It's amazing, but true. Donald Trump chose Jeff Sessions, the 43rd Senator from Alabama, to be his Attorney General. Then Governor Robert Bentley picked Luther Strange, former Attorney General of Alabama, to fill Sessions' Senate seat making him that state's 44th US Senator (see). Then on September 26th pro-Trump Roy Moore defeated a $30 million GOPe/McConnell effort to keep Luther Strange in Washington; this put Moore on the path to becoming Alabama's 45th US Senator - 45 being Donald Trump's president number.
Then something truly remarkable happened: as I wrote about HERE 33 days before Alabama's special election (Dec. 12th) between Moore and Democrat Doug Jones the Washington Post launched an October surprise attack smearing Moore's upstanding character and sexual morality, just as NBC sneak attacked Trump 33 days before the 2016 election*. Remarkably the date of the attack November 9th (the actual anniversary of Trump's election victory**) was exactly 45 days from Moore's defeat of Luther Strange (see). Is this a sign from ON HIGH prophetically anticipating that the smearing of Moore will completely fail to prevent him from becoming Alabama's 45th Senator? Just like the attacks on Trump  couldn't stop him from becoming the 45th President (ending in defeat on 11-09-16)? 
 *With Trump it was the lewd remarks of the Hollywood Access tape triggering multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.
** It was in the wee hours of the morning on November 9th that Trump crossed the finish line of 270 electoral votes.
There are other auspicious signs (numerical patterns and coincidences) that seem to point to Moore's victory next month. For example, Tuesday, November 21st when Trump endorsed Moore it was simultaneously 21 days from election day (see), and exactly 378 days from Trump's 2016 election (see) - 378 is a multiple of 21 18x.    
Now the purpose of the December 12th election (12 is 21 reverse) is to fill the US Senate seat left vacant by Jeff Sessions; Sessions is currently the 84th Attorney General of the United States (see) - 84 is a multiple of 21 4x. Oddly on February 8th when Sessions resigned his Senate seat, he was 20 years, 1 month and 6 days in office (see).... or in his 21st year as Senator. 
Clearly there is a fascinating numerical pattern emerging here with the number 21 (a multiple of 7 3x). Just look at this: from November 8, 2016 when Donald Trump was elected 45th POTUS to December 12, 2017 when, as I believe, Roy Moore will be elected Alabama's 45th US Senator, is exactly 399 days (see). 399 is a multiple of 21 19x. Moreover, on December 12th 70 year old Roy Moore (Trump's age when he was elected President) will be exactly 25,872 days old  (see) - 25,872 is a multiple of 21 1232x.
But perhaps the most astonishing sign of all that Judge Moore, following a remarkably similar path as President Trump (on a lower senatorial level) is on course to becoming Alabama's 45th US Senator is the following: On Inauguration Day 2017 when Donald Trump was sworn in as America's 45th President he was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old (see). Incredibly when Roy Moore defeated Luther Strange setting the stage, I believe, to becoming Alabama's 45th US Senator he was (like Trump at his inaugural) exactly, precisely, mathematically 70 years and 7 months old (see and see).
But I'm not done. 70 + 7 = 77. 77 is the exact number of days separating Roy Moore's victory over Luther Strange from the December 12th election (see). And apparently on that day when 70-year-old Roy Moore will be the elected Senator from Alabama to replace Jeff Sessions he (Jeff Sessions) will be in the last 12 days of his 70th year (see). And unbelievable as it is on February 11, 1947 when Roy Moore was born Jeff Sessions (b. 12 -24-1946) was 49 days (7x7) or 7 weeks old (see). In fact, on the day Roy Moore will be elected 45th Senator from Alabama Jeff Sessions will be 25,921 days old - 25,921 is a multiple of 7 3703x.
What does all this mean? Roy Moore, it seems, was born, fated, destined to be Alabama's 45th Senator serving under our nation's 45th President. And on December 12th Steve Bannon, myself and Roy Moore's millions of conservative supporters will be in 7th political heaven celebrating his astonishing victory. 


    1. When Moore wins we all need to thank the smart folks of Alabama, who know their right hand from their left hand. Soon, there will be people who will want to enter into marriage with their dog. We need traditional values NOW. And Judge Moore is a standard bearer.

  1. If Moore wins, and I think he will, I hope he sues Gloria Allred and her client. I would like to see Gloria lose her license to practice law.

    1. I am going to write in my high school yearbook:

      “This note legally entitles you to all of my money.”

      “Your friend, Bill Gates.”

    2. One of the remarkable things that the media has never called Gloria Allred on is the fact that she constantly claims to be representing persons throughout the USA. Each state has its own law licensing requirements, and I seriously doubt that Allred holds licenses in all of the state jurisdictions in which she pops up in to hold press conferences.

      1. Yeah. She ought to be disciplined for the unauthorized practice of law when she holds herself out as an attorney in jurisdictions where she is unlicensed or has not obtained judicial permission to being admitted pro hac vice.

      2. GS, you can represent clients in other jurisdictions by associating yourself with local counsel in that jurisdiction. This practice is almost as common as breathing in the legal profession and there’s nothing unethical about it.

    3. The fact that Gloria Allred was the lawyer responsible for Roe v. Wade’s abortion mandate combined with the fact she got caught fabricating a smear against Roy Moore pretty much guarantees Moore’s election in Alabama.

  2. God it is said is the Great Mathematician. Why can’t he communicate with us using numbers? Much of what you write seems to prove that.

  3. God bless you Apollo.

    I will vote for Moore because he is a Republican and will vote for tax cuts, Trump’s judges and enact the rest of Trump’s agenda, and his opponent will do none of these things.

  4. We need to send a message that 40 year old UNPROVEN allegations are never a reason to not vote for someone regardless of party affiliation.

    1. Whether true or false, the business about indiscretions 40 years ago is irrelevant as well – the establishment elites are quite happy to excuse worse in those they’re allied with

  5. Hi Mr Apollo

    I wonder why you never commented on the fact that on election night 2016, right when the clock stroke 2:40 am, Trump got a call from Clinton conceding the race. Which was symbolic of the fact that Donald Trump was becoming the president of the 240 years old nation.

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