The only thing we have is fear to force you into giving up your liberties. 

 Replace FDR with Barack "ban the bomb" Obama and therewould not have been a Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb which ended World War II; and following the the war the world would have plunged into a third devastating global war between the US led Free World and the Soviet led Communist World-which the Reds may have won ending in an oppressive, brutal, one world totalitarian Communist state run out of Moscow. Or following the Communist victory over the West there would likely have been a Sino-Soviet War between China and Russia for control of the Communist world order with millions more dying. Despite his failed New Deal and terrible domestic policies thank God we had an FDR and not a Barack Obama for our 32nd president (see).

The buck stops with thee not with me.

Replace Harry Truman with Barack Obama and Hiroshima and Nagasaki would not have been nuked; and America would have been forced to invade Japan adding one million bodies to the 60 million dead-including the slaughter of 300,000 POWs held in prison camps around the Japanese Empire*.

*The Japanese threatened to kill all POWS if their country was invaded. By itself that would have exceeded the death toll of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

Moreover, if Obama (who blames America and the West for the Cold War) was our 33rd president it's unlikely there'd be a Truman Doctrine to contain Communist aggression and expansionism; and a free, prosperous, democratic South Korea would not exist today because Obama would never have sent US troops to the Korean Peninsula to protect it from the Communist North.

Ask what your government can do for you...not what you can do for yourself and your country.

Replace John Kennedy with Barack Obama and the horrors of Communist rule would have swept over Indochina and South East Asia with Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia and Indonesia falling like dominoes and going Red*-with millions more dying from starvation, disease and war than were killed in the aftermath of the Vietnam War when US forces left the region**. 

 *The Vietnam War began in 1961 with Kennedy's policy to contain North Vietnamese aggression.

 **North Vietnam lost one million soldiers in its war with the US. A greatly weakened.North Vietnamese army saved Indochina from Ho Chi Minh's regional ambitions.

Moreover, if Obama was our 35th president  US cities might still be under the threat of nuclear attack from Castro's Cuba as it is unlikely that Obama would have chanced having a war with the Soviets by confronting them over their installation of missiles. Those who said that Obama would be the "new (manly) JFK" were sorely mistaken.


It's mourning in America.

 Replace Ronald Reagan with the radically left anti-anti-Communist Barack Obama  and he would not have found the courage and good sense to do the Gipper's history-changing walk out on Gorbachev at Reykjavik*. Instead, this pathological appeaser would have made concession after concession after for peace making Gorbachev triumphant and guaranteeing the continued existence of the Soviet State. Indeed, it is not inconceivable that had Obama been our 40th president the Evil Empire might still be standing more menacing and threatening than ever. Better we have Putin's authoritarian nationalist state for an adversary than totalitarian Communist Russia striving for world domination.

*According to Gorbachev Reagan's "rude" act at Reykjavik opened his eyes and made him realize that "a new world was possible." And that spelled the end of a world with the Soviet Union in it.


I'm the one who'll create a kinder, gentler America. But thanks for the idea.

 Replace George H. W. Bush with Barack Obama and there would not have been a Gulf War; and Saddam Hussein would have likely achieved his diabolical dream of becoming the Joseph Stalin** of the Middle East annexing Kuwait, developing nuclear weapons*, and most probably invading and annexing Saudi Arabia...threatening its oil fields with nuclear destruction if anyone dared to stop him.

 *After the Gulf War US weapons inspector David Kay uncovered a clandestine nuclear weapons program in Iraq.

** Stalin was Saddam's socialist model for governing Iraq.


Republicans, Fox, Tea Party = the real Axis of Evil.

Replace George W. Bush with the dithering, indecisive Barack Obama and it would have taken several 9/11 mass murder attacks before he ordered the invasion of Afghanistan to topple the Taliban and destroy al Qaida's terror bases. Moreover, in Iraq  Saddam Hussein and his Baath Party would still be in power slaughtering tens and thousands of Iraqi citizens like Assad and his Baathists are doing in Syria-the Arab Spring rebellion in Syria  would have definitely spilled over into Iraq with Saddam using chemical weapons to put it down like he did in the past.

Futhermore , if Obama had been our 43rd president Putin would likely have achieved his overarching goal in Georgia of replacing its pro-Western government with leaders favoring Moscow.


We have overcome our inordinate fear of all our enemies.

 As Obama's reckless policies of apology, appeasement, reset and retreat turn into the worst foreign policy catastrophe since the inept Jimmy Carter abandoned the shah and kissed Leonid Breshnev we can only guess at what fresh disasters he's unleashing upon the world beyond the horrors of Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Ukraine. With three more years left in his epically failed presidency all catastrophes are possible with this God awful fool of a leader.


The Daily Beast



that if Ike became President in January 2009 he would have had Vice President Nixon (after the invasion of Georgia) announce from Munich (of all places) that resetting relations with Russia (through appeasement) would be a top administration priority? If he does then he has serious reality problems.

Be that as it may, we have gone from calling Obama Messiah to comparing him to Eisenhower due to the Crimean Crisis with Russia. At least we're headed in the right direction in comparing him to one of his predecessors. But comparisons mustn't stop until we reach

 Or could it be that Obama is so uniquely incompetent, feckless and bad that he can only be compared to himself?

