Face it people, if Roy Moore were a lifelong celibate with the God-like morals of an angelic saint he'd still be to the psycho deranged hypocritical libertine Left a less than human moral degenerate more depraved than Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacy combined. Why? Because Roy Moore is radically anti-establishment; because he's a religious right conservative Republican; because he "SINFULLY" opposes gay marriage and transgender bathrooms and believes with Jefferson and our Founders that "God is the ultimate source of our laws, liberty and government" - as He is of our existence. In other words, to the secular progressive left Judge Moore is the worst kind of political right-wing scum and must at all costs be destroyed - lest he infect the US Senate with his toxic presence.
But the good news is this is not going to happen; the good news is this outstanding man and public servant now under attack for alleged sexual misconduct with an underage girl 40 years ago (which he emphatically denies) will probably, likely, almost certainly be elected Senator in December by the people of Alabama. Why? Because they voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in last year's upset election. Because this very red state handed Hillary Clinton a crushing defeat. Because despite the October surprises of the Hollywood Access tape and multiple groping charges the people of Alabama voted massively for Donald Trump giving him a 62-31% landslide victory - the most since Bush in 2004 with 62%.
And when did Alabamians do this? Here's where it gets mind boggingly profound. For Trump's historic election (at age 70) was on November 8th just 33 days from October 7th when the Access Hollywood tape surfaced hitting the news like an earthquake. And when will Alabama's voters elect 70 year old Roy Moore Senator? On December 12th 33 days from November 9th when the Washington Post story surfaced about Moore and the 14 year old girl. 
Duration Between Two Dates  Results 
From and including: Friday, October 7, 2016 (Hollywood Access tape)  To and including: Tuesday, November 8, 2016 (Election Day) 
Result: 33 days 
From and including: Thursday, November 9, 2017 (WAPO story)
 To, but not including Tuesday*, December 12, 2017 (special election) 
Result: 33 days 
*There are two ways of calculating the duration between two dates: with or without the last day.
November 8, 2016 Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, so too, I believe, on December 12, 2017 Judge Roy Moore will defeat Doug Jones - who, by the way, in 1997 was appointed by Bill Clinton to be US Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama (see). And incredible as it is on November 8, 2016 when Trump defeated Hillary it was the 19th anniversary when Clinton-appointed US Attorney Jones was confirmed by the US Senate (see). Confirmed by the Senate then, but not making it there as Senator now to fill Jeff Sessions seat as it appears that Providence has reserved it for Judge Roy Moore.
And, BTW, when WAPO came out with the story on 11-9 it was the first anniversary of when Donald Trump actually won the presidency in spite of Billy Bush, the tape and gropergate. Amazing, isn't it (see)*?
* Gloria Allred is trying to take down Judge Moore, just as she tried and failed with Donald Trump before (see).

Christian tradition says that when Jesus was crucified and  resurrected in victory over death he was 33 years old (see). And that his 33rd year was the worst and most trying of his life suffering through adversity he never experienced before. Could it be then that the number 33 as it relates to Donald Trump's unprecedented, seemingly miraculous election victory last year was a sign of divine grace and intervention in the race?
Indeed, couldn't we say in a secular sense following the Gospel story that Trump's campaign in its last 33 days (starting with the lewd Hollywood Access tape) was a terrible period of political crucifixion like the last year of Jesus' life? And that Trump's campaign given up by many for dead and certain defeat was resurrected on election day in victory?
That's how it appears to me. And now it seems that Judge Moore in the last 33 days of his senatorial campaign is following a similar path of political crucifixion and death over sexual assault allegations; and that December 12th will be Judge Moore's November 8th: his victorious resurrection from what seemed to be political death.
It's amazing to behold.
The sexual misconduct allegations were from 40 years ago. There are none from 30, or 20, or 10 years ago. There are no recent allegations from last year, last month, last week. Those intimate with the Judge for decades swear by his character.
Worse case scenario, for argument's sake, assuming that the charges of this 14 year old are true, what then? The complete absence of such stories from the intervening years suggests that Roy Moore at age 70 is morally and spiritually far removed from the much younger man of 32. This means that sometime shortly after his last little indiscretion with an underage girl (I'm not saying he had them) Roy Moore reformed himself - the better angels of his nature prevailed over his baser instincts and he put this brief, sad chapter of his life behind him. It means that at age 70 (and for many decades now) Roy Moore is a self-commanding moral man of virtue, integrity and strength - with a soul and spirit more powerful than the yearnings of his flesh; and as such he's no more of a habituated, practicing, morally weak pedophile (sexually attracted to underaged teenage girls) children) than I'm a drug abusing pothead for having been addicted to the smoking of marijuana in my youth.
In short, what may have happened 40 years ago and ended then doesn't make Judge Moore a pedophile. Even if this story were true the Judge Moore of right now, today, this second is mentally and morally fit to serve in the US Senate; and when he's elected and takes office he'll continue to be a credit to the people of Alabama and this  nation defending like a lion the Judeo-Christian-Classical Tradition: the God-centered Western value system of the Founders and Framers. 
The Alabama Republican party is officially standing by Roy Moore as the GOP nominee in the Senate race, closing the door on one of the few options to block Moore from being elected. 
Donald Trump has backed Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore remaining in the election race despite multiple claims of sexual harassment of teenage girls. 
Mr Trump believes that “Alabama should take the decision” about their next senator and that Mr Moore should only quit if the allegations are proved.  

