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Yesterday, June 29, 2017, at the Department of Energy Donald Trump on the 160th and perhaps best day of the second 100 days* of his presidency (see), gave a speech on energy independence where, I believe, he prophetically stated, and I quote, that he'd be "President for 8 years." And indeed it looks like he will be. For yesterday was a super-auspicious day for a President destined for greatness and reelection. Look what happened:
*Trump's best day arguably so far was on April 7th, the 77th day of his presidency. when he ordered the bombing of Syria, and the Senate confirmed Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court.
Kate's Law passed in Congress along with a bill for the defunding of sanctuary cities; the controversial so-called "Moslem Travel Ban" went into effect after being upheld by the Supreme Court against the unconstitutional rulings of left-wing hate Trump lower courts; the Secretary General of NATO (who credited the Trump Effect for increased NATO spending) announced that the alliance would be sending 2000 troops to Afghanistan to fight the radical Islamic Taliban; and US backed Iraqi forces took the Great Mosque at Mosul where three years ago murdering ISIS leader al-Baghdadi declared the ISIS caliphate. It takes your breath away.
Moreover, yesterday President Trump reconfirmed his  commitment and pledge to the American people and declining, disappearing middle class to restore American greatness and create American jobs by turning our country into a fossil fuel HYPERPOWER - another blow to crazy, crackpot global warming nuts after he shredded the worthless, US economy hurting Paris Climate Accord signed by his worthless warmunist predecessor.
With the US economy poised to take off from the slashing of taxes, spending and regulations Trump's recommittment to energy independence means, as White House officials tell us: benefiting every local US economy that produces "dirty" energy; boosting tax revenues that will help pay for infrastructure rebuilding and the security border wall; and it increases US leverage in diplomatic matters in dealing with such enemies as neo-imperialist Russia and radical "Death to America" Iran (both large oil-producing nations). Every president since Jimmy Carter promised energy independence, and now it looks like it will finally become a reality.
Indeed, yesterday was a stellar day for President Trump mixed with a little amusing side-show where he dumped all over ugly, boring, low ratings Mika and Morning "Trump sucks" Joe Scarborough. Did the President demean himself and the dignity of his office by crapping all over these two fools? HELL NO! They had it coming, as their fake news show is a daily, dreary, destroy Trump hate fest that makes you want to puke. But if Trump's crude counterpunching against his brain broken enemies upsets you then keep in mind that the economy is the destiny of presidents; and ultimately what counts for his success and the country's are his economic policies; and as long as he's making the right decisions in removing the right regulations and signing the right bill's into law,
his tweeting will mean nothing on election day 2020 when  a prospering middle class will reward him with a second term to continue the good work he began.
On June 16, 2015, 16 months before Donald Trump won 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue he announced his candidacy for the presidency; this "coincidently" happened 16 days after the publication of Ann Coulter's book "Adios Amigos" on illegal aliens; and 16 days before Kate Steinle's death by a criminal Mexican illegal (see). And then on the 160th day of his presidency (and 745 days after starting his campaign see) the House finally passed Kate's Law. Astonishingly, the vote on Kate was 257 to 157. Why is this astonishing? Because 257 = 16 x 16 +1, just one number exceeding 16 squared, strangely and almost consistently Trump's auspicious number (in its factors and multiples) during the 2016 campaign. And here it is popping up again on the day Trump predicted he'd win a second term.
Moreover, just as 16 months separated the start of Trump's campaign from his historic 2016 election, so is the 2018 mid terms 16 months away (see) - perhaps a sign that yesterday's events prefigured that 2018 will be a triumphant extension of Election Day with Republicans adding seats across the country to many legislative bodies including the House and Senate.  
And on a minor note, a full two terms for a US President covers exactly 2923 days (see); 2923 is a variant of the number 16, hence: 2+9+2+3 = 16
It just came to my attention that on June 29th when the 45th President predicted he'd serve two complete terms it was exactly 7 years and 6 months to January 20, 2025, the day of his predicted retirement (see).
Could this be another auspicious sign that President 45 made an accurate prediction about the destiny of his time in office?  It could very well be. For 7 years and 6 months totals 90 months, 90 is a multiple of 45 2x - possibly indicating two terms for Donald Trump. It is fascinating to note that the number 2025, the year that the 45th President predicted his retirement, is the square of 45: 45x45 = 2025.


    1. Every senator should be forced to publicly watch the stories told by the victim’s families as told by them at their meeting with the President yesterday, and then get up and tell the American people why they are against it.

      1. A tribute to BILL O’REILLY is due.

        He’s the Man on this who brought it about.

        FOX will get right on this fact, I’m sure.

        1. A tribute to BILL O’REILLY is due.

          I miss O’Reilly for that – he would find something ‘hurting the folks’ and he’d chomp down on it like a pit bull and NOT let go. Hats off to you Bill O’Reilly – where ever you are…

          1. RE:A tribute to BILL O’REILLY is due.

            He’s the Man on this who brought it about.

            FOX will get right on this fact, I’m sure.
            Excellent point.
            I remember several shows where he started and then persevered on this and got Jesse Watters inspired to promote it, too.
            God bless him for this.

      2. Kate’s law will pass and be signed by Trump. 100% guaranteed!!! Don’t doubt this!!!

        I certainly hope you are right BUT the “Sanctuary City” Crap needs to be stopped with real TEETH!

  1. Well, well…..the disgusting duo of low life, Morning Joe, MSNBC, & Mika…the gutter twins…got their just due!! Great Job, POTUS, Trump. MAGA…..the overwhelming number of Americans love & support you DJT!!!

    1. Trump smacked them down but good, and that’s why we love him. GO President Trump, and thanks for so much winning yesterday.

  2. I think President Trump is great !!!
    I love his tweets , as he instantly reacts to fake news. No president has done that before, we always waited for some at one to speak for him at a news conference.
    He is following through with all of his promises that the congress allows.
    As far as I am concerned, he is tuned to the American people, and not just politics.
    I am really proud of him, and the way his heart is tuned to America!!

    1. If someone has clout with Hannity, please get him to release the Scarborough video he showed last night. It was AWESOME and illustrates just how low the Joe can go! We need that video to pass around in emails and post wherever we can!

    2. Mika’s Papa was an empty, brainless, suit from A-Z!!! You gotta admit…the NBC leadership can pick the worst losers possible, Megyn, Mika, Joe, Chuck, Andrea, and, that useless fraud, Brian Williams, etc. LMAO!!!

    3. I’ve never watched these two scumbags and I never will. I back DJT 100 percent for kicking them in the teeth, they deserve it. Let little Wolfie and Jimmy Poosai at CNN get all wee weed up, their fake outrage is hilarious.

      1. Two words for their show; they suck! I can’t handle more than 2 minutes of them on Sirius. I only do it because turning the channel feels so good!

      2. I actually believe that DJT is an “equal opportunity, attacker”, attacking both “Dirty/Gutter” men & women, together!!! Joe is nothing but a sleazy street pimp & his lady friend, Mika is also a street slut of the worst kind!!!

        The truth may not always be pretty….but….the truth is always the truth. Go, DJT….MAGA!!!

  3. Wasn’t this the same Joe Scarborough who said that Trump’s loss will make Goldwater’s ‘64 loss look good?

  4. I’m loving this. Idiots in the Congress (guess which ones) are already talking impeachment if President Trump doesn’t resign. Stupid Joe and his equally stupid sidekick Mika can call DJT crazy, dangerous, scary, schmuck, just to name a few and the Donald gets back at them and it’s gnashing of teeth all over the media. Screw all of them!! We love you President Trump.

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