With sex scandals rocking the Democrat Party and its Hollywood and big media backers a sick, depraved, foul mouth Jimmy Kimmel - a silly, unfunny, morally corrupt creature of Hollywood who's made a career of sexually humiliating and demeaning women (see the video below) - sent one of his clowns to Alabama (comedian Tony Barbieri)
   to disrupt a Roy Moore rally at a church so he could get a few laughs from his vulgar, immature ABC audience of retards and losers. 
The Judge, who compared to Kimmel is a saint, challenged him on Twitter to come down to Alabama in person and mock Christian values mano mano. Kimmel then accepted the challenge by making himself look like the low info idiot that he is, blindly accepting as factually true any malicious smear thrown at the Judge.
Indeed, Kimmel relying on baseless allegations that 40 years ago Moore was banned from the Gadsden Mall for repeatedly trolling for young women; and that the Gadsden police were told to keep Moore away from cheerleaders at high school sporting events, Kimmel twittered Moore that he'd "go down to Gadsden with a team of high school cheerleaders and would meet him at the mall." Hardy har har! What the idiot didn't know is that the mall and cheerleader stories were bogus and debunked. The mall manager at the time denied there was any ban on Moore (see); and the ex-female cop with the cheerleader story could not substantiate her claim. In fact, Moore's attorneys discovered that he sent her brother to prison for drug possession and had an axe to grind with him (see).

Most Alabamians, the most hard-working, God-fearing conservative people in the Union, are appalled to the point of puking by the Left Coast Jimmy Kimmels of this country; and this challenge will only serve to remind them when they vote in two weeks how Judge Moore like them (whatever his past flaws) is Christian and conservative in his values, principles and moral ideals; it will remind them just how distant he is from the coke snorting, anything goes, hedonistic Hollywood Left that's done so much to sexualize women, and turn men (like Kimmel) into disrespecting sexist pigs who have mainstreamed filth, garbage and sin that's poisoning the minds of millions and must  end. In a word, people like Jimmy Kimmel are what's wrong with America. Those like Judge Moore are the solution.

12 thoughts on “ROY MOORE VS. JIMMY KIMMEL

  1. Can’t wait for the inevitable sexual deviancy accusations against Jimmy Kimmel.

    I’ll be cooking up a nice big batch of schaudenfreude that day!

  2. Apollo’s right. This would help Moore because this is some out-of-stater, I never watch the show. Don’t like puking.

    1. Nothing endears Alabama voters as much as an arrogant yankee wise guy visiting their state in order to ridicule them and their faith.

  3. Good post Apollo. Big Mistake by Jimmy Kimmel & Company!!! Alabama folks do not take kindly to being made fun of. Kimmel may be Roy Moore’s best campaigner ever.

    1. “Alabama folks do not take kindly to being made fun of. Kimmel may be Roy Moore’s best campaigner ever.”

      What might ultimately propel Moore to a massive victory is the fact that his arrogant elitist leftist opponents just can’t stop themselves from mocking Southerners and their Christian faith.

  4. Comedy? HA! No, more like political propaganda trying to incorporate humor…. unfortunately, like Apollo, I’ve never seen any clip or highlight that was funny from Kimmel. He is just a political hack.

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