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has been raking in the campaign cash ever since controversy exploded last week over allegations of his predatory behavior toward teenage girls in the 1970s.


“Donations have been pouring in from Alabama and from all over the country in an unprecedented way,” Moore campaign manager Brett Doster told The Post on Saturday.

Moore’s campaign raised $500,000 in three days last week and ramped up its online fundraising efforts, Doster said.....

As of this morning (11-20) Judge Moore has widened his lead over Jones from 47-37% on Saturday to 58-43%.




  1. That lying POS Coffman declared bankruptcy 3 times and was in bad financial shape. She had previously falsely accused several pastors of sexual harrassment. People with money and WP reporters come into the picture.

    WP reporters wrote the story. Ms. Coffman got the payday. She may not even have said what was in the story. She then spoke to no one. But details will show the story is false.

    Reminds me of Dan Rather and fake Bush documents. Get the facts and the story will fall apart.

      1. No thinking adult intelligence level person believes this BS story. Supposidly happened almost 40 years ago

        Unreliable ex Clinton campaign worker accuser who

        Was divorced 3 times

        Went bankrupt maybe more than once

        Who obviously wanted/needed $$

        The only real unanswered question is how much was she payed to lie?

    1. Of course it was all made up by some vicious leftist who would do anything to block a good person from getting into office.

        1. This orchestrated hit is as transparent as anything we will ever see. It is a joint collaboration between the Washington Post and the unhappy GOP leadership with the prospect that they will have a Senator who cannot be bought or controlled by the swamp dwellers.

  2. What sexual abuse? An established man courts a legal marriage girl with the mother’s knowledge and consent, not unusual or inmoral at that time. They didn’t even have sex. It was not illegal

    And now, 40 years later when social norms have changed, when women wait till their 30’s to marry, when there is no longer courting for the purpose of marriage but dating for sex and company. When men no longer need to be economically established before they start dating, so no longer need to wait till their late twenties or early thirties to do so.. when women didn’t have easy access to contraceptives as they do now and mother’s where desperate to marry their daughters off early before they got shunned by society by out of wedlock pregnancies… leading to very common age gaps of 10 years or more between married couples..

    Now, now we are going to judge dating practices in that state in the seventies? What a bunch of bull.

    1. Indeed! It was common. My husband’s mother was 18 when she married his father who was 30. They had a very happy marriage for 22 years until she died of cancer at the age of 40.

      I was married at 20. My cousins married in their late teens. This was the late 60s.

      I attended nursing school. We started with a class of 100. Only 50 graduated. Nearly all left, in their TEENS, to get married. Several married doctors who were 30 or **more**.

    1. “If true, I wouldn’t be surprised, especially since it is only at convenient times that the accusations pop up”

      Let’s see what the landscape looks like a week from now. Guessing it may very well have tilted in Moore’s favor by then as Apollo predicts.

  3. A Roy Moore win after all the garbage thrown at him by republicans and democrats and only a year after Donald Trump’s victory shocked and rocked the establishment would be sweet as Alabama honeysuckle nectar!

    1. It would be sweet because it would demonstrate that liberal smear tactics don’t work and that no one pays attention to the msm anymore.

