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Donald Trump Jr. Helps To Impeach His Own Father By Proving Comey


Don Trump Jr. to Judge Pirro:

"You and I both know my father a long time. When he tells you to do something, guess what? There's no ambiguity in it."

 After 24 months on the American political and world stage everyone knows who Donlad Trump is; they know that he's a brutally blunt, direct, straightforward man who hits back harder when he's hit; and pulls no punches holding nothing back when he fights to achieve his aims. Indeed, he was that way before his election; and defying expectations he'd be different once in office (softening his rhetoric and crude, harsh, aggressive style) he's hardly changed a bit.


Now in searching for a real life or fictional analogy to President Trump one writer has likened him to the comic book super villain Bane wonderfully played by Tom Hardy in the blockbuster film The Dark Knight Rises - who Trump seemed to quote in his inaugural speech (see). Trump is not a schoolyard bully who loves pushing around weaker souls, as Hillary Clinton and others have said; instead, he greatly delights in taking on the strong and powerful (Obama, Clinton campaign machine, Democrat Party, GOPe, liberal media for example) and in defeating and breaking them if he can; and when they're down he pounces on them like Bane broke Batman in the film, then continued to beat him into unconsciousness. Just look at his continued post-election attacks on Hillary and Obama. Rightly or wrongly he just loves to keep on bashing them.

Bane breaks Batman

Indeed, the radically extreme politically incorrect Trump (PC's worst nightmare) loves tormenting his opponents and eating them alive then spitting them out. Recall how this 900 pound gorilla treated his political rivals and enemies heaping a torrent of abuse and insults on them during the campaign: there was Carley Fiorina's looks, John Kasich's dining manners, Jeb's low energy, Rick Perry's IQ; there was "sad, lyin Ted" whose dad "killed JFK;" "crooked, weak Hillary" with her pathetic lack of "stamina, energy and strength;" look how he eviscerated "little" Marco Rubio, called Obama "sick," and recently started in on Comey calling him a "nutjob." Earlier this year The New York Times compiled a list of 332 people, places and things that Trump has insulted on Twitter. For a good laugh you can read them here


 In a word, Donald Trump is Mr. Meanie, and it's hilarious. Only humorless lefties don't appreciate the entertainment value in all this. But I digress from my reason for writing this piece; that being that the Donald Trump of James Comey's leaked memo (and testimony to the Senate) is not the audacious, defiant, counter punching, anti-PC Donald that we've come to know and love. No way that the real President Trump would have said to Comey about his friend Mike Flynn:
'I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.' 
How can anyone but an obsessive, hyperpartisan, anti-Trump freak see in these 28 words the candidate who bludgeoned and bulldozed his way into office, and continues to be so outrageous, defiant and unchained? This is not the Donald Trump that we know or, for that matter, the duplicitous Comey knows and conversed with that day.
It's as Don Jr. (an authority on his dad) indicated to Judge Pirro Saturday night: the Donald Trump of Comey's memo is radically uncharacteristic of him; he's too vague, subtle, nuanced, indirect and ambiguous for the real, gruff, hard-hitting Donald; those 28 words and Trump's habitual style simply don't mesh - they're way too unTrumpian. If Trump was hell-bent on Comey dropping the Flynn investigation he wouldn't have testified: "I FELT that Trump was pressuring me to drop the probe." Comey would have had no doubts or misunderstanding about the president's intent. He wouldn't have "FELT" that Trump was pressuring him (leaving open the possibility he could be wrong); on the contrary, he would have KNOWN with 100% certainty what Trump meant. 

Trump: James Comey, You're Fired!



 Indeed, as Comey's meeting with Trump was private there was nothing stopping him from being the brutally blunt Donald Bane (Batman breaking) Trump he normally is; there was nothing stopping him from applying the utmost excruciating pressure on Comey (short of violence) threatening him unequivocally to do or die, saying:


'This is the deal, Comey: drop the Flynn probe or lose your job starting today! Now what are you going to do?'


