"A huge impediment to solving the [global] climate crisis is Fox News," says Science Guy Bill Nye - who also accuses the network  of suffering from "psychological delusions" and feeding its audience "a steady diet of vitriol and paranoia.'
Dear Mr. Science Guy,
assuming that you're doomsday hysteria is justified and that there is a worsening, catastrophic "climate crisis" imperiling the planet caused by human industrial activity and CO2 emissions, how, for God's sake, is Fox News a "huge impediment" to resolving it? 
I mean get real! How, for example, is Fox to blame for the failure and flop of Europe's huge, costly, ten-year  experiment in renewable energy (wind, water and solar)? Heck, despite the EU spending up to $1 trillion of tax payers money (to subsidize the transition to a green energy future) how is Fox responsible for rising Euro CO2 emissions (see and see) and the soaring cost of Euro energy for consumers (increasing 63% in nine years see) when both were supposed to steadily fall? Who's responsible for Europe failing to become the model of a world saving, green energy economy to prevent Climageddon? In short, how is Fox to blame for Europe becoming a "green energy basket case" - a model to avoid?
And do tell me how is Fox to blame for the revolution taking place in third world developing states? How is it to blame for the "dirty," fossil fuel powered, CO2 "polluting" industrializing of China (see), India (see), Indonesia (see)    , Brazil (see) and other poor developing countries? How is Fox responsible for these four countries alone increasing CO2 emissions by 5 billion tons since 2005, while Europe decreased there's by 600 million tons making its reductions meaningless by comparison - negating what good it allegedly did? Did Fox cause the Industrial Revolution which these nations are understandably emulating as they lift millions of people out of poverty, illiteracy and misery like we in the West did long ago? I feel embarrassed even asking such questions.
And while I'm on the subject of the third world what does Fox have to do with America, Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan, etc. lacking the tens and trillions of dollars needed to transition the third world to green energy economies so they can stop their massively growing "dangerous carbon polluting" of the Earth (see)? Is it Fox's fault that America, Europe and Japan are drowning in fiscal debt to the tune of $45 trillion and can't afford this staggering transfer of wealth without massively raising taxes on working class people and greatly damaging their economies (see)?  
And please tell me what on Earth does Fox have to do with fossil fuels being the cheapest, most efficient, reliable and wealth creating form of energy known to man? They are a gift from God and Nature for the development of mankind fueling the greatest creative epoch in innovation and enterprise in history. Is it Fox's fault that wind, water and solar power (as we see in Europe) aren't competitive with coal, oil and gas, and perhaps won't be so for decades (see)? Is it Fox's fault that electric and hybrid vehicles are currently too expensive for common use? Does Fox set market prices favoring fossils over renewables? Does it ban the advertising of green cars on its network? Does it have that much power over markets? Is it that anti-green? You can't be stupid enough not to answer no. 
Indeed, Mr. Science Guy, what does Fox have to do with the global consumption of oil, gas and coal combined breaking all existing records in 2015 (see), and most likely surpassing that in 2016*? What does Fox have to do with more people in developing states electrifying their homes by coal-fired plants (see), and buying gas guzzling cars by the millions for the first time in their lives (see and see)? Is it any wonder that atmospheric CO2 reached the 410 ppm mark in March? And it's going to climb even higher with no help from Fox - as it makes the planet more fruitful and green a blessing to hungry and starving human beings (see).
*2016 did top 2015 as 2017 is predicted to top 2016 (see). 
Get real, Mr. Science Guy, what does Fox have to do with the Paris Accord becoming another worthless Kyoto, and with your impractical, ridiculous green energy utopianism? How is Fox to blame for alarmists like you having no feasible, practical, realistic fiscal, financial and economic solutions for the climate crisis you envision in your catastrophe obsessed brain? Really sir, who is it that's delusional with serious truth and reality problems living mentally in deep space light years from Earth?
The truth is this: If "delusional," "denialist,"  "anti-science" Fox  were to suddenly disappear from network TV nothing would change; you'd still lack an answer and concrete plan for preventing "Climageddon," or the "Venus Syndrome," or the "Sixth Extinction" - or whatever name you want to give to your apocalyptic fears.
Face the facts Mr. Science Guy: the global warming movement was doomed from the start. The vilifying of Fox, Breitbart, the Koch Brothers, Anthony Watts, Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk radio and thousands of skeptical internet sites like mine are scapegoats for the failure of your bankrupt cause to frighten mankind away from use of fossil fuels with visions of far off doom. Alarmists like you have tried every trick and scare tactic in the book to make mankind deathly afraid of CO2 (an invisible, beneficial trace gas and plant food) and nothing has worked. Instead of decarbonizing we have the runaway use of fossil fuels expanding the work of lifting all boats and millions of poor folks in third world crap holes. As another doomsday science guy (Guy McPherson) rightly says (see): in the climate wars between anti-industrial warmists and pro-industrial deniers 
And so it has as the evidence shows. Fossil fuel powered industrial capitalism roars head irreversibly spreading progress to the remotest and most primitive parts of the world; it's too powerful, unstoppable, there's nothing better to replace it. And until that changes, which seems a long ways off, all you can do to calm your fears, and find some peace of mind, is to hope that we "deniers" are right; and that you, your waning movement and hysterical doomsday climate "science" got fossil fuels and CO2 catastrophically wrong.  
All the best,
The most humane solution for saving the world is to kill Fox News and everyone over 60.


