Thursday October 26, 2017 was a remarkably auspicious day if there ever was one for President Donald J. Trump. On Hillary Clinton's 70th birthday (who Trump beat against staggering odds to become President), which also was the day Trump made public new information on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the GOP led House passed the Senate Budget Resolution (H CON RES 71) that paves the way for a JFK supply-side across the board tax cut to do for the American people today what it did for them in the 1960s: stimulate robust, rip-roaring economic growth.
The House vote was a narrow 216-212. Now the number 216 which seems random is extremely interesting and may be significant as a numerical sign of what's ahead. For not only is it the 16th number of the 200 series (16 was Trump's auspicious number during the 2016 campaign see, see and see) but when 216 is multiplied by 4 it remarkably and significantly gives us the meaningful number 864. Why is this number meaningful? Because 864 is the exact number of days separating October 26 from June 16, 2015 - the day Donald Trump launched his odds defying 16 month victorious election campaign (see). As the campaign was a success so it seems will be the passage of Trump's tax reform agenda however great the obstruction and opposition by Dems and RINOs.
But equally fascinating is that October 26 was the 280th day of Donald Trump's presidency (see). This is fascinating because the 864 days between the start of Trump's campaign and last Thursday's House vote was exactly 2 years and 4 months, or 28 months - a factor of 280 10x (see). Amazingly, if JFK (born 5-29-1917) were still alive he'd have been exactly 100 years, 4 months and 28 days old on Thursday (see); that totals to 36,676 days - a five digit number reducible to 28 when we add up its integers: 3+6+6+7+6 =28. And mind-blowing as it is on October 26 when Trump released the JFK files it amounted to 2800+ pages of documents. Could this all be due to random chance? It's unlikely.
1962 AND 2800 WEEKS
But even more mind-blowing is that just as the House passed the Senate budget bill on the 26th day of October LBJ back in 1964 signed the JFK inspired bipartisan Tax Reduction Act on the 26th day of February (see). But here is where it gets profound: as JFK's first major speech on tax reform was made in 1962 at the Economic Club of New York (Trump's birthplace and home, see) oddly the number of days separating the JFK/LBJ bill and what the House did last Thursday are 19,602 - a five digit number encoded with the year 1962. But even more amazing is that when divided by 7 19,602 days totals 2800 weeks (see). You can't make this stuff up.
But I'm not done. Another amazing numerical "coincidence" that is likely a meaningful sign of coming success for the President is that 11-08-2016, the day he was elected, was the 56th anniversary of JFK's defeat of Richard Nixon (11-08-1960). 56 is a multiple of 28 2x (see).
But there's more. On January 20, 2017, at the start of his presidency, Donald Trump was 70 years, 7 month and 7 days old (see); and on that historic day he was the 7th New Yorker after FDR to become President. This establishes the number 7 and its multiples and variants as another auspicious sign for Donald Trump.
Now look at this: the budget bill H CON RES 71 (Trump is 71 years old) was first introduced to Congress on July 21, 2017 (see). July is the 7th month, 2017 ends in 7 and 21 is multiple of 7 3x (7+7+7=21). Moreover, on July 21st Trump was 37 days into his 71st year: 37x21 =  777. Furthermore, when the House on the 26th passed the bill it was 7 days from its passage in the Senate on the 19th  (see)
And while I'm on this subject it's interesting to note that Trump (great defender of the US flag) was born on Flag Day June 14th (14 = 7x2) which commemorates the day in 1777 when the Continental Congress officially adopted the US flag* (see). Moreover, as it was on the 280th day of Trump's presidency that the budget bill was passed it just so happens that 280 is a multiple of 70 4x or 7 40x.
 * Amazingly, June 14, 1777 was 345 days from July 4, 1776, Independence Day (see). 345 is the 45th number of the 300 series, correlating to Donald Trump's president's number. Moreover 345 days is 49 weeks a number which is the square of 7 (7x7). 
And lastly, on October 26 when the 115th Congress passed the bill it was exactly 1105* days to Election Day 2020-a four digit number encoded with 115 (see) and a variant of 7 (1+1+0+5=7).
It would seem from all the above that on the auspicious day of October 26 the House's adoption of the Senate budget resolution has irrevocably set the stage for the triumph of President Trump's ambitious tax overhaul plan, and by extension his election by a prospering middle class to a second term - to carry on the historic work of
President Trump just can't get away from the politically auspicious numbers 7 and 16. The speech he gave yesterday, outlining his economy boosting tax reform plan aimed at renewing middle class families and revitalizing the business world most of them work in, it was the 287th day of his presidency. Now the number 287 not only ends in the number 7 but its a multiple of 7 41x (see). Moreover, yesterday was 7 days from October 26 when the House adopted the Senate's budget bill that sets the stage for MAGAnomics tax reform.
Moreover, the man who announced his candidacy for the presidency on the 16th of June, beat 16 candidates for the GOP nomination, and defeated Hillary Clinton in the 16th month of his campaign announced yesterday his choice for the next Head of the Federal Reserve: Jerome Powell. When Powell replaces Janet Yellen on February 1st he will be the 16th Fed Chief in US history. Also when Powell is sworn in he'll be in the last remaining days of his 64th year: 16x4=64
It's scarcely believable but the House passed the tax reform bill on the 16th day of November, 21 days from the budget bill (21 = 7x3) on the 301st day of the Trump Presidency (see) - 301 is a multiple of 7 43x.
This morning's passage in the US Senate of the GOP's tax reform plan occurred 16 days (yes, I said "16") after the passage of the House bill on November 16th (see).  Moreover, today December 2nd, the 316th day of the 45th President's day in office is the 2nd day of his 45th week (see) .  
BTW today December 2nd is Saturday, the 7th day of the week.
It is interesting to note (and and you can see in the above video) that the 7th Senator to vote for the bill was Shelly Moore Capito. What's interesting is that the first five letters of the Senator's name are the first five letters of the name CAPITALISM. Also fascinating is that the Senator is 64 years and 7 days old see  - 64 is a multiple of 16 4x. Amazing, no?
Today Friday December 22nd when the 45th President signed the massive historic tax overhaul bill into law it was 45 weeks and 5 days to November 6, 2018, the day of the midterm elections.
Moreover, it was exactly 320 days from that event: 320 is a multiple of 16 20x.

