal/Great Society Liberalism.

Yeah, people are excited about the Trump promises.

Except it looks like he can't delivery on more than 1/5 of them.

Continence looks more like 'hope", hope that is now in decline.

I don't see that Obama "regulations" hurt the economy much either. Higher standards for fuel efficiency in cars ? Less pollution ? These are not bad things and they promote investment and technological development and that means more jobs, not fewer.

The odds on a recession are going up and could increase with any sort of trade war. We'll see what happens

Trump is doing more for this country in his first 100 Days than Reagan did in his; and President Reagan, because of booming economic growth that started in the third year, was reelected in a 49 state sweep in 1984. Reaganomics and Maganomics are practically identical. Reagan's inspiration, by the way, for his SUPPLY-SIDE economic miracle was JFK .

When Obama left office his eight years of GDP averaged out to 1.48%

Moreover, Obama's sickly, pathetic trickle growth 1.48% GDP (the only U.S. president not to achieve 3% GDP growth in any one year) was the lowest of the last 11 presidents. And the costs of his failure have been staggering: he lost the House, Senate, Presidency, a Supreme Court pick, 14 governorships and 1000 state legislature seats. Not since Herbert Hoover has a president done more damage to his party. 


Meh. Obama came into office in the midst of the worst Recession in eighty years. Economic growth has been slow, but recoveries usually last sixty months and this one has been over ninety.

Trump promised to fix everything but he doesn't have any real plans. At least none that he's shared.

Maybe Trump will cut taxes and raise spending. Good luck with that. In the end I expect he will widen the wealth gap and leave America weaker economically. Not trying to be a pessimist intentionally, but that just seems to be the direction.

Bureau of Economic Analysis chart showing that the V-shaped recovery from the Great Recession started in December 2008 before Obama took office.

When Obama took office the V-shaped GDP and manufacturing recoveries were well under way (beginning in December 2008); and this was followed in April by the V-shaped jobs recovery (before red one cent of stimulus money was spent). V-shaped recoveries are the beginning of the end for recessions. When the Great Recession ended in June 2009 it was still the Bush economy. If Bush had a third term, or McCain had been president, the recession would have ended when it did without the stimulus (a huge waste of money that stimulated the debt not the economy).

US Census Bureau chart showing that the V-shaped manufacturing recovery from the Great Recession started December 2008, before Obama took office

It takes at least a year for a new economic program to impact the economy. When Obama's stimulus took effect in February 2010 it completely bombed out. The recovery was so bad that Obama lost the House to Republicans in November 2010 (he called it a "shellacking"). Fearing a double dip recession Obama in December 2010 extended ALL of the Bush tax rates for two years. That went against his campaign promise (see) and was an admission that the stimulus was a failure.
Bureau of Labor Statistics chart showing that the V-shaped jobs recovery from the Great Recession started in April 2009 before a single dime of stimulus money was spent. 

BTW, under Obama the Wall Street bankster economy boomed (making the 1 percent rich vastly richer) while the Mainstreet economy languished. During Obama's eight years the crisis of the disappearing middle class worsened-which is why there were two simultaneous populist middle class revolts led by Donald Trump on the Right and Bernie Sanders on the Left. Trump and Sanders represented 76 million mostly white "forgotten" middle class Americans wanting a radical change from and reversal of Obama's miserably failed status quo policies - represented by Hillary, the  establishment Washington candidate, stupidly promising to stay the course and not connecting with the  forgotten folks.



No offense, but that is a lot of empty air.

"the stimulus was a waste of money"

Sure. We should have had more layoffs and more austerity. Punish the Middle Class and the Lower Classes.

Now Trump wants a stimulus package. Many of the Republicans who opposed Obama will oppose Trump as well.

"the extension of the Bush tax cuts for two years was an admission of failure"

Trump wants more tax cuts. I guess that's an admission of failure as well. He can't grow the economy except through larger deficits.

"The recovery was so bad that Obama lost the House in November 2010."

Yet he beat Romney who ran in 2012 on his business acumen. Your argument doesn't hold up. And I am not even auguring that people are "happy" with the recovery so your "proof" of what people think is pointless.

The Trump tax policies are basically the same type of policies that enriched the wealthy under Bush and Obama.\

Trump is basically giving us Bush's third term. Trickle down economics.

Basically, Congress stifled the economic recovery under Obama. Congress wouldn't or couldn't act and instead of fiscal policy the recovery was kept alive with monetary policy directed by the Fed.

Now Trump wants Congress to act. He will call for them to do the things he called for them to not do under Obama (such as raising the debt ceiling). It will be interesting to see the political hypocrisy.

It's kind of sad. Oh well.



Economic facts from the US government showing that Obama inherited an economy in a straight up V-shaped recovery (the beginning of the end of recessions) where his fiscal stimulus played no part is "a lot of hot air"?


A low growth, flat to failing recovery with an annual GDP (adjusted for inflation) of 1.49% (the lowest of the last 13 presidents if we include FDR's war years) is "a lot of hot air?


The fact that Obama was the ONLY president in US history never to achieve a GDP of 3% (adjusted for inflation) in any one year is "a lot of hot air?"


The worsening plight of the shrinking, collapsing ("FORGOTTEN") middle class under Obama (campaigned on by Trump, Sanders, Johnson and Stein) is "a lot of hot air?"


