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After predicting yesterday that Harvey Weinstein was the beginning of a shit storm that would blow across Hollywood sweeping up other Hollywood biggies as accusations of sexually abusive behavior would surface from many other victims, six hours after posting my article it started to happen. As reported by The Cut actress Hilaire Burton followed by makeup artist Annamarie Tendler both accused actor Ben Affleck of grabbing and groping them. This is the same hypocritical Ben who criticized Donald Trump for the lewd remarks he privately made on tape about groping women. "No one, anywhere" said Affleck, "should speak about women that way." (Ethical Ben doesn't make lewd comments about women just lewd advances.) Then the actor went on to say that Donald Trump was unfit for the presidency. Keep in mind this is the same Ben Affleck who was toying with the idea of running for the Senate in 2012 to fill the seat in Massachusetts left vacant by John Kerry when he replaced Hillary as Secretary of State (see). Perhaps he declined to run fearing that groping charges would surface to embarrass him. 


But this raises another point: when Affleck's Hollywood pals Matt Damon and Russel Crowe persuaded Sharon Waxman of the New York Times to bury an exposé about Weinstein's sexual misconduct the question we need to ask ourselves is did they do this to protect more than just Weinstein? Did they do it out of self-interest to protect themselves and other stars who grabbed and groped women and young girls knowing that a public scandal over Weinstein would open a Pandora's Box on the industry  hurting them and others? Hollywood is America's Caligulaville, it's "Roman wilderness of pain" and many are running scared as the depths of its depravity is bottomless.



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 Vanessa Marquez
Goerge Clooney laughing it up with serial sex fiend Harvey Weinstein.

“Clooney helped blacklist me when I spoke up [about] harassment on ER,” claimed ER actress Vanessa Marquez in a post on Twitter. “Women who dont play the game lose career… I did.”

“He’s not who he pretends [to be],” added Marquez in another post. “Wells, NBC, Amblin, WB, cast & crew & my agents all complicit in my #Blacklist [for] speaking UP in ’95”

After one user expressed their shock that Clooney would be accused of covering up sexual harassment, Marquez replied, “He’s a monster in his own way… Everyone should know The Truth About Clooney.”.... read more




Oliver Stone Refuses to Condemn Weinstein: ‘It’s Not Easy What He’s Going Through’ · Mediaite · 

No sooner did Oliver Stone set a towering moral example of liberal, leftist empathy, compassion and caring humanity for his sick, perverted, fallen serial sexual predator friend than he, Stone, is accused of being just as sordid by one of his alleged victims.

Playboy Playmate accuses Oliver Stone of groping breast | Daily Mail Online

Former Playboy Playmate of the Month Carrie Stevens has accused film director Oliver Stone of groping her breast at a party

Playmate Carrie Stevens accuses Oliver Stone of groping her breast after the film director defended Harvey Weinstein

Carrie Stevens, 48, said Thursday that director Oliver Stone groped her at party. Stevens claims that Weinstein and Stone are 'two of a kind'..... read more 



Actress Rose McGowan, one of the most vocal figures condemning disgraced Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein over alleged sexual harassment, has turned her ire toward Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff more 
Lesbian producer Isa Dick Hackett accused Amazon exec Roy Price of sexually harassing her. 

Roy Price, the executive in charge of Amazon’s growing investment in movies and television shows, was suspended by the company on Thursday after a Hollywood producer publicly accused him of making unwanted sexual advances toward her.


Price and Weinstein

Mr. Price, the head of Amazon Studios, was accused of lewdly propositioning Isa Dick Hackett, a producer of one of its most popular shows, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published earlier in the more 



Just when you think that no one in Hollywood could beat out Harvey Weinstein in sexual depravity up pops House of Cards star Kevin Spacy to take the lead by a mile.


Kevin Spacey Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Eight House of Cards Employees

Kevin Spacey created a “toxic” work environment on the set of House of Cards through a pattern of sexual harassment and assault, eight employees who work on or used to work on the show told CNN.

One former production assistant accused the Oscar winner of sexually assaulting him during one of the show’s earlier seasons, CNN reports. All eight current or former employees spoke out anonymously for fear of reprisal.