  1. Why is Nye considered a credible source? He used to don a pale blue unitard and combat crime as ‘Speed Racer’ in the Seattle area…now he’s some sort of scientist appearing on CNN, Fox and elsewhere? OMG, you damned fools!

    1. That’s hilarious. Any old promo photos floating around? I can see a meme now, “Bill Nye The Unitard Guy.” Matter of fact, “unitard” would be a great name for him and anyone who agrees with him. University, uniformity, retarded thought processes.

    1. Root causes of hurricanes:

      – basic physics
      – oceans
      – atmosphere
      – the sun

      What is the United States supposed to do about any of those?

  2. Very true Apollo. Not only are we green loving Brits and Europeans paying substantially higher energy costs but we paid the taxes for all the gov’t subsidies which are in the hundreds and billions. And emissions are rising again. What a fiasco!

  3. Bill Nye the fake science guy actually said this

    “It’s the strength [of these hurricanes] that’s almost certainly associated with global warming,……Global warming and climate change are the same thing. As the world gets warmer and there’s more heat energy in the atmosphere you expect storms to get stronger.”

    I like it in the winter when they blame extremely low temperatures and heavy snowfall on Climate Change. Darn that global warming!

    1. Good point GF.

      Global Warming is rising temperatures caused by increased CO2 levels. Climate Change is any weather extreme be it high or low temps, or too much or too little rain. It even encompasses an abnormal run of normal weather where there’s a long absence of extreme (climate change) weather events.

      “Global Warming” became known as “Climate Change” when the temperature wouldn’t cooperate with the theory. Then the temperature data was made to fit the theory.

      1. I liked Bill Nye in the 1990s. I had young kids and thought his shows were good just like Mr Wizard.

        Mr Mechanical Engineer, who is not as smart or as knowledgeable as he thinks is making a fool of himself.

        1. Nye was fired from his engineering role, over incompetence, and ended up on the kiddie tv show you and your kids liked.

          Actual engineers should not be impugned just because of this idiot.

    2. “It’s the strength [of these hurricanes] that’s almost certainly associated with global warming,……Global warming and climate change are the same thing. As the world gets warmer and there’s more heat energy in the atmosphere you expect storms to get stronger.”

      Irma was the 6th most powerful storm and Harvey the 17th. Meaning lots of storms were larger/more powerful. If the earth is warmer today than at any time since the end of the Little Ice Age then shouldn’t Irma and Harvey share second place with Maria being numero uno and the next hurricane replacing her?

      Bill, once again, showing his lack of scientific knowledge.

      1. Harvey wasn’t even a particularly big hurricane. The only reason Harvey caused such catastrophic destruction was that the storm system got trapped over Texas. If steering currents had ushered it away, Harvey would have been a kind of snooze.

    3. Did anyone bother to ask Mr. Nye how many hurricanes hit the U.S. in the last 12 years? Weren’t Miami and New York supposed to be underwater by now?

  4. This is devastating Apollo. I’d love to see you debate Nye. You’d certainly do a better job than Tucker who never brings up the Medieval Warm Period to refute Nye’s claim that modern warmth is the greatest it’s been in human history.

      1. Why don’t you give us the benefit of your researches and tell us where the very warm MWP differs from the cooler modern warming?

    1. In the February interview Tucker totally destroyed Nye. He got him to say that if it weren’t for anthropogenic global warming the Earth would be in the terrible grip of a major ice age like we had 12,000 years ago. Scientists tell us that the next major ice age is 10,000 years away. But assuming that Nye is right then human CO2 is preventing the catastrophe of a much colder Earth – a good thing.

      The predictions from the 1970s of the great devastation to human civilization an ice age would bring (decline in food production and mass starvation) is instructive.

  5. If I were debating Bill Nye I’d ask him the following seven questions and watch him dodge each one:

    1. Define the “correct” temperature range for the planet.

    2. Define the “correct” humidity range for the planet.

    3. Define the “correct” mean sea level for the planet.

    4. Define the “correct” amount of precipitation for the planet.

    5. Define the “correct” makeup of the atmosphere.

    6. Define the “correct” amount of sea ice at the North/South poles.

    7. Define/explain past glaciation and subsequent warming without any input from humans.

    Ask these questions to any climate change fanatic and watch them go ballistic or collapse into despair.

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