For me one of the great pleasures of the Trump presidency is watching the deceptively weak, vulnerable, fragile looking Kellyanne Conway embarrassingly castrate strong, vigorous male fake news "journalists" like CNN's Chris Cuomo who she took apart in the now famous acrimonius July 10th marathon debate. What an asset Kellyanne is as the President's counselor; and what a bang up job she did as his campaign manager helping him to over come "gropergate" and charges of sexism to unexpectedly win 53% of white women voters which proved crucial to his odds defying victory.  


Ironically, the first woman to successfully run an American presidential campaign was a huge factor in defeating Hillary Clinton: the first woman presidential nominee of a major party. Even more ironic and fascinating is that Donald Trump named Kellyanne as his new campaign manager to plan out Hillary's defeat on, of all days, August 19, 2016 (see): Bill Clinton's 70th birthday (see) - an auspicious sign of victory over the Clinton machine if there ever was one.   


But the ironies continue. On Inauguration Day when Donald Trump was sworn in as President Kellyanne was not only celebrating the greatest achievement of her highly successful career but also the 50th anniversary of her life on earth. And when Donald Trump (riding the wave of a coming economic boom) is reelected Kelleyanne will be celebrating her 54th birthday watching her boss sworn in as POTUS again. Kellyanne is President Trump's good luck charm, and is one of many signs he'll be a successful two term President.


We're in the second 100 days of eight MAGA Trump years. And if you're so mentally and emotionally broken from just 170 days of Trump what will you be like after 2922 days when Mike Pence is sworn in as 46th President on the day Kellyanne celebrates her 58th birthday?  

Hey, maybe it will be






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  1. I saw Conway-Cuomo match… It had to be the most unprofessional interview I think I’ve ever seen. Unprofessional on the part of Cuomo, of course.

    Kellyann handled it with toughness and grace. Apollo’s right: she really is a godsend.

    1. “Kellyann handled it with toughness and grace. She really is a godsend.”

      Why even agree to be interviewed by this Fake News Outlet? Going on there legitimizes them.

      Ignore them! Let them die on the vine.

  2. Ms Conway taking one for the team to continually expose the hyperventilating hysterical hypocrisy of media buffoons.

    1. She’s a rock star, and knows how to belittle tiny little men with facts. They bluster and spit while she gives them the unvarnished truth.

  3. For God’s sake could the Trump people please stop appearing on FNN. Coming on these shows only encourages these a-holes.

    1. I agree. Trump people should just boycott CNN. This is no law saying Trump Admin folks have to give CNN the time of day. Honestly, do they think they will convert any CNN viewers? #Sad

  4. Over and over, Cuomo’s face shows a scary level of malice. He doesn’t converse. He’s looking for opportunities to kill.

    He was born and raised in a house utterly controlled by Satan, steeped in evil.

    His father was a Man of Lies. Mario the Pious. Fanatical baby-killer. Attempted to shut down every crisis pregnancy center in New York.

    Of course, Mario had dozens of priests at his funeral, and Cardinal Dolan at the viewing.

  5. After I read she parties with RATscum I dont trust her. She attended a Washington Post party with all the sewer creatures

  6. Great post friend. Love it when you hit these so called news organizations !! Most especially when you praise the good guys at the same time!!

    1. Are the Trump people just goading the morons at CNN to make even BIGGER fools of themselves? If that’s the goal I’d bet they’re about to tamp down the dirt on CNN’s grave……NEXT

  7. I give the woman credit for going into the lions den and battling well——-not saying she wins but holds her own very well.

  8. Don’t believe in “good luck charms.” But I’ll make an exception for Kellyanne being Trump’s lucky charm

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