Back in my college days at Queens College in Flushing, Queens (I'm a Queens boy like the President) I majored in Classical Philosophy (I'm a Platonist) and was a veracious reader of the Greek and Roman classics in translation where I learned a great deal from writers like Plutarch, Suetonius, Appian and others about Julius Caesar: the great Roman dictator who destroyed the terribly corrupt and declining Roman Republic - and is getting much attention these days because of the tragic Shakespeare play in New York using a Donald Trump look-alike playing the assassinated leader (see postscript).
Now this awful business by deranged, violent, leftist Trump haters of turning the murdered Caesar in the play into President Trump (as if he had a tyrannical authoritarian personality wanting unlimited power and was plotting to destroy our constitutional republic to get it) is just plain nuts. True the two men are charismatic leaders who by sheer will power, audacity and cunning triumphed over all their enemies to achieve great power. But that's where their likeness ends. For Caesar politically was anti-Repubican and believed in unchecked, unlimited autocratic rule; while Trump is the opposite wanting to defend, protect and strengthen our republican form of government and constitutional norms; and to that end he nominated constitutional originalist Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court; and will possibly nominate two more like him if Justice Kennedy retires and Ruth Bader Ginsberg dies. Would Ceasar have done that?
However, just as the killing of Caesar by Brutus and the conspirators didn't kill or stop Caesarism*, making the restoration of the Republic impossible, nor would the killing of Trump stop Trumpism** which, unlike Caesarism, is trying to save our Republic from the radical statist left and its impoverishing, socialist, anti-free market, freedom killing agenda.
*Wikipedia defines Caesarism as "a form of political rule that emulates the rule of Roman dictator Julius Caesar over the Roman Republic, in that it is led by a charismatic strongman whose rule is based upon a cult of personality."
**Trumpism, in essence is radical America first economic nationalism for the restoration of middle class prosperity and family and work ethic values; and a "Peace Through Strength" foreign policy to restore America as the most powerful nation on earth after the military and geopolitical decline of the Obama years. For a fuller treatment of Trumpism see Trumpism: What Is It? Tradition, Populism, American Greatness, for Starters | National Review
Indeed, after Rome plunged into a series of bloody civil wars in wake of Caesar's death the ultimate victor Octavian (Caesar's nephew and heir) transformed himself into another all-powerful Caesar becoming the absolute master and ruler of the Roman world, and started a dynasty of Caesars that lasted centuries until Rome crashed and burned.
 Similarly, if President Trump's political enemies get their sick, evil, demented wish and he was, God forbid, murdered it wouldn't stop Trumpism anymore than Caesar's death stopped Caesarism. Indeed, Trump's MAGA Agenda for draining the Washington swamp, reviving the economy and reversing America's decline making it greater than ever would live on in his successor President Pence (who is to the right of his boss) - with perhaps another Trumpian President to follow who'll continue the necessary work of national renewal.
In other words, following the analogy with Julius Caesar and post- mortem Caesarism Trumpism and Republican rule of Congress would surely survive and live on for sometime to come (a generation, not ages) if President Trump met Caesar's fate. The genie of radical pro-American domestic and foreign policy change is out of the bottle; and because of an angry, American, disappearing middle class that's hell-bent on prospering again (and will do so under Trumpism) there's no putting it back, regardless if Trump lives or dies.
In sum, If Donald Trump is the new American Caesar, and Caesarism powerfully survived Julius Caesar's death, then killing Trump would be useless for stopping Trumpism as a powerful force shaping American politics, and would live on long after he was gone.
Donald Trump and Scandal's Trump-like Hollis Doyle
This is amusing. One of the speakers at the Democratic National Convention last year was actor Tony Goldwyn. Goldwyn plays President Fitz Grant III in ABC's hit TV series Scandal. President Grant is a Republican version of Bill Clinton: he is liberal in his politics and cheats on his wife Mellie, with Olivia Pope (and other women) the show's central character who heads a DC law firm that fixes scandals for Washington politicians.
During Grant's second term wife Mellie (like Hillary when husband  Bill was President) runs for and wins a seat in the US Senate. Mellie then wanting to succeed her husband as President runs in the Republican primaries. One of her opponents is Hollis Doyle a coarse, flamboyant, insulting, sexist, anti-immigrant Texas oil billionaire  who was intentionally made to resemble Donald Trump. But what many don't know is that actor Gregg Henry who played the Trump like Doyle in Scandal is the actor playing the murdered Julius Caesar in the New York play.  Ain't that a kick in the head.
Shakespeare in the Park’s Gregg Henry on Playing a Very Trumpian Julius Caesar