Kevin Spacey Accused of Groping Richard Dreyfuss' Son Harry - Rolling Stone

A new Buzzfeed feature published Saturday claims that Kevin Spacey once groped actor Richard Dreyfuss' then-teenage son, Harry Dreyfuss, when he was 18 nearly ten years ago.

Artist Accuses Kevin Spacey Of ‘Attempted Rape’ At Age 14: ‘He’s A Pedophile’

Just as Kevin Spacey announced he would be seeking “evaluation and treatment” in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations from actor Anthony Rapp, another man has come forward to accuse the House of Cards star of pedophilia and “attempted rape” at age 14.





    1. >>“He walked by me, cupped my butt and pressed his finger into my crack,” she wrote.

      Atlantic Records head honcho Ahmet Ertegun was notorious for that sort of behavior.


    Record industry sexism exposed in new tell-all book
    By Richard Johnson May 21, 2017

    A new book seeks to expose rampant sex and drugs in the music industry — not only enjoyed by artists, but by the misogynistic record-company executives who sign them to their labels.

    Dorothy Carvello — who started out as Ahmet Ertegun’s secretary and became the first female A&R exec at Atlantic Records in the late 1980s, during the pre-digital era when record companies were printing money — is writing “Anything for a Hit” for Chicago Review Press.

    “Caligula had nothing on Ahmet Ertegun and his senior executives,” Carvello told me. “Sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll weren’t limited to the artists.”

    …And she said she’ll expose the “sexual payola,” in which artists sleep with record execs to get deals.

    “It’s still going on,” Carvello claimed….

  2. The hypocrisy of the Left is naked and exposed.

    They don’t care about “women’s issues”.

    They certainly don’t care about workplace sexual harassment (and clearly gave Bill Clinton a pass for it).

    And they don’t give a damn when children are abused by the entertainment corporations.

    “anything goes”

  3. Ben Affleck once said that he could NEVER work with a Republican actor..liberal scum, they mock America during their lil award ceremonies yet behind the scenes they are showing their true colors

  4. The swamp has many filthy streams flowing into it to keep the Swamp alive.

    Looks like one of the major rivers is getting dried up at the head waters

    1. Russell Crow came back from his sexual scandals. Maybe Harvey smoothed the path for him and he owed him. Liberals stick together. Unacceptable for all these leftists to be so fake outraged at Trump’s tape comments. Their only real outrage is that he isn’t a fellow traveler.

  5. Be interesting to see how WaPoo reports this: Drunk Amazon exec sexually harasses hard core lesbian. Best part is he wasn’t suspended until this became public! Dems are in total melt down. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

    1. They are all pervs and more numerous than we can imagine. Maybe this is the crack in the wall they have built around themselves that brings them down.

  6. Niw it’s Stone? This is an absolute thing of beauty to watch. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of degenerates. Only the rats in DC would be more deserving.

  7. About a year ago, Corey Feldman indicated that he would come forward with the name of the molester who ruined Corey Haim’s life. Feldman had a chance to break the Hollywood pedophile scene wide open. He obviously was spoken to, and the issue seemed to disappear. Now with all the shit coming out maybe he’ll break his silence.

  8. What this I read? Price shouted “ANAL SEX” into the married lesbian’s ear. hahahahahah…I wonder if that has ever worked?

  9. Wouldn’t it be marvelous if fat Harvey did for the entertainment industry what Kaepernick did for professional football? Perhaps it may totally destroy the liberal domination in this country. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to how degenerate the liberal lifestyle is in reality, and it could have major consequences on the society as a whole maybe sparking our national moral renewal.

    1. Good post, CZ. Because of this scandal people may start looking at us conservatives in a totally different light and see why we advocate sexual restraint and self discipline. Not because we want to deny people freedom, but because we want them to realize that they need to govern themselves, and not feel that their freedom entitles them to be moral anarchists and do whatever they want. Radical individualism is destructive to law and order. We need moral limits to individual freedom for the sake of the general good.

  10. One of Affleck’s accuser’s said, “He walked by me, cupped my butt and pressed his finger into my crack.”

    Reminds me of the nursery rhyme:

    Little Jack Horner
    Sat in the corner,
    Eating his Christmas pie;
    He put in his thumb,
    And pulled out a plum,
    And said, “What a good boy am I!”

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