I am a proud, white, conservative, country first, pro-American patriotic nationalist. Like Donald Trump my black conservative friends are proud, black, country first, pro-American patriotic nationalists. Like Donald Trump my conservative Hispanic friends are proud, Hispanic, country first, pro-American patriotic nationalists. Like Donald Trump my yellow-skinned conservative friends are proud, Asian, country first, pro-American patriotic nationalists. Like Donald Trump my conservative wife and lady friends are proud, female, country first, pro-American patriotic nationalists. Like Donald Trump my 19 year old conservative son is a proud, teenage, country first, pro-American, patriotic nationalist. And like Donald Trump my dog (Washington) is a proud, canine, pro-American nationalist. How do I know? Washington barks happily and wags his tail every time he hears the Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America, Yankee Doodle or most any patriotic song.



As for hate driven, Neo-Nazi, white supremacist racist scum (a tiny, powerless minority that had nothing to do with Trump's election*) they put race above country (give skin color absolute value) and aren't true, proud, country first, patriotic American nationalists.

And while the racism of Neo-Nazi and white supremacists is evil, unAmerican and unpatriotic also evil, bigoted, divisive and unAmerican  are those on the radical race obsessed Left that deny whites any semblance of racial identity. It is racist bigotry, and therefore evil, to tell whites that they can't have a racial identity and pride in their race and its achievements - as if being white is morally corrupt, genetically flawed, oppressive and genocidal. This is insanity that leads to racial resentment, division, violence and hate. It leads to Charlottesville.

Racial pride is fine for the members of all races but becomes evil when taken to the extreme of supremacism: White, Black, Red, Hispanic, Asian, etc. Racial pride is morally good in all races so long as the goodness, beauty and potential for great achievements isn't monopolized and denied to other races. Be a proud White, Black, Red, Hispanic or Asian man or woman. But remember there is only one race: the HUMAN RACE; and that the great achievements of any one race is for the good, progress and evolution of all races and ethnic groups that make up the totality of mankind.






I thought it was the Russians that somehow mysteriously elected Donald Trump President? Now we're told by the divisive, race obsessed, identitarian, PC, Trump hating Left that it was "ethno white nationalists" or "white supremacists" that elected him as if all or most Americans who voted for him (the vast majority were middle class working whites) did so mainly because of race. We are told that after eight years of a popular black president the millions who made Trump his successor did so because they wanted a bigot like themselves in office who'd wipe out his accomplishments as if he'd never been president. And we're told that the reason for Trump not initially explicitly condemning white racism for Charlotteville was to avoid offending and alienating his "loyal racist base." But this is pure, utter, easily refutable rubbish.

Fact is, as Roger Simon points out at PJ Media (see), white supremacists make up a microscopic speck of the U.S. population (a fringe group) and have zero political clout. Indeed, according to a study done by History Channel on the Klu Klux Klan, at the height of its power in the 1920s it commanded a membership of 4 million supremacists. That was a staggering 4% of the total U.S. population at the time - politically significant by any measure as the Klan's influence over the Democratic Party into the 1960s proves. But by the 1990s (30 years after MLK's death) Klan membership dwindled to a low pitiful 10,000 supremacists or less. That would be .03% (3/100ths of 1%) of today's population of 320 million. In other words, as a voting block the KKK (still the largest white domestic supremacist group) is an impotent, insignificant, inconsequential nothing burger deserving not the least bit of credit for Donald Trump's historic victory.

Indeed, if every white racist had vanished on November 7th the election's outcome would have been unchanged with Trump winning the same swing states that made him President. Indeed, that Trump and the GOP need white supremacists to win elections is a bald face lie (as I prove HERE); that might have been true for the Democrats for 100 years; but never, not today or ever, of Lincoln's nationalist, non-racist party of emancipation, justice, civil rights and liberty. 


It would seem that nothing short of Donald Trump abducting David Duke, binding him in chains and dragging him into the Oval Office and strangling him to death would satisfy the race obsessed Left that he wasn't a white supremacist, and that he meant what he said when he disavowed supremacists and their bigotry.

