as a cruel, heartless, malevolent leader with a racial animus toward minorities that underlies his supposed "ineffective response" to Maria ravaged Puerto Rico goes something like this:
'Don't be fooled by yesterday's speech on the Las Vegas Mandalay Massacre; President Trump felt as much compassion and empathy for its victims as he feels for the millions of suffering Latino victims of Hurricane Maria which devastated Puerto Rico. After eight months in office the public has seen first hand the bottomless depth of Trump's inhumanity on such issues as climate change, healthcare, immigration, refugees, the federal budget and now in his monstrous neglect of Puerto Rico's suffering 3.6 million people - most of whom have been without food, water, electricity and medical supplies since the storm's end. Maria isn't just Trump's Katrina, it's his genocidal holocaust - the darkest hour of his presidency that will live on in infamy.'
But from the office of Puerto Rico's Governor Rossello the reports we're getting is of a very different Puerto Rico. We're hearing about a Puerto Rico suffering from the greatest logistical nightmare in US disaster history, but nevertheless recovering and very slowly and painfully returning to life; a Puerto Rico with 11 major highways open and traffic flowing; a Puerto Rico with over 700 of 1100 gas stations with petroleum serving motorists; a Puerto Rico with 300 pharmacies selling vitally needed drugs and medical supplies; a Puerto Rico where 65% of food/ big box/retail stores like Walmart are selling food and goods to consumers; a Puerto Rico where 59 of its 69 hospitals are operational and treating the sick and injured. And all of this is due to what the Governor Rossello says is the "quick response" of the Trump administration which started before Maria hit with anticipatory navel measures that proved tremendously life saving (see).
Moreover, according to Rossello (as we heard at the relief meeting with President Trump today) the official death toll from Maria is a low 16, unchanged from September 24th (see); while this number is expected to climb, with some saying the actual count is more like 60-150 with most of it die directly from the storm*, it's way below the hysterical holocaust levels presumed by the hate Trump media. In fact, it's way below the 312 deaths caused by Hurricane Okeechobee that hit Puerto Rico in 1928 (see); way below the 3300 deaths caused by the San Ciriaco Hurricane of 1899 (see); indeed, it's way below Hurricane Katrina and its 1800 deaths that the media stupidly compares Maria to; and lastly, it's well below the 199 people killed by hurricanes Harvey and Irma that the American public give President Trump high marks for handling - thousands could have perished if it weren't for his superb relief effort.
*According to CNN as of 10-11-17 the death toll has risen to 45 with 113 people unaccounted for (see).  
How many more people on Puerto Rico would be dead or dying if President Trump were the heartless, racist, right-wing, nazi, minority hating psychopath MSM and San Juan's hyperpartisan, media darling, wing nut mayor says he is? Hundreds if not thousands would be dying from starvation, dehydration and disease making Maria a worse catastrophe than Katrina, Okeechobee, San Ciriaco and Harvey and Irma combined.
The Democrats and their propaganda arm in the destroy Trump media mortified by the high approval ratings the President received for his tremendously effective response to Harvey and Irma are desperate to reverse and destroy that; and are hoping that Maria could be used as a means to that end. But despite all the lies, fake news and hyperventilating about Trump being criminally negligent ('he could do more but won't because of racism.' some say*) they are miserably failing; and after today with President Trump and Melania in Puerto Rico drawing attention to the Herculean effort and progress being made by FEMA Trump's approval rating on Maria is likely to match or surpass the 55% he received for Harvey and Irma from two separate polling groups: Marist (seeand You/Gov (see).
Indeed, if the public is rating Trump so highly for handling two hurricanes that killed 199 people and did billions in damage it's not unreasonable to expect he'll receive ratings at least as high for his response to a terribly destructive storm that killed far less people.
* I've heard it said (and it's ridiculous of course)  that Trump is dragging his feet on helping the people of Puerto Rico because they voted for Marco Rubio during the Republican primary.  
In sum, considering that Puerto Rico has been recklessly irresponsible with its finances, and before Maria was the busted, broken, bankrupt socialist Greece of the Caribbean Sea (with a deteriorating infrastructure of ports, roads, highways and bridges) Donald Trump backed by the American people is showing an extraordinary degree of heart and compassion which history and the battered people of that island are never likely to forget.


  1. The left still thinks it’s 1980 when the nets and a few newspapers controlled the news. Trying to blame PR on Trump isn’t working. The picture of the bimbo mayor complaining about the relief effort while standing next to pallets of supplies says it all. They lose again.

    1. “Trying to blame PR on Trump isn’t working.”

      Their tactics that worked so well once, maybe twice, aren’t working now.

      The NFL thought they could shame Trump. The Communazis in control of the league roared and raised fists, but they can’t stop the hemorrhage of fans and revenue. And it all backfired. Just as their Maria is Trump’s Katrina narative isn’t working

    1. “Puerto Rico is a corrupt Democrat third world shit hole. Let it sink back in the ocean.”

      PR is a liberal welfare state funded by the USA. That has got to end.

  2. Thank you, Apollo. I lived in Puerto Rico, from 93-98, and went thru a few hurricanes there. Every single time there was no preparedness whatever by the govt. People boarded up businesses and homes and moved toward the high ground, but no emergency drills were ever carried out, no FEMA coordination, but there were plenty of raised fists about Vieques and Roosevelt Roads.

    Until Puerto Rico sees thru what the Democrats have wrought and quits voting for the liars, this kayak will never right itself.

  3. At the end of the Spanish/American War we could’ve had Cuba where the people were grateful for freeing them from Spanish rule. Instead we took PR where the people resented us and wanted to remain a Spanish colony. Worst. deal. ever.

      1. “There is an old Chinese saying. ‘In the end, all debts are paid. If not by the debtor, then by the creditor.’

        Math always wins.



    1. yeah… wipe out their debt … so they can start the whole process of failing again!

      WTH! unless they CHANGE they will be in the SAME situation not long from now!


      1. Of course. Congress has the power to grant them independence and sever political ties. There is a law that gives the PR the option of voting for statehood, independence, or status quo, but there is nothing that says the US government cannot preempt that decision.

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