Did James Comey find the smoking gun (the treasonous collusion link to Russia) that could bring down Donald Trump and his presidency? Or was he hot on the trail of finding it drawing closer and closer until Trump stopped him in his tracks and fired him-as many Trump haters across the net believe? Assuming they are right, then what Comey knows (hard evidence or circumstantial of collusion) would make him the most dangerous man alive for Trump's political survival. It means that Trump's impeachment, disgrace and imprisonment are very much in Comey's hands making him a very powerful man; making him the ultimate weapon for anti-Trump derangement forces for obliterating him.   

The question then is this: if Comey uncovered the secret link criminally connecting Trump to Putin, or was close to finding it, why is he still alive to talk about it? Why didn't "fascist," "authoritarian," "Hitlerian" Trump (the most evil man on earth), who said he could "shoot people with impunity on 5th Avenue in daylight," have Comey killed dead? Why instead did he simply fire him and let him slide when what he knows could force Trump to resign, and make Mike Pence 46th President? It makes no sense!
With all the resources at Trump's command it would be a cinch for him to kill Comey and get away with it. Trump's buddy Putin kills his   enemies all the time, and would in fact help him dispose of Comey, or show him how best to do it KGB style. Trump was Putin's "Siberian Candidate" during the election; now he's Putin's puppet president at his beck and call because of what he knows from hacked copies of Trump's tax returns and other damning things. Trump is Putin's super agent for making Russia great again; and if Comey could oust him from power Putin would put him in the grave - and make it look like the work of the Clintons in revenge for Comey making Trump President. 
But it appears Trump and Putin are letting Comey live because he has zilch to hurt Trump with.  After a nine month probe and millions spent Comey has come up empty-handed without a scrap of evidence; nothing remotely incriminating to hang Trump, his family, associates and friends with-though all of them are guilty as hell being one big pro-Russian cabal....as every Trump hater suspects. In short, Trump and Putin are letting Comey live because their secret is buried so deep no one can find it. Not even them.
All the above,
in case you didn't suspect,
Trump Hating Heads Exploding Without Warning
Do you see how absurd this conspiracy theory is? It's time to move on and bring this nonsense to an end, and let Donald Trump


  1. Trump was right to fire Comey. He didn’t touch:

    Bill Clinton on the tarmac,

    IRS and Lois Lerner,

    Holden and Obama’s Fast and Furious,

    Hillary and Benghazi,

    Susan Rice’s Benghazi lies,

    The Clinton Foundation ad infinitum,

    The Clintons’ Uranium 1 Deal,

    Hillary’s Server,

    Susan Rice’s Unmasking,

    John Podesta’s Russian deals,

    Huma and Cheryl Mills’ self-serving activities at State

    1. Comey didn’t touch:

      It is clear you do not understand the purpose of the FBI. Their purpose is to harass and intimidate average citizens while giving “the elite” a free pass. :-(

    1. HilLIARy should be happy he was fired!

      Just the other day she was complaining how Comey cost her the election.

  2. Wasn’t it true that the bogus investigation into Trump’s Russian links were based on the fake Trump dossier? If so that might be an important point to add.

    In other words it is confirmed that Clinton was guilty of espionage AND the Obama administration committed even more crimes trying to frame Trump while spying on American citizens.

  3. Comey was fired because of severe conflict of interest over the Hillary Clinton private email server scandal. And don’t let anyone tell you differently

  4. I believe that Comey’s removal has to do with his foot dragging on the investigation of Bernie Sanders’ wife.

  5. After a year, there is nothing to tie Trump to Russian collusion.
    Because it didn’t happen.

    I believe Comey kept this bogus Russian collusion alive, thinking
    Trump would not fire him.

  6. I think comey was fired over Russia but not in the way the hard left lunatics are trying to spin it. Hillary was up to her eyeballs in the Russia uranium deal which I think started the spin to cover Hillary. Ted kennedy tried to get the russians to help him get elected against Reagan. The demonicrats are deep into anyone they can use to get their way.

  7. Someone needs to put an end to this Russia bullshite. They haven’t got one iota of evidence that says Trump did anything with the Russians yet they repeat the claim ad-nauseum. What will it take?

    1. “Someone needs to put an end to this Russia bullshite.”


      The BSM (BullShitMedia) and their socialist-democrat masters keep pushing this lie hoping that people will begin to believe it.

      Wanna be honest across the political board? Investigate EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF CONGRESS, EVERY SINGLE FEDERAL DEPARTMENT, and REMOVE AND/OR FIRE EVERY SINGLE ONE who has ever had contact or business dealings with any Russian national, politcian, or Russia based business concern.

      If they can’t or won’t do that, then these hypocritical socialist-democrats and their RINO buddies just need to STFU!

  8. It’s Trump’s prerogative to fire him, for whatever reason he wants.

    Next time win an election if you want to hire the right people for the right reasons.

    What about people being investigated by the IRS based on their politics? What about people being looked at by the NSA based on their politics? What about people being spied on for daring to be part of a Republican campaign?

  9. “Russian” influence is minor, but just enough of a whiff for Hillary/Dems/Media to use it for cover for her loss and “protect” her viability for 2020. If there is no scapegoat then it’s 100% over for her, this is all about Hillary.

  10. OK, here’s a question —— Why did Comey not, when asked, say in a straightforward manner — WE ARE INVESTIGATING POSSIBLE COLLUSION BETWEEN TRUMP ASSOCIATES WITH RUSSIA?

    Here’s a second question, if such an investigation is in existence, how will the firing of Comey stop it?

  11. Cato in the Roman Senate ended every speech calling for the destruction of Carthage …Carthago delenda est . Perhaps the lame stream media, especially CNN, should do the same ending every story with Trump delenda est.

    1. CNN in addition should emulate Orwell’s 1984 broadcasting a daily “10 minute hate Trump” video

  12. The Russia ties the democrats make up is another one of their unicorn hunts that will last for years. Like reporters if you don’t have a story make one up

  13. If the (now former) FBI Director is investigating Russian involvement in the 2016 election, and this was the reason for firing him, then it is especially justified as there was no significant Russian hacking involved in the 2016 election.

    Heck, there’s MUCH more grounds to claim that the US interfered in France’s recent election with Obama’s actions.

    Either way, liberals have been shouting that he most go, now he’s gone, so thus they’re taking their victory and using it to beat Trump over the head (ahh, liberals, the only standard you keep from day to day is double standards…)

    All in all, man, I really wish I’d bought those popcorn futures; every day is a gift.

  14. Apollo. First time here. You had me thinking you were serious. Very funny. Love the ending.


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