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  1. Superb writing Apollo. Obama is a massive, stupendous, colossal failure. I don’t think the country can take three more years of him.

    1. You are wrong.In the present world order,Bush or the others would have brought America to an economic disaster,all things being the same.You cant be policing the world while China is making giant economic strides.America n policy for now sholuld be economic and commercial and internal unity.Thats what Obama stands for.Wars fotr now would reck,destroy our beloved America.

  2. Thought provoking article . I wonder, would FDR , Truman or JFK have blocked Keystone XL? Not in a million years.

      1. Remind me again how many infrastructure projects FDR blocked for environmental reasons?

        (Hint – it’s fewer than one….

  3. Times have changed.Its very unwise for America to be fighting wars at all fronts in the new world or it would be like a lion sorrounding by a hundred dogs of a hunter.American strenght in the new world lies in a very strong economy, creativity and internal peace. Obama is right president for this time.Moreover,his tenure would end shortly.Your article is very revealing about the useful things America has done for the world, but your conclusions on Obama lacks some elements of intellectual maturity.

    1. You speak of “maturity?” Where’s the maturity in Obama’s failed fiscal, economic, healthcare and foreign policies? Obama is as close to us having a teenager for a president as we’ve come.

    2. Which part of my post displayed “elements” of immature thinking? The part about the Manhattan Project? The part about not nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki? The part about the Containment Doctrine, and Obama doing nothing to stop North Korean aggression against the South? The part about Obama kissing Gorbachev’s butt at Reykjavik like he’s kissed Putin’s, and keeping the Soviet Union alive? The part about refusing to use military force to oust Saddam from Kuwait, with Iraq becoming a nuclear power threatening the Middle East and the world? Which part, sammy?

      BTW, how can you strengthen an economy using a fiscal and monetary model that’s failed for every nation and head of state that’s tried it? What’s mature about repeating the errors of the past hoping you’ll get a different result? Not only is that immature, it’s insane-according to Einstein’s definition.

      1. War cannot help America.There is always a beggining,middle an an end in every enterprise.The days of America being the plolice of the world is over.Enstian is not God.The economic recovery of Amrica cannot happen in a day.Its on course?China is an economic threat and h shes not policing the world.

  4. In at least one respect, Obama has a great deal in common with FDR: the degree to which his Presidency enrages the right wing.

  5. Stellar post Apollo. And you’re spot on about the absolute disaster Obama would have been if he was our 43rd president. George W Bush was a man with a compass. He had principles and did exactly what he said he was going to do. Obama has handlers instead of a compass. His handlers are focused on retaining power. They don’t care about anything but themselves. They take overnight polls to find out what would be the most popular course of action the next day. Then they tell Obama to do that. How pathetic.

    1. George W. Bush was, and doubtless still is, an idiot who took the US down a very bad road, leaving Obama to clean up the mess. Even his dad thought so.

      1. Silly boy. So you’d prefer that the Taliban was still ruling Afghanistan, Al Qaeda’s terrorist training camps still going strong there, Saddam still in power in Iraq, etc. I wonder if there would be any tall office towers left in America? Silly boy.

      2. You cannot demolish the twin Y Twers in New York and strike the Pentagon,without expecting a reaction.I totally support Bush on Iraq.Many right thinking and brave Americans suppoted him.

  6. George Bush was and still is a war criminal. You know it, I know it and the whole world knows it to boot, fool.

      1. Using a lie about Saddam having WMDs as a pretext to illegally invade and occupy Iraq leading to the death of 100,000 innocent Iraqis. Criminally waterbording and torturing Muslim prisoners. Abu Garhib torture and prisoner abuse, etc. Bush is as much a thug and war criminal as Assad.

        1. Was Bill Clinton also a “lying war criminal” for massively bombing Iraq in 1998 because of Saddam’s failure to comply with several UN Resolutions to disarm himself of WMDs? Moreover, are you aware that on May 22, 2003 the UN Security Council in a 14-0 vote declared the US/UK led invasion and occupation of Iraq in accord with international law? And if Bush’s very limited use of waterboarding and other EITs on al Qaida operatives to extract life saving information and prevent terrorist attacks was criminal why hasn’t he been prosecuted by the Justice Department or indicted by the International Criminal Court?

          1. Obama should have been demanding prosecutions of everyone involved in the crimes and atrocities of the Iraq War: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, etc.

            Instead Obama and Holder gave the whole rotten Bush Administration get out of jail free cards.

            Obama and Holder have done more to undermine Americans faith in the rule of law than even George W. Bush has done. Sorry I voted for him.

  7. Apollo asks:

    “Could it be that Obama is so uniquely and God-awfully bad that he can only be compared to himself?”

    There are worse than Obama. But not among US presidents.

  8. Ike showed no tolerance for dishonest or illegal conduct in his administration. Those who were dishonest, were summarily discharged.

  9. Sure, Obama’s just like Ike (minus the leadership ability, work ethic, integrity, intelligence, and love for country).

  10. Ike had ALREADY saved the world prior to being elected:
    Obama was elected on the false premise that he WOULD save the world.

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