Trump condemns 'hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides' in Charlottesville - CNNPolitics

"We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides. It has been going on for a long time in our country -- not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. It has been going on for a long, long time. It has no place in America."
What do the vile, violent neo-Nazi street thugs at Charlottesville have in common with the vile, violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa  thugs on the other side? They are anti-American, democracy hating government supremacists - the enemies of our divided, pluralistic, rule of law, bill of rights, free market constitutional republic. That is to say, they believe in the political, intellectual and moral primacy of the STATE over the economy and stupid, dumb, unenlightened human society; indeed, they believe with ideological certainty that the one should control and dominate the other for its own good, security, well-being, progress and peace. In other words, neo-Nazis, BLM and Antifa are the enemies of our free, liberal, open way of life which gives primacy to the individual and economic freedom over human government (the classical liberalism of John Locke, Abe Lincoln and the Founders). And there are two words that accurately and justly describe these violent, lawless, subversive enemies within:
Indeed, just as Nazism (National Socialism) in its pure Hitlerian Germanic form was socialism (a totalitarian collectivist state) for the German people (minus Jews), so is neo-Nazism totalitarian socialism for all white people (minus Jews). And similarly, what neo-Nazi white supremacists want for whites BLM black supremacists want for blacks: a totalitarian collectivist state and social order favoring economically and socially blacks over all other races and peoples; a state where blacks are given $trillions in reparation (stolen wealth from whites) for slavery and Jim Crow (see and see). In short, they believe OPPRESS OR BE OPPRESSED: as long as blacks aren't the controlling oppressors directing society they are the oppressed and at a permanent social and economic disadvantage.
BLM fanatics, in fact, are so extreme in their racist hatred of whites  that they believe in collective racial guilt: that the white race is the epitome of evil and racial injustice; that every white person is born with an ineradicable supremacist gene, and that all whites collectively (even newly arrived white immigrants from Europe) are  guilty as sin of all past crimes (before and after the Civil War) done to blacks; and they too must pay for reparations just like every other white American. That is how sick and twisted these people are. And there is no reasoning with them.
Hitler and Lenin: two totalitarian socialist autocrats.
Antifa leftists are also totalitarian socialists; but unlike neo-Nazi white supremacist and BLM black supremacists Antifa are EGALITARIANS: they are pure, Soviet-type Marxist-Leninists  and believe in a totalitarian, command and control social order for the proletariat (working class) regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. They believe in a grandiose, cradle to grave, all caring, all providing nanny state-the unreachable, unachievable utopian ideal that exhausted and bankrupted the old Soviet Union, destroyed the economies of Greece and Venezuela (and almost Sweden in the 1990s), and keeps the peoples of Cuba and North Korea shackled in poverty - slaves of the state (see).
In other words, the violence that we saw in Charlottesville two weeks ago (which was on many [both] sides," as President Trump rightly said) was between SOCIALIST FILTH and SOCIALIST SCUM. Three different faces of the same evil principle:
Communists and Nazis battling in 1932 Berlin.
Indeed, just as Lenin's Bolshevik socialists violently clashed with other socialists in the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg, and Hitler's National Socialists violently clashed with pro-Stalin Communist socialists in Berlin, Munich and elsewhere, so in Charlottesville we saw the spectacle of violent, bloodthirsty leftist gangs (socialist Crips and Bloods) battling each other - as if it were a turf war.
The truth is this: these America sucks freedom hating socialists use American history to further their agenda and cause of gaining power to destroy our democracy. Just as Lenin used the evils of Russian Czarist history to destroy the Democratic provisional Kerensky government, so did Hitler use the glories of German history to gain power and destroy the Weimar Republic. And it's no different with the neo-Nazis defending American historical monuments, or BLM and Antifa wanting them destroyed.
All these anti-American groups deserve I believe a horrible fate. They should be rounded up, put in a large arena (like the LA Coliseum) and given shields, swords, knives and clubs so (like gladiators in mortal combat) they can slaughter and beat each other to death. Better that they destroy each other than they continue killing and injuring innocent Jews, blacks, whites, Republicans and cops - and burn down towns, cities, businesses and shops.






  1. I know. I’m a nationalist and I’m white…uh oh. But the socialist left has proven to be the violent ones. They use David Duke as a tool for propaganda. I am sick of the reference.

  2. The entire Charlottesville incident was staged, including the white supremacists original protest of the pulling down of Confederate statues. The left is well known for faking incidents and blaming their opposition. I would not be surprised to learn that the BLM was willing to kill one of its own to make the incident believable.

    1. Tell me about it.Trump’s original comments were immediate and appropriate but the vicious MSM criticism of the president was exceptionally well orchestrated…just as though it had been scripted. The whole incident came off like a slick presentation that the MSM had been briefed on before it happened.

      1. “Trump’s original comments were immediate and appropriate ”

        Absolutely! 45 is indeed for all the people. ”warts and all” as the saying goes.

  3. I can only envision a laughing Obama and Soros watching their plan unfold with such ease. It makes me very angry.

    1. The Violent Left has been getting away with this shit for years, Obama emboldened them, not getting arrested emboldened them.

      Until they are arrested en mass and taken to jail they will continue.

      I have yet to see any Democrat leader condemn their violence.

  4. I have been advocating exactly what you have suggested and SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH THE CONCEPT AT ALL – open up the stadia, welcome them inside – no drink stalls – they can drink their own blood. We don’t need them and they are a curse on society. The same applies to Islam. I welcome the day when we can foster a war between the different Muslim cults ( around one hundred of them!) wind them all up – Sunni Shia Wahabbists the whole damned lot and ferment military engagements between them all ( it shouldn’t cost as much as a wall, or Social Security/Welfare handouts) then add a few Of Duterte villains – Chinese container ships would be ideal, instead of them delivering all that crap to the West, let them deliver human cargo – all the Muslims to gather together in a Colliseum or Amphitheatre and supplybthem with their peaceful preaching Mullahs to,preach the differing versions of their perversions. Oh, by the way – Sky can handle the promotion and PayperView can participate. Now, THAT is what I would call an EVENT. I may even give ‘two quid’ to see the outcome.

      1. Very true Apollo, Charlottesville was a giant leftist battle royal. How can Nazis be on the Right when they oppose free market capitalism?


  5. A well written and thought out article.

    Neo-Nazis (just like their 1930s flavor), white supremacists, Antifa, BLM, communists, socialists, Marxists, progressives, etc ARE ALL FILTHY SCUM LEFTISTS!

  6. I agree with President Trump and his statement that there is trouble on “many sides” for the simple reason: IT’S THE TRUTH!!!

  7. If Donald Trump had been President during WWII would he be condemning violence on both sides? Would he be condemning violence by the Nazis and those fighting the Nazis?

  8. Thank you Apollo for demonstrating that Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, Antifa, BLM, socialists, communists, Marxists, progressives, etc. are all Leftists! After reading your piece only an idiot would believe that Charlottesville was Far Left vs. Far Right – it’s a very viscous lie.


  10. I am White and I am a Nationalist. But that does Not make me a Racist. Todays Media try’s to Paint All NATIONALISTS as Racist and the Great Majority of White Nationalists are Not Racist. Less than 5% of NATIONALISTS are Racists.

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