“Somehow Japan and England and Canada and Germany, France, they all [with single payer socialized medical systems] figured health care out...... "
Late night leftist La La Land millionaire healthcare clown Jimmy Kimmel admitting his utter stupidity and ignorance on the issue of healthcare reform joked on his show that he's "an expert on eating pizza, not healthcare." And so he clownishly is. For who but an unfunny, know nothing, leftist dope and resident of LA would point to single payer countries like Canada, England and France as models for the USA when single payer badly flopped in Jimmy's own state of California - flopped not once, not twice, not thrice, but a total of SEVEN times over the last 25 years (see). 25 years and 7 attempts at single payer and no leftist mastermind or genius (who makes Jimmy look like spit) can figure out how to make it work. Why? Because of the prohibitive, staggering, economy crushing costs. But moronic, unfunny, pizza expert Jimmy, who lectures the GOP, you and me and physicians like Senator Cassidy on healthcare (and calls him a liar when he clearly distorts what he says see) wants Obamacare repealed like Donald Trump; but stupidly replaced with unworkable single payer as the national system for America.
Heck, only a ridiculous unfunny asinine klutz would want for 320 million Americans what can't work for the 40 million folks of America's largest state. Indeed, California's latest and 7th stab at single payer, Senate Bill 562 (opposed by progressive Democratic Governor Jerry Brown) had an unfinancable price tag of $400 billion in start-up costs, and another $200 billion to sustain it annually (this would increase over time see). Think about it: in the first two years single payer would cost California's over burdened tax payers $600 billion (more than three times the state budget of $185 billion), and $200 billion every year thereafter.
Think about it: with a population of 40 million and roughly 13.6 million taxpayers the costs for California single payer would be (if evenly spread) $30,000 per tax payer in the first year, and $15,000 every year in perpetuity for annual costs. If SB 562 was passed and signed into law the next bill would be for the largest tax hike of any state in US history; this would effectively drive millions of citizens and thousands of businesses (but not rich clown Jimmy) out of the state leaving it a wreck like a San Andreas earthquake. In other words, the cure of single payer for California is worse than the disease of millions lacking health insurance (who get healthcare anyway); for the impact on California's economy (with so much money flowing to Sacramento away from consumers and the private sector) would be a jobs killing, depression causing disaster - for everyone but rich, unfunny, pizza men like Jimmy. And this is why Governor Brown refused to endorse the bill; and why it was shelved in the State Assembly following SB 840, 810, 2123 and other failed single payer bills over the years.
Failed Single Payer Green Mountain Care in deep blue Democrat Vermont.
But California, which is batting 0-7 on single payer, isn't alone in this fiasco; single payer has met with the same fate in 11 other states: Vermont, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii and Montana (see). In other words, the allegedly greatest, best, most ethical and moral health insurance system ever devised by man is batting 0-18 in the United States - striking out a total of 11 times in 11 states and 7 times in the Golden State. No one in any of these 12 states, despite all of their brainpower, expertise (and the example of single payer countries like Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, France, Spain and Australia, etc.), could figure out how to make it affordable for their citizens. And if we follow clowns like ignorant, stupid single payer Jimmy it's the Republican's fault, or the insurers or Big Pharma or Fox News. The problem is never with single payer itself which is on the brink of collapse in Great Britain - rated as the number 1 healthcare system in the world (see and see).