The massive populist anti-status quo revolt against continuing Obama's failed policies by over 80 million voters (Trump 63 million, Sanders 13 million, Johnson and Stein 4 million) is "a lot of hot air"?


Low Fed interest rates now at only 1% showing evidence of an anemic economy after eight years and trillions borrowed, spent and printed is "a lot of hot air"?


The massive political setbacks suffered by the Democrat party because of Obama's failed Keynesian/demand-side, hocus pocus, big gov't interventionist policies is "a lot of hot air"?


And now you laughably and ignorantly bring up the left-wing talking point about made up, phony, non-existent "trickle down economics"? You mean the policies that ended the Wilson Depression of the early 1920s? That prevented a sixth post-war recession in the mid-1960s? That ended the scourge of stagflation (stagnant growth with high inflation) in the 1980s? That saved socialist Sweden from Greece-like socialist collapse in the 1990s? And that prevented a recession after 9/11, but was overwhelmed by the housing/credit collapse (that started with Bill Clintion's reckless sub prime (BAD) loan revolution)?


Then you accuse the GOP Congress of "stifling" Obama's recovery? This is absurd! It was with Republican help in 2009 that the Democrat led Congress passed Obama's $825 billion fiscal stimulus bill, the largest in US and world history. And every last cent of it was spent. However, this type of Keynesian stimulus failed wherever and whenever it's been tried; it's failed for Hoover and FDR, the Brits, French, Germans, Italians, Argentinians and the Japanese for over 25 years. Every government that tried to spend its way out of economic distress has failed. Truth is, Obamanomics was predictably doomed from the start; it was another sad chapter of failure in the long history of Keynesianism - a terribly flawed economic theory that should be killed and buried for good.



                 The only one blowing hot air in this debate is you.



BTW, when JFK massively cut top marginal tax rates from 91% to 70% for the rich did he do it to make himself, his dad and family  wealthier? Or to "LIFT ALL BOATS" as he said and which he virtually did?
You're a bunch of bitter, frustratedsore losing economic illiterates making political and policy predictions about Trump with the same busted crystal ball clouded with hate that failed you consistently throughout the campaign.
              Unable to come to grips with reality you keep making the same mistakes about this man over and over again. At this point you're beyond pathetic; at this point you're worse than insane. Your   rage and ravings are the
Trump is an epoch making President
reversing the economic, military and geopolitical decline of our country to  make us great, strong, respected, feared and prosperous again.
That's the truth.











    1. “So far before his first 100 days Trump’s greatest achievement was stopping Hillary from becoming president.”

      For that alone he deserves glory everlasting.

    2. Exactly! It doesn’t really matter what he does or doesn’t accomplish. He kept the evil devil-witch out of the White House and for that alone deserves a place of honor on Mount Rushmore.

    3. So far before his first 100 days Trump’s greatest achievement was stopping Hillary from becoming president.

      My first thought also. He swept Hillaryous Rotten to the dustbin of history.

      HOORAY Donald J. Trump. Thank you, sir.

      No more Clintons. No more Bushes.

    1. I seem to recall he was going to abolish obamacare in the first 100 days.

      Gotta give the Prez a Mulligan on that one. No need to re-litigate it now. The first attempt was an unqualified disaster.

      Hope he can get it right on the next try

  1. Spot on Apollo. PRESIDENT TRUMP spent a good portion of the first 100 days undoing the damage inflicted upon our nation by OBAMA. And that is a BIG EFFEN DEAL!

  2. Trump has 3 at bats in the SCOTUS World Series and appointing nearly 300 federal judges.

    Don’t actually care if he shoots someone on 5th avenue

    1. SCOTUS and Federal Judges chosen by Trump will devastate the Devil Worshipin, Satanic Inspired, Kommunist agenda for at least a generation.

    2. Trump only replaced Justice Scalia with another (hopefully) conservative Justice.

      His next pick will actually shift the balance of the court.

  3. Thanks Apollo. Never knew about the “V-shaped recovery” that preceded Obama’s presidency. It makes good sense that he fucked up the recovery with his socialist, healthcare and radical climate policies. Glad he’s gone.

  4. 100 days No Obama ~ 100 days No Hillary ~ 100 days Winning!!

    1) Killed the TPP

    2) Killed Obamacare by no longer enforcing the fines

    3) Installed a conservative Supreme Court Justice

    4) Killing ISIS

    5) 3 Trillion Dollars has been added to the Stock Market since the day after President Trump won

    6) Bring back many companies and good paying jobs to America

    7) Begin the process of renegotiating rigged Trade Deals

    8) The process to secure the border has begun. Illegal immigration has been cut in 1/2 at the border.

    I know the list is A LOT longer, but that’s what comes I can think of right off the start.

  5. I agree with Apollo. Trump has accomplished more in his first 100 days than Reagan . Since his inaugural he’s rolled back more gov’t regulations than Reagan did in eight years. How is that a failure?

    1. Ditto on Apollo. Eliminating government waste and reining in tyrannical regulatory agencies is one of the major reasons a lot of us voted for Trump, and now he’s confirming that he has not forgotten that. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  6. Trump is doing well for sure!

    We have an intentionally divided government, but all that said I think Trump will do well as long as his policies and goals align with most citizens.

  7. Can you say, “Mr. Justice Gorsuch”? Ball game.

    Now let’s run up the score.

    To me the biggest surprise is how clownish his enemies look. You know the democrats are in trouble when Schumer counts as the brains of the operation.

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