Stephen Colbert: ‘If You’re Ever Having Dinner at Harvey Weinstein’s House, Avoid the Fresh Basil’ | Mediaite



The Late Show host mentioned how Weinstein was fired from The Weinstein Co. and some details about his alleged behavior including how he masturbated into a potted plant in front of a local reporter.

Colbert then brought up the one-year anniversary of the Access Hollywoodtape being leaked and how just this past weekend President Trump dismissed it as “locker room talk.”

“Mr. President, saying ‘locker room’ does not excuse it,” Colbert responded. “That’s like Harvey Weinstein saying ‘Masturbating into potted plants? That’s green house talk.'”


alleged pussy grabbing, LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, wealthy Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump fit in perfectly with the sick, dick exposing, rampant sexual abusing, common place Hollywood Harveys because he was one of them. When Trump was a Lib you guys couldn't give a crap what he did; you'd give him a pass on anything short of murdering a Democrat. As long as he  championed abortion rights and the mass killing of unborn kids he could do no wrong to women in your eyes; he could have raped a teen in front of Trump Tower at noon and you'd have secretly praised him for the audacity of the deed, and clamored to be on his show because he was so shameless, cool and sexually mean.


Imagine, Steve, if you had gotten your wish and the Clintons took back the presidency. Predator Bill whose unbridled sexual needs ruined his health turning him into a shadow of his former robust self would certainly have turned the White House into an OPEN FLY ZONE again, and continued to shame and humiliate his wife - America's first lady president.

When Clinton got BJs from Monica in the White House he did it with charm, elegance and presidential class. But crass locker room guy talk from Trump was beneath contempt, and made him unfit to command.

Indeed, Steve, after desecrating the White House you preferred having Bill back there to rude, crude Donald Trump knowing he'd likely defile it again with intern after intern. But Trump was the real perv who'd disgrace the place even if he were a celibate saint because he became a Republican sexist and hater of all things moral, decent and good - true morally, according to you, is having the right political views. Once Trump turned on abortion and Planned Parenthood he was the most monstrous abuser of women around, more criminal than any serial rapist or evil Marquis de Sade. That's how you punks in La La Land think. And now in the Age of Donald Trump it looks like you're going down, and the Hollywood swamp is about to be cleaned of its sordid filth and putrid stink.








  1. Because Weinstein controlled one of the most powerful distribution networks in Hollywood, in many ways he was more powerful than people like Lucas, Spielberg, or many studio heads.

    If you can control what gets to the theaters, you control the product. Period.

    1. If you can control what gets to the theaters, you control the product. Period.

      Indeed. He was in a position to say, “Go ahead and make your movie, but no one will see it.”

    2. Correct. It’s also why hundreds of GOOD movies never get made-—because they can’t get a distribution deal with pervs like WhineStain.

  2. Just saw a headline that states Matt ‘dummy’ Damon and Russell Crowe both worked to keep this story hidden.

    It’s my prayer that this is the crack that blows the cover on ALL the vile anti American pigs that invest media.

  3. Tee hee hee. All those hilarious little quips about the cliché casting couch! SOOOOOO FUNNY!!! /sarc

    (I want to know who knew what and when they knew it!)

    1. I’ve assumed there was a “casting couch” in lots of offices in Hollywood since I was a young guy in the early 70’s.

      It’s just taken this long for it to be more than just one of those background assumptions that you can never nail down to one person or act.

  4. This is a joke surely? Who or what in the world could EVER ‘humiliate’ Hillary Clinton. How utterly ridiculous!

  5. Knowing what a slime ball-pervert Weinstein is the Obamas didn’t seem to have any concerns about the daughter going to work for him.

  6. There are no actual right and wrong actions with these people; there are only the right and the wrong people. The right people must never be said to do anything wrong, and the wrong people must never be said to do anything right, that is, of course, irrespective of what anyone actually does.

    1. “There are no actual right and wrong actions with these people; there are only the right and the wrong people.”

      You’ve nailed it! This is precisely correct. This is how they rationalize, in their minds – even if they don’t realize or recognize their own profound hypocrisy.

  7. Donna Karen Weinstein’s gal pal blames her friend’s victims for his crimes. She said:“You look at everything all over the world today and how women are dressing and what they are asking by just presenting themselves the way they do. What are they asking for? Trouble,” she told the British tabloid in a red-carpet interview at the CinéFashion Film Awards in LA.

    1. She also said: “To see it here in our own country is very difficult, but I also think how do we display ourselves? How do we present ourselves as women? What are we asking? Are we asking for it by presenting all the sensuality and all the sexuality?”

      She’s finished. Game over for her.

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