From and including: Friday, December 22, 2017
To and including: Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Result: 320 days

It is 320 days from the start date to the end date, end date included Or 10 months, 16 days including the end date

Alternative time units

45 weeks and 5 days MOREOVER, today December 22nd is the 336th day of Donald Trump's Presidency.  336 is a multiple of 16 21x (see).

Amazing, no?



  1. You idiot MAGA moron commoners will receive an extra loaf of bread. The aristocracy will receive billions more in electronic zeroes to bid up paintings and overpriced real estate.

  2. Deport and seal the borders. Upon doIng that tax cuts will not be needed for the middle class….they will have plenty.

  3. Congress is collecting $2.5 Trillion in taxes now, and still spend $500 Billion they don’t have. They are not going to cut taxes for anyone. The POTUS does NOT make tax laws, Congress does, and they love to spend and spend until all the money is gone, and they keep on spending.

  4. There is no such thing as the middle class anymore President Trump. We blue collar union working Americans aren’t in the middle class anymore, the taxes and price of everything today has made sure of that.

  5. Apollospeaks, unconventional as usual, but fascinating. He was right about Trump winning the presidency. Hope he’s right again.

  6. No matter how much the federal government cuts taxes, the city and state governments will continue to raise our taxes. We pay state income tax, state sales tax, gas tax, fees on telecommunications service, fees on hotel and car rentals, city and county property taxes, etc. AMERICANS ARE BEING TAXED TO DEATH! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! STOP GOVERNMENT SPENDING!

  7. Trump claimed during the campaign that he understands the tax code better than anyone. He also said he knows where to close the loopholes so that folks like Hedge Fund managers don’t get away with not paying their fair share.

    Now is the moment the tires hit the road.

  8. It will be interesting to see this plan tomorrow. Hopefully there was more thought put into than the Obamacare replacement.

  9. You just raised the debt ceiling. Where are you going to cut spending to offset tax cuts? Republicans are not going to let go of defense and the Dems are not letting go of welfare. Corporate tax cuts will not get the job done. You are riding on the assumption that corporations will move their money back to the US. Trump is no more serious then Obama was about reigning spending.

  10. I love Pres Trump and there’s no question that the current tax system needs to be reformed. It’s overly complex and filled with subsidies and loopholes. We should be talking about that rather than simply cutting taxes, which will only add to the deficit.

  11. Where are all the anti Trump protestors for this? Did hitler cut taxes and regulate his gov’t giving more power back to the people?

  12. Middle Class? Not even a good paying union job can support a family anymore. Silicon Valley hires foreign H1-B labor. If Trump wants a second term he’ll need to change this

    1. There is no such thing as the middle class anymore. We blue collar union working Americans aren’t in the middle class anymore, the taxes and price of everything today has made sure of that.

  13. Income tax brackets are what need lowering like Trump is promising to do. My take home pay gets obliterated because of the federal taxes that are taken out.

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