Think about it: "The states," as Supreme Court Justice Lewis Brandeis said, "are the laboratories of democracy." If single payer can't be made to work in any one of 12 states (and 7 times in our largest state) how could it work  border to border, coast to coast for the nation unless we massively raise federal taxes to pay for this monstrosity, and greatly damage the national economy and struggling middle class? Is it any wonder Schumer and Pelosi remain non-committal on single payer (see and see)? They know it's a loser politically that could severely damage Democrat chances of winning back the Congress and White House. Fixing Obamacare is politically safer than centralized socialized medicine which the public didn't want before Obamacare became law (and didn't want Obamacare either), and don't want especially now. 
But the Jimmy Kimmels of the country are dauntless. Making the typical tired ignorant argument that single payer works in other countries and can be made to work for us is just plain brain dead dumb. Not only does single payer not work well in many other countries (where they have rationing, scarcity, long waiting lines, higher taxes and government subsidies to make insurance and drugs affordable see and see), but huge differences in population, tax structure, military expenditures, debt load and unfunded liabilities are by themselves sound, sensible reasons why single payer is wrong for America nationally as it is for states individually.
Police battle rioters in broken, busted, bankrupt socialist Venezuela.
Indeed, America with the federal government $20 trillion in debt and with $107 trillion in unfunded liabilities ($27 trillion of which is Medicare) a one size fits all massive bureaucratic centralized government-run single payer system would break this nation completely (see). We'd end up like bankrupt, busted socialist Venezuela and Greece with blood, rioting and chaos in the streets - with everyone having health insurance but many unable to get healthcare when sick because the government is exhausted and broke (see and see).
No. The public is against socialized medicine. Given the enormous disgust and mistrust of the American people with Washington and the federal government - which has done massive harm to the "disappearing middle class" - the national mood is one of revolt, and against giving the government more power than it has over their lives and fortunes. Washington is way too powerful, spending way too much way beyond its means; it's mismanaging the nation's finances and future and been dysfunctional for years - and the trust is gone.
Indeed, the national mood is toward deregulation and decentralization with more money and power flowing back to the states from DC. And that's why despite what Jimmy Kimmel says (and many associations oppose) that Graham-Cassidy, a federalist approach to fixing our healthcare system, is in sync with the anti-Washington spirit of the times, and the needs of individual states to decide their own healthcare fate. If a state likes its Obamacare it can keep it; if it wants single payer it can have that too. It's a practical, down to earth (not perfect) approach for fixing our healthcare mess - made worse by seven years of Obamacare which even pizza clown Jimmy wants to replace, but with a single payer nationwide system from outer space.


  1. I used to enjoy watching both Conan and Jimmy Fallon. Have not watched them since January and will never watch again. I’ve never watched Kimmel’s show, but I did like The Man Show back in the day.

    1. Who wants to waste good sleep watching Kimmel or Colbert? Unfunny leftist hacks are no way to end the night by watching them. Fallon seems a little halfway decent but I don’t watch either.— is he still on ?

  2. I first noticed Kimmel on “Win Ben Stein’s Money”, and then the next time was on an NFL pre-game show.

    He positioned his butt towards the camera.

    I stopped watching the NFL at that point. 1999, maybe?

    That’s not to mention wondering what the networks were doing hiring alleged “comedians” for sports shows.

    Now, he’s apparently politicizing his child’s health problems. As others have pointed out, let him go to the socialist/fascist/communist paradises for leftist healthcare, if he’s unhappy with what’s available in the US.

    Of course, he could charged with child abuse, if he did.

    1. Kimmel is self righteous jerkoff awash with white guilt.

      I guess success has gone to his head. I really enjoyed “The Man Show” when he worked with Adam Carolla… and “The Juggies.”

  3. Jimmy Kimmel needs to shut up and read his cue cards, unfunny as they are.

    So his kid was sick.

    He didn’t have Ocare—he had health insurance paid for by ABC, which is far better.

    So what qualifies this clown to be an expert?

  4. The Conservatives have talk radio. They and their advertisers are chronically attacked by the Left. The Left has late night TV. Time to make a critical listing of their advertisers and let people know who is supporting them.

  5. How embarrassing for Kimmel! How far late night TV has fallen! I think most people were aware that Carson was a Leftist, but he generally skewered both sides……and he was actually funny. Nothing funny OR entertaining about any of the late night hosts these days. Especially the Pizza Expert.

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