President Trump's Afghan War Doctrine for winning this protracted 16 year war can be summarized as follows: It is George Bush's "fighting the enemy over there so we don't have to fight them here" minus nation building absent Barack Obama's complete stupidity in announcing timetables for withdrawal, and his insane, lethal, restrictive rules of engagement that depressed morale and got U.S. soldiers killed. Add to this the long overdue pressuring of Pakistan (through economic leverage and stronger defense ties with India) into wiping out its safe zones for terrorists, and that's the Trump Doctrine in a nutshell.


However, in the short run the signs don't look auspicious for the war. Yesterday, coinciding with the President's tough, eloquent, sensible speech, the USS John S. McCain (a destroyer named after the father and grandfather of Afghan War hawk Senator McCain) collided with an oil tanker (see) in the China Sea causing ten sailors to go missing and injuring five - not a good sign. Also ominous was the tanker's destination: South Korea (more trouble from the North?).

President Trump looking straight into the solar eclipse hours before his speech where he fearlessly looked at Afghanistan without illusions.

And later that day a rare total solar eclipse crossed the United States. Indeed, the Moon, symbolic of Islam, blotted out the Sun - another bad sign. But the eclipse being temporary perhaps signified a brief, tragic period of darkness and much loss of life for US forces on the battlefield (the USS McCain incident); or perhaps it's a warning of jihadi terrorist strikes on the homeland (across the country) - as in Barcelona five days ago. 

It is interesting to note that the last time a total solar eclipse crossed the US from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast was on June 8, 1918. That was when our nation was in its 14th month fighting the Axis Powers in World War I. Five months later the war would end in victory. Will 2018 see an end to the Afghan War with the Taliban being driven to the bargaining table after a fierce and bloody conflict?

On the bright side Trump is in the 7th month of his presidency (an auspicious number for him, see); and yesterday was his 214th day in office (see); cut 214 in half and we get the number 107 - giving us the month "10" and day "07"  in 2001 when President Bush begin the Afghan War (10-07-2001). It also gives us the month and day when Vladimir Putin was born (10-07-1952). The "coincidence" of Putin's 49th birthday with the start of the Afghan War is interesting in that Russia apparently has joined with Iran in trying to undermine our efforts in fighting the Taliban (see). But they will fail. For Trump is bigger and has more audacity than Putin and Khamenei combined.                                                                                                                                                                       


As you can see the President has his work cut out for him in Afghanistan. But he's equal to it, has no illusions and will prevail; and he'll go down in history as one of the greats. When is the next total solar eclipse to cross our country? April 2024 astronomers say - an election year when Trump will be in the last year of his successful presidency having totally eclipsed and collapsed the effort of his enemies to destroy him.  






  1. If he stands firm in not nation building, changing the rules of engagement to win and holding Pakistani accountable that’s a good start. He has to hold firm against the warmongers and nation builders he is surrounded by.

    1. “changing the rules of engagement to win”

      I wonder how long before the MSM starts calling him a War Criminal (for taking the gloves off)?

  2. That was the street fighter we saw last night. Won’t take shit from Taliban or media and DemoRats . And that’s why we voted for him.

    Yeah, he’s a street fighter, not a cuck politi-critter.

  3. Bomb the he!l out of the terrorists, and when they regroup, bomb them again. We dont need to build that nation and try to teach those people how to live.

  4. We’re staying in Afghanistan to kill terrorists… all options on the table.

    A very thorough approach… leadership via humility.

  5. Trump slandered Islam when he said the terrorists will not be rewarded in the next life. They’ll be all over him for that.

  6. it appears his heart wasn’t in the speech. like he did not write it and move it to the teleprompter. his other speeches were his. this seems only half so.

    1. I disagree. I thought it was powerful and effective.

      I don’t know why people complain about the teleprompter. To me he sounds much more natural than the phony lying Obama did.

  7. An impressive speech.Trump is well focused, very bright and takes counsel from many different views; makes an educated decision. Obama never did that . He ignored his generals and Secretaries of Defense and made a terrible mess of US foreign policy, the middle east and the world.

    1. I agree with you. It was a real good speech. How many times did he say “no more nation building” and “no imposing our style of government on others”? He was also real strong about Pakistan’s hypocrisy and that India is more of an ally for us.
      I can’t imagine how anyone can complain about the approach laid out in that speech

  8. It was a good, measured speech. Key points:

    No nation-building;

    Rules of engagement take the handcuffs off our troops;

    Other countries will contribute to the effort;

    No more free ride for Pakistan, no $ for sheltering terrorists;

    If Pakistan wants to be refractory, US will side with India against Pakistan;

    Not disclosing our tactics or time-lines

    It couldn’t be clearer.

  9. I am Trump base and this speech was smarter on Afghan policy than anything I have heard before. Finally the POTUS is listening to military leaders instead of political hacks. This Afghan policy is the only chance to succeed against Taliban and radical Islam in the medium to long term.

    Kudos to POTUS Trump.

  10. Every person on this site that is praising this surge needs to commit to sending a care package to Afghanistan. One site they can use to get a name is

  11. Get. Out. Now.

    At least we are not officially ‘nation building’ any longer. I suppose we could view this as highly realistic and incredibly expensive training. Both in treasure and blood.

    1. The “peace candidate” who said he’ll bomb the hell out of ISIS? NO WAY! Leaving Afghanistan like Obama did Iraq will create a power vacuum for Islamofascists to fill.

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