  1. CNN and New York Times should lose all White House credentials and access immediately. They openly and repeatedly are pushing for assassination.

    Keeping this organization out is basic. It’s Secret Service 101.

    1. Maybe militias should start doing dress rehearsals of armed assaults on mass media centers, such as CNN or CBS, etc.

      No harm done, right? It’s just pretend, or a political statement like Shakespeare in the park.

    2. It is past time for conservatives to actively boycott CNN. I know Hannity is anti-boycott (in general). I do not quite understand his reasoning for this position.

      The Boston tea party was originally a boycott of British tea and that worked out rather well in the end.

      If the northern cotton mills (and British) prior to the Civil War had boycotted slave picked cotton and only processed freely picked cotton, the slave owners would have eventually had to free their people because they would have nowhere to send their cotton.

  2. What America needs is a play where Traitorobama and his entire administration including Hillary are tried, convicted and hanged, and their bloated carcasses are left to rot off the noose. It could be a comedy; Americans need the laughter.

    1. Love it! There should not be any objections to such a play, given the play about Trump’s assassination is enjoyed by Demonicrats and the media. “Traitorobama’s” hanging could be treated like in the Dirty Harry movie. All the Harry Callahan fans cheered and laughed at the end when Scorpio hit the water and sank with a big hole in his chest.

    2. Great idea – best one in ages…And tapping into another’s post – put the militias (do we have any?) in charge of promoting it. Sit back and watch the fur fly. I would pay to watch!

  3. Maybe…. we just need to be NICER to the libs… then they’ll LIKE us!

    Maybe… if we turn a blind eye to their criminal conduct and treasonous dealings, all the while playing along with THEIR “investigating” our side for ficticious ‘crimes’, they will LIKE us….

    The republicans are treating the democrats the SAME way the democrats treat our enemies abroad.

    Bottom line is: they do this crap because they are ALLOWED to get away with it. EVERY time.

  4. We should take away the fact that the libs are saying Donald Trump is our Ceaser.
    And now we can resume boycotting Hollywood and watch their summer movies crap out.

  5. I have read every play Shakespeare wrote and seen many of them live. Julius Caesar is one of my favorites. I’m disgusted at the way the Ctrl-Left twists this great work to reverse its meaning, although it’s remarkably similar to the way they twist the Constitution to mean the opposite of what the words say.

    1. Being that you’re so familiar with Julius Caesar then you know that Shakespeare does not portray him as an out right villain.

    1. Eventually the push back may be a full-fledged riot. Imagine if we Jews pushed back against Hitler’s Brown Shirts. Quite frankly the Democrats are more and more exactly like the Nazi’s. Or like the Stalinist of Communist Russia or like the Facist of Italy. Take your pick: Satan is the Democratic Political Party.

      1. YES! Notice how the left does not want Hitler and the Nazi’s mentioned these days in reference to their activities. Could it be that the parallels between what they are doing to our society today compared to what was happening in Germany in the late 30s are too “in your face” to miss? Those parallels are most definitely there and any serious look at those times will clearly prove it.

  6. What is Trumpism?

    It’s an ideology that champions male chauvinism, racial discrimination, and pulpit bullying —causing the erosion of democracy in a country by emphasizing a strong man in power as the only solution towards achieving power and economic progress and thereby not recognizing the agency of “we-the-people”.

  7. Shakespeare in the Park rendition of Julius Caesar:

    It’s a theatrical lynch mob!
    It’s a theatrical lynch mob!

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