That's Trump's way; he doesn't mince words. Don Jr. is perfectly correct: the subtle, nuanced Donald Trump of Comey's February 14th memo isn't his father. It's crystal clear those 28 words are wordsmith Comey's skillful invention. In other words, it's more James Comey than Donald Trump and should be dismissed as a lie designed to appear like justice obstruction in retaliation for being fired - and wanting a lengthy, troublesome special council investigation to follow him. That was very clever of Comey. But it's not going to stop the roll out of Trump's ambitious agenda to






without James Comey













  1. Great post. I never believed for a moment that those were Trump’s words. What a snake phony Comey is.

      1. Phony baloney Comey is a 6’8” crybaby. He should be wearing a Pu$$y hat. His mommy failed him ,and it shows.

  2. Trump can just whip up his own memos… then it’ll be his memos vs. Comey’s memos… same thing as a “he said she said” situation

  3. Comey is back in the Left’s good graces after calling Trump a liar. Someone wrote that Schiff had performed a quadruple flip-flop, in order to be pro-Comey again.

  4. Comey in his testimony said that he showed his memo to his friend and asked his friend to leak it to the NYT. He said he did this in order to get a special prosecutor appointed. He also said that he did this after he read about Trump’s tweet that mentioned there could be tapes of their conversation.

    1.) If Comey was telling the truth in his memo, then why was he afraid of the supposed tapes? If he was being truthful, then the tapes would bolster his case.

    My conclusion, Comey is afraid that there really are tapes, and he wants his story out there in advance, just as he wanted there to be an air of suspicion that Trump was lying about the 3 times because he wouldn’t say it publicly.

    2.) If Comey were telling the truth about wanting there to be a special prosecutor appointed, then why didn’t he do it himself, before he was fired? He could have. He didn’t really want one to be appointed, he for the reasons outlined in this piece.was a self-serving showboat and wanted to continue as long as possible all the attention he was getting.

    1. The memos have fairly widely separated dates.

      memo of the piss dossier meeting, the meeting where COMEY insisted everybody else leave: Jan 6

      memo of the dinner, the loyalty memo : Jan 27 (this was referred to in May 11 NYT article)

      memo when Trump asked to be alone with Comey, “drop Flynn investigation”: Feb 14

      memo of phone call, Trump asking Comey to go public with his secret “no Trump cloud” conclusion: Mar 30

      memo of phone call, Trump following up on Comey going public with his secret “no Trump cloud” conclusion: Apr 11

      Comey says he leaked his Feb 14 (drop Flynn investigation) memo to Richman on Monday May 15.

      Evidence shows Comey leaked his Jan 27 memo on or before May 11.

      I think appointment of SC was pre-agreed between Trump, Sessions, and Rosentein – totally unrelated to any leak, only by coincidence of timing. The bogus Comey investigations won’t go away on their own, and Rosenstein, the guy who fired Comey (more or less) won’t be trusted to deal with them.

  5. “Make America A Nation Of Law And Order Again.”

    Comey could have been a part of it but blew it for himself.

  6. One thing that has never once been a part of Comey’s display of character: truth telling.

    Comey has not shown even the slightest inclination of sincerity or that he desires to uphold the truth.

  7. Your theory Apollo is I believe a good one. I’d also suggest that Comey’s reason for writing the memos about those conversations was not what he said it was. I suspect he was engaged in his own surreptitious investigation of Trump, and changed his story about why he wrote those memos after it turned out that he had nothing to show for what he was doing.

  8. Pro-Trump attorney Jay Sekulow in a TV interview this weekend did not rule out the possibility that Trump could fire Mueller.

    I suspect that eventually this will happen.

  9. Apollo, you overstated the case that the pres is a big bad meanie. But did a better job than Don Jr in explaining why those 28 words were not his dad’s.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I don’t understand why anyone thinks that Don Jr. corroborated Comey’s version of the meeting. It’s the exact opposite.

  10. Mueller needs to be released from his SPECIAL position NOWWWW! Period. We are done with the Dems over the top accusations against our President.

    Mueller must recuse in the next 24 hours or he needs to be fired.

    1. Ari Fleischer made an interesting tweet


      Trump is not vindicated until Mueller says he is vindicated. Stop talking.

      The people that Mueller has hired – including Dreeben – show he is out to get Trump Admin. Comey probably directing behind the scenes.

      They are hoping for perjury traps.

      1. Mueller has a lot of Clinton cronies as friends, including Comey. These old geezers will all be fattening their bank accounts on the taxpayer dime as they investigate Democrat talking points for the next three years. What a racket!

        Pull the plug on this now, GOP congressmen and senators, or don’t expect to retain your majorities in next year’s elections.

      2. When Mueller says so who is grinding his axes? Ari Fleischer can go take a flying f ish. How about he go back to CNN and be Jeb’s foot massager.

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