But just as the demonization of Trump as a racist bigot couldn't stop him from being elected, so will it prove ineffectual in 2020 when he's reelected and most likely with a larger minority vote.




  1. Conspicuously missing from President Donald “I caved to the Left” Trump’s remarks today was condemnation of Antifa and BLM. Very disappointing. But I still love him.

        1. Ever notice how the left NEVER apologizes, never disavows, and never backs away from ANYONE on their side, no matter how extreme or ridiculous they are. Our side always condemns the leftist “virtue signaling” but, that is all I’ve seen since this event, our side groveling, apologizing, disavowing and virtue signaling. No wonder we have lost the culture, and the country.

      1. Had Trump said, “and BLM and ANTIFA, bla bla bla,”, the left would have said it is no different than the previous statement.

        At another time, after some facts are gathered, perhaps with Sessions I hope Trump will then say some things and call them out as evil, in their own right. That message needs crafting.

        Get back on the Trump train, babies…he isn’t perfect.

  2. Trump could play himself disavowing racial violence on a 24/7 loop for the rest of his term and the left would still say he is not disavowing racial violence….

  3. The Republic is doomed. The Leftists will not allow President Trump to be Reelected in 2020, so all we got was a four Year reprieve from the deconstruction of America.

    1. LOL come on man. We’ve had more good in the last 7 months than in the previous 3 admins combined. Trump will have a second term with a bigger minority vote, like Apollo sayus.

    1. We had racegate, Islamophobicgate, xenophobicgate, etc. etc. alternating everyday throughout the campaign and Trump crashed through the political gate and seized the White House.

  4. Why didn’t Trump mention Antifa? The white group had a legal permit
    to march peacefully. And it was peaceful until Antifa showed up with
    bats and bottles and started the violence.

    1. Why didn’t Trump mention Antifa? The white group had a legal permit
      to march peacefully. And it was peaceful until Antifa showed up with
      bats and bottles and started the violence.

      Overall an excellent speech by President Trump. But I do agree with your statement above.

  5. Trump’s first instinct condemning the “many sides” was accurate and correct.

    This myopic one sided condemnation yesterday was pathetic. He deserves the criticism he’s getting from the left and the right.

    1. Sadly, I strongly agree with you. On other threads, I have noted that Trump’s failure to condemn Antifa and BLM gives the impression that Trump is either blind to the manipulation of a violent outcome by the Charlottesville mayor, Antifa and BLM or supportive of it. Either position will facilitate a “deep state” take down of Trump

    2. I too was disappointed in his statement. I thought he was going to reiterate law and order which is one of the things he ran on. Why are people allowed to bring bats and rocks and urine and backpacks to these gatherings? The second amendment is free speech not smashed windows and heads.

  6. OK Mr President. You, yourself said to fight a particular group of extremists you have to ID them. You did that to a few, but you should have indentified the rest.

    IMO, the proclamation would have been OK if you would have said that you condemn those groups as well as those like ANTIFA, and ANY group backed by the anti American funded foundations.

    1. I was initially pissed that he didn’t mention the real agitators which were ANTiFA and BLM. but he did say all hate groups and said anyone involved in the violence will be brought to justice. It sounds like he caved but I guarantee you Jeff Sessions will get to the bottom of it and it’ll turn out that the Soros-funded ANTIFA and BLM instigated the entire thing and Sessions will implicate the police chief and Mayor of Charlottesville. Then we’ll get to hear the media say again how racist a Sessions is.

      1. If it turns out to be proved that Antifa/Revcom slammed the driver’s car with a bat which panicked the scared kid to accelerate (then reverse at speed when attacked with more bats) many who condemned him falsely will look stupid.

  7. Excellent comment from Fox News site:

    Trump stepped in it again, but he was right in criticizing both sides. You don’t show up in combat gear and face masks to a peaceful protest. Both sides did this.

    If the cops didn’t break it up hundreds would have died. and none of them would have been innocent.

  8. Racism always ends in Evil. Be it White Racism, Brown Racism, Yellow Racism, etc…

    And yes, folks from every other sub-set of our Species can be just as Racist as any other. They are all equally stupid.

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