      1. Two weeks to a month out from the election, the Dems always have their media wing drop an “October Surprise”. They keep doing it because it has been part of their playbook back to LBJ and it use to work.

        1. The internet changed that. With the internet, you have actual journalists and just regular investigative folks who will actually check the story and push back. The media/Dems never had to deal with this in the past when they controlled all communication. Now they don’t.

          1. Now this woman has been exposed , not just as a Hillary supported, but a member of the “Resist” movement, and a serial liar. It doesn’t matter that the Dem/MSM won’t report that she is a liar, people will find out through non-traditional channels on the internet.

  4. Apollo’s correct. If Moore molestered this girl 40s year ago (which I doubt) and has done no such thing since then he’s not a child molester.

  5. Hope you’re right Apollo.

    Those Senators who have called on him to step aside without the slightest evidence of wrong doing besides 4 women suddenly appearing after 40 years, no record of any police reports, not a shred of proof should themselves leave Washington. But we know power is exremely addictive and these cretins will never leave it while still breathing. I don’t live in Alabama but I sent Judge Moore money yesterday and would vote for him in a second if I could.

  6. Say Moore does win like Apollo predicts. Will the US Senate then try to expel him? Would they even hold hearings on the matter?

  7. This is only the first volley at Moore. As soon as this clams down there will be more allegations. The swamp is strongest when the LSM and both parties work together – as in this instance.

    1. “This is only the first volley at Moore.”

      We heard the same about Trump during his campaign.
      However, the establishment is really threatened by this guy.

  8. Typical democRATS trick, they’ve done it before, recall the “lynching” of Justice Thomas. All the more reason why Sessions should go all out and investigate Clinton and all her cronies for the crimes they’ve committed.

  9. They kept throwing volleys at Trump which he deflected with genius and agility. Moore is not Trump. Watch/listen to Hannity interview Moore. You decide how he did – be objective.

    1. Just as Hannity planned it……question upon question and then a speech then another question…..Moore was trying to explain how he knows the family of one of the “ladies” and so knows who she is. But, no. Hannity brings everything back to himself. He’s got a daughter….yada, yada, yada

      1. Hannity is, and has always been, a horrible interviewer. I like Laura Ingraham’s style. She actually listens to her guests, and does not interrupt during their responses.

    2. Sounds like he dated an eighteen year old… the fact that he feels guilt about it tells me it’s unlikely he came on to a fourteen year old. Time will tell..

    3. Hannity’s radio & TV listeners and viewers are mainly women.

      So he plays to his fans. Hannity almost sounds like Mitt Romney
      on Moore.

      He was a BiG Mo Brooks supporter too.

      And it’s starting to show.

    4. Hannity was trying to save him. The judge did not do well.

      I really don’t know what to think at this point. Is it possible he did these things? Sure. Is it also possible it is a complete hit job? Sure. And we certainly know the RATS pull this crap every election.

    5. In the first place, the culture in Alabama doesn’t put a whole lot of emphasis on the difference between 16, 17, 18, and 19. Now I would agree that a 32-year-old man dating a 17-year-old girl is in questionable taste, but I think that if that happened 30 or 40 years ago, it’s no reason for Moore to drop out. I am a little bothered that he seems to equivocating about it.

    6. The woman that claimed he undressed her and fondled her at 14, is a 3xBankrupted 3XDivorced 3XAccused Pastors..and a hard core Democrat and Hillary supporter.

    7. Not a very good interview for Judge Moore. But Alabamans say dating much younger girls was commonplace there and then, so that aspect of it doesn’t worry me at all.

      And now we hear from a family that knows the “14” year old and insists that’s not correct…she was at least 16 because she dated her brother, iirc. Also 3 divorces, and employed by Hillary associates. Very suspect… was from the gitgo. It’s a smear with swamp written all over.

    8. His interview was not all that great but, people in Alabama who watch Hannity are still going to vote for Moore unless the swamp can prevent them.

      That is the thing to fight right now.

  10. It was 40 freaking years ago. My wife was 16 and I was 18 when we began dating. They wouldn’t let us do it now, and we’ve got 40 years married and grandkids everywhere.

    These are attacks are from people that engage in every form of criminal act and perversion.

  11. Elvis had his 14 year old Bride to be live with him when he was 25, are we going to raise Graceland to the ground and take down his statues in Memphis?

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