Yes, it's true, there have been many Republican and conservative  sex offenders over the years (including pastors, clerics and Catholic priests) who lost control of their sex drives and fell into serious sin with women and children. But let's not forget that it was radical, left-wing, subversive, sin loving, tradition hating, counterculture Democrats and ACLU anarchists that unleashed the deadly, irresponsible, hedonistic, anything goes sex, drugs and rock n roll revolution of the 1960s; the destructive, pornographic, dehumanizing rebellion from the pit of hell that broke down sane, soul strengthening, character building restraints on our behavior; and since has turned this country into an insane asylum of vulgarity, obscenity, depravity, licentiousness, disease and death affecting Democrats and Republicans alike.
Indeed, the recent death of Hugh Hefner (just prior to the outbreak  of the Weinstein scandal) - who's magazine popularized the sexualizing, objectifying and degrading of women into playthings of men - and the death of murderous, charismatic, authoritarian hippy cult leader Charles Manson, are reminders that what's happening today is rooted in those times.
The holocaust of abortion deaths.
Liberals can compile lists of sinning Republicans and fallen conservatives all they want; but they can't escape blame for the devastating cultural firestorm they fueled that's now coming home to roost in the raging epidemic of abortions, drug induced deaths,  and sexually abused, harassed and mistreated women and children.
“I came of age in the 60’s and 70’s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different. That was the culture then.” Harvey Weinstein.
And no one knows the 1960s better than myself. I was there at the revolution (up in arms against America) a pot smoking, pill popping, acid dropping nihilistic, socialist (pro-Russian) hippy as wild and crazy as they come. I hung out with morons and degenerates (icons of the Left) you read about in history books - the useful fools and    idiots of our nation's socialist foes. With them I took a sledge-hammer to everything American wanting to shatter and destroy what was decent, good and great in our land. We violently opposed the war in Vietnam that took 50,000 lives. But how many since have died from oding on drugs, aborting the unborn and sexual disease? How many have lost their minds and gone insane ending up like garbage in the streets? HOW MANY MILLIONS AT A COST OF TRILLIONS!  And yes the Democratic Left is mostly to blame for this horrific, worsening cultural mess - with its army of morally corrupt progressive educators and teachers teaching children sexual license instead of restraint .
In the 1960s Bill Clinton might not have inhaled when he was given a joint, but he absorbed the libertinism of that era and brought it with him to the White House.
Since the youth quake of the counterculture sixties the President whose moral mentality was most profoundly shaped by those times was the very charming sexual  predator, alleged rapist and serial adulterer Bill Clinton.
As a young man in his late teens Clinton met and shook hands with adulterer President John F. Kennedy in the Rose Garden. That meeting, Clinton said, inspired him to make the presidency the ultimate goal of his life. Achieving this, as some have rightly said, linked the 1960s to the 1990s when Clinton accelerated the moral corruption and decline of our culture by making lying, cheating and sexual immorality sexy, hip and cool.
In 2016 ignoring how badly Clinton desecrated the Oval Office by having oral sex with an intern there 65 million Democrats voted to return him to the White House so he could make it an OPEN FLY ZONE again.
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    1. Wasn’t the Manson clan living in a commune? Isn’t that like practicing communism? Charles Manson would have voted for Hillary without a doubt or Jill Stein. You can see how they are trying to label us freedom lovers as dangerous. You can see how this translates into attacks on republicans in office.

      1. Wasn’t the Manson clan living in a commune?


        Manson’s final adventure was with the family living communally at Barker Ranch in Death Valley, where he hid in a cupboard.

    2. Actually Charlie was more a product of the progressive leftist culture manufactured by the likes of Herbert Marcuse — the “father of the new left” and one of the principle arthitects of the Frankfurt School.

      [The Architects of Western Decline:

      A Study on the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism]

      Without dialectic miscreants like Marcuse manufacturing the Golden Calf-fattening Cold War from their perch in the Deep State OSS/CIA (and the derivative experiments with LSD) Charlie’s fun-time in the desert would’ve likely been far less fruitful.

      Got Fear and Self-Loathing?

    3. Manson’s biggest cheerleader, Bernadine Dohrn hosted Barry Obama’s political kickoff suaré in her home, along with her co-radical leftist bomber, Bill Ayers. The left that spawned Obama had already years before gathered Manson to their bosom in solidarity

    4. At this point, the only value the NYTs has to offer is in the amusement factor. Having lost all of its credibility, its butthurt swan song as it sinks from relevance can still provide a measure shadenfreudey deliciousness.

    5. So a bunch of druggie self proclaimed free love hippies living in a commune, and promoted the idea of a violent overthrow of the country and society, are now some how right wing or conservatives?

      yea, okay.

    6. Manson should have been executed shortly after he was convicted of his heinous crimes! Giving him three squares a day, a bed and clothes plus medical for the last fifty years is also a crime.

        1. Right on AS. Life in jail was wonderful for Manson. Till his death he enjoyed a celebrity status and had pen pals and fan mail where he continued to exert his influence. The death penalty could have curtailed that influence.

  1. Dohrn said:

    “Offing those rich pigs with their own forks and knives, and then eating a meal in the same room, FAR OUT! The Weathermen dig Charles Manson.”


    That aptly sums up the sex, drugs and rock n roll sixties culminating not in Woodstock, but the Manson murders.

  3. Manson was a liberal/leftist in its purest form.

    He wanted to incite a race war between blacks and whites, but he didn’t think that blacks would be competent enough to run the country after the bloodbath, so Manson thought he would come in as a “benevolent dictator” and oversee the ones left.

    Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds an awful lot like what liberals think of black people. That they need white liberals to take care of them.

        1. The Manson Family and the far left teamed up to try to assassinate Gerald Ford because they said Ford was Nixon wearing a new face, about the same time the SLA tried to help the Family break Manson out of prison.

      1. Like you Apollo I was alive back then. Manson was scum. He was no Republican. He was a anarchist hippie. Hillary was a hippie, Elizabeth Warren was a hippie. Bernie Sanders was a hippie. They are all scum

  4. I heard clips of Manson talking about the environmental movement, population control and the need for a one-world government. Manson sounded like Al Gore on the environment, Bill Gates on population control and David Rockefeller on globalism.

    Yep, Charlie was left all the way.

  5. If Manson committed his crimes in Texas, he would’ve been offed a lifetime ago. But given he was smart enough to commit his crimes in wussifornia, they offered him the good life instead.

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