Why does Colin Kaepernick prefer wearing a Fidel Castro-Malcolm X t-shirt and cap to a Martin Luther King shirt?


Why does BLM's Colin Kaepernick proudly sport a custom-made t-shirt depicting the 1960s meeting of tyrannical, totalitarian, communist dictator Fidel Castro with black power-black supremacist-Moslem militant Malcolm X, then a minister in the black nationalist Nation of Islam movement? What is Kaepernick's message? What is this intensely political man trying to say with this shirt? It's not hard to figure out given Kaepernick's extremist views on racism in America. For Kaepernick the ultimate solution to his completely exaggerated and deranged notion of racial injustice and black oppression in this country is Castro and Malcolm X, or BLACK POWER COMMUNISM. It's that simple.
Like the leaders of Black Lives Matter Kaepernick is a committed ideological communist and black power radical disillusioned with the American liberal, free market constitutional system of rights and liberties. Indeed, he's disillusioned with trying to reform our system from within as Martin Luther King tried to do in the 1960s with his peaceful, non-violent, humane approach to ending racial discrimination and Jim Crow laws. Indeed, MLK's  so-called successes were largely illusory, believes Kaepernick and BLM. It's been more than 50 years since the Civil Rights Movement, more than 50 years since Congress passed historic civil rights legislation, more than 50 years since the start of LBJ's War On Poverty and trillions transferred to indigent blacks, and what do they have to show for it? Practically nothing, as far as Kaepernick's concerned.
For Kaepernick and BLM King's movement overcame little. America is as racist today as it was then, according to these fools.
Indeed, despite the slow but steady social, political and economic progress that Blacks have made since the Civil War and abolition of Jim Crow laws America for deranged Colin Kaepernick is still a nightmare of violent racial injustice and inequality not far removed from Jim Crow days: unarmed blacks are brutally gunned down in the streets by racist police, he believes; millions of mostly innocent blacks fill our jails (victims of wrongful convictions); and millions more live in poverty, oppression and inner city degradation (trapped by the liberal welfare state) because of economic discrimination and well hidden institutional racism. Dr. King's dream of equality between all races and ethnicities has, for Kaepernick, turned into the horror of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and the Charleston church shooting (a rare mass murder racist event). American constitutional rule of law government and free enterprise is a fraud, believes Kaepernich; and our law enforcement and criminal justice systems are profoundly, irredeemably, unfixably racist and corrupt failing blacks big time - and Kaepernick has had enough.
The time is now for radical revolutionary transformational bottom up change; and that change for Kaepernick and  BLM is symbolized by Castro's meeting with Malcolm X in Harlem 57 years ago: the destruction and replacement of American racist, white supremacist free market democracy with a command and control black power communist state; a socialist utopia principally for blacks (as Hitler's Germany was socialism for Germans) where  inherently evil and genetically racist whites are forced to pay at gun point reparations for America's slave past - with a price tag in the trillions (see). For commie  Kaepernich there's no other way to achieve real complete perfect racial justice in this world except by the oppression of whites in a state that favors blacks.
If it were the Cuban national anthem that was playing Kaepernick would be standing erect showing reverence and respect for the murderous, oppressive the Castro regime - which he believes is the ideal government and model for America.
In other words, when a defiant Keapernick refused to stand for the national anthem and flag it was a revolutionary act showing his utter contempt and hatred for our unjust racist democracy and multi party pro-white system as if we differ little from the old apartheid regime of South Africa. For Kaepernick (and BLM) it doesn't matter how many hundreds and thousands of soldiers fought and died for the anthem and flag over the centuries; it doesn't matter that 400,000 Union soldiers died in a war to end  slavery in this country, and a comparable number died to stop the global triumph of Nazi fascism. For the mentally deranged Kaepernick (and BLM) all these soldiers died in vain; they died for a good idea of equality that can't be realized in this rigged, white man's racist society where the cards are stacked against blacks and other minorities.
Moreover, Kaepernick is so down on our political system that he doesn't vote in elections, believing that doing so is a waste of time (see). For him the predominantly white Republican and Democrat parties are equally racist, unjust and criminally bad. Indeed, during the election Kaepernick put Hillary Clinton in the same boat with Donald Trump saying that she was just as racist and evil as he was (see). And perhaps Kaepernick (like many in BLM see) thought no better of Bernie Sanders - a white politician from the very white state of Vermont whose populist movement was backed mostly by white working middle class Americans wanting their fair share of the economic pie.
In short, for Kaepernick (and BLM) there's nothing good about America. All attempts to reform and transform it within the context of our liberal democratic system have failed. After 150 years since the Civil War and abolition of slavery we're still the United States of Racist Hate: a totally rotten, miserable, corrupt, evil, irredeemably sinful white supremacist country that must be destroyed, and replaced with an incorruptible, one party, all-powerful black state to ensure that blacks are never again oppressed or put in chains. And that's why Colin Kaeperneck proudly wears a Castro-Malcolm X t-shirt and cap. It's a political statement telling us exactly where this jerk is at.  


  1. The oppression of American Blacks comes from within themselves. They are slaves to government handouts. Few Whites haves any interest in oppressing any Black.

  2. Right, K doesn’t not vote in elections. Says if he voted he would then be a hypocrite.

    That puzzled me, but only briefly. He is saying he would be a hypocrite if he voted because he thinks he believes that the federal government and all State governments are illegitimate. So, to vote would legitimize the illegitimate.

    That is the essence of the Black Lives Matter belief system.

  3. If I owned a porta-potty rental business I’d change the name to “Kaepernick Krappers” and every toilet would be marked #7 and would have an American Flag.

    1. Without his career in football Kaepernick will eventually go broke. Wonder how he’ll cope with that. No one will care what he does.

    1. White boys not wanted. Shameful and unnecessary. The press lets him get away with his‘In Yo Face’ racism.

      Of course, any parent with a brain and an ounce of patriotism should not want to send their child to Kap anyway. This is Communist- Islamic- Indoctrination 101; a prerequisite for joining BLM, or FTOA; Future Terrorists Of America.

        1. I’m not the biggest fan of Teddy Roosevelt’s. But what he said about honoring the flag is spot on:

          “There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag.”

          No one said it better.

  4. Very good Apollo. Krapo owning no MLK t-shirts speaks volumes about how psychotically radical left he is. Commie dog.

  5. Castro took Cuba in 1959, which was the third richest country per capita in the Western Hemisphere, to the second poorest (only after Haiti) in 2016. Quite an accomplishment. Donate your millions to Cuba, Keapernick and get out of this country you so despise.

  6. This scumbag hit life’s lottery.

    His black Dad abandoned him (surprise) and his white Mom thankfully gave him up for adoption rather than abort him.

    An upper middle-class white family adopted him.

    Goes to the NFL and becomes a high-paid QB.

    Takes a dump on all of that and wants to be a commie.

    You can’t make this up.

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