The absentee military vote in Alabama can't save Roy Moore and turn his defeat into victory, and he knows it; unfortunately there just aren't enough of these votes to shrink his 1.5% deficit with Doug Jones to the .5% needed to trigger an automatic statewide recount.
Moore is trailing weak on crime, pro-transgender, open borders, abortion absolutist Doug Jones by 20,715 votes. 2016 military data shows that 8,700 Alabamians are currently serving in the military: 6500 overseas, and the rest at home. Undoubtedly Judge Moore's background as a West Point grad and Vietnam vet will win him a great majority of this vote. But even if he gets 100% of it, it will cut Jone's lead to 12,000 or just under 1% to .85%. That's .35% shy of the .5% needed for a recount.
An election this close has far too many variables at play to just concede without putting up a fight. And Judge Moore is a fighter for God, country, family and faith. That's why we love him and wish him well.
But, as I said, the Judge knows this. He knows that the military vote alone can't and won't be the answer to his prayers for overturning the election that was stolen from him by false accusations of sexual misconduct spread by a malicious press (with GOPe backing) using discredited accusers who were likely paid for lying - as were Donald Trump's accusers.
As the certification process with the final tally will be completed between December 26 and January 3 the Judge in the meantime is using the excuse of a close race and uncounted military ballots to justify not conceding as he searches the state for evidence of significant and substantial voter fraud. If God willing the Judge is fortunate enough to find such evidence he'll raise hell that the election was stolen from him and call on the Alabama Republican Party to join him in requesting that the state do a recount. If the AL GOP is with Moore on the recount it's more than likely the Republican administration in Montgomery will order it. But lacking party support that's unlikely to happen. Moore then will sue for a recount in court. But if that fails and he believes that a recount will reverse the election then he'll have to fund it himself. And that's where you and I and millions of the Judge's supporters come in.
It is reported that the cost of a recount is between $1 million and $1.5 million, and that the Judge has no more than $636,000 in campaign funds on hand. Now if the Judge doesn't receive a personal donation of $863,000 to finance the recount we'll have to do that for him by sending him donations. By the way, if the recount results in a victory for Moore he'll be reimbursted 100%.
But when the certification process is complete and Moore not finding any or enough voting fraud too change the outcome, what then? Should he do what the President says and concede? NO WAY! If I were Moore I'd not concede an election that was stolen from me by a hate driven media and lying accusations of sexual wrong doing of 40 years ago. NO WAY would I concede the election to a psychopathic infanticidal late-term abortion nut, the champion of sexually confused mentally ill people and illegal aliens. 
Roy Moore is a man of deep faith and spiritual integrity with a mission to save our Republic and civilization from the immorality and degeneration of secular progressivism, and restore traditional values, principles and ideals. He believes in the rightness of his cause (which is that of true conservatism) and that God and history are on his side whether he reverses the election or not. Judge Moore's candidacy as is his life is a crusade not a political campaign. And his crusade, an inspiration to us all, won't end until God takes him from this world to the better place in Heaven that he richly deserves.
12-16-17 1:30 pm

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Alabama Republican Roy Moore on Friday told supporters that the “battle is not over” in Alabama’s Senate race even though President Donald Trump and others have called on him to concede.

Moore sent a fundraising email to supporters asking for contributions to his “election integrity fund’ so he could investigate reports of voter fraud.

“I also wanted to let you know that this battle is NOT OVER!” he wrote.



Judge Roy Moore Files Election Complaint Alleging Voter Fraud

Judge Roy Moore filed an election complaint with the Circuit Court of Montgomery, Alabama, Wednesday night, alleging that voter fraud swung the election in favor of Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones.

Roy Moore refused to concede the election in the wake of his defeat to Doug Jones in the Alabama special election. The Alabama State Canvassing Board is scheduled to meet on Thursday to certify Jones’s victory. However, the Moore campaign filed a complaint late Wednesday night with the state Circuit Court, seeking a temporary restraining order to postpone the certification, arguing “potential election fraud that improperly altered the outcome of this election.”

The Roy Moore campaign contended in a press release that “with a reasonable degree of statistical and mathematical certainty … election fraud occurred.”

“This is not a Republican or Democrat issue as election integrity should matter to everyone,” the Moore campaign wrote in a statement on Wednesday. “We call on Secretary of State Merrill to delay certification until there is a thorough investigation of what three independent election experts agree took place: election fraud sufficient to overturn the outcome of the election.” 


"Moore's complaint includes AFFIDAVITS from three "national election integrity experts" who claim election fraud occurred.....(see)"

   We shall see



  1. Great article! The takedown of Judge Moore was decidedly not about vindicating highly suspect accusations of decades-old alleged sexual misconduct, it was about keeping a genuinely independent Bible-believing Christian conservative from joining President Donald Trump in the essential mission of draining the swamp in Washington D.C.

      1. Moore would have won if the Establishment had not united against him.

        What mattered wasn’t some Establishment. It was votes in Alabama. They weren’t there.

        The Establishment united against Trump and he still won. Moore didn’t. #FlawedCandidate

        1. Trump was a national candidate with a known and flawed opponent. Very few can stand in President Trump’s shoes.

          Very few candidates can stand against the entire national establishment being directed against them in one state race with no other races ongoing.

          1. Watch for more witch hunts on 20 or 30 or 40 year old allegations on candidates the Establishment disapproves of.

            Hopefully it will not work when they cannot focus everything on one race.

        2. The problem wasn’t the votes in Alabama. They would have voted for Moore if there had been any sort of balanced coverage. There wasn’t any balance in coverage or expenditures. Moore almost won in spite of that.

        3. “What mattered wasn’t some Establishment. It was votes in Alabama. They weren’t there. ”

          I see you rewrite political history.

          Yes, the votes were there just fine until these accusations came out. Moore was polled 15 points ahead or more of Doug Jones. Moore was going to win decisively till these accusations came out, and party officials used them as an excuse to dump him.

        4. Moore was not a “flawed candidate”. He was a perfectly good candidate that was torpedoed from both sides of the Uniparty running Washington.

  2. Apollo. There’s definitely hope for the Judge. Did you see this?.

    Lame Cherry: Vote Fraud of Alabama

    The information in the article Vote Fraud of Alabama from TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2017, deserves saving.

    There is absolutely not any way that Roy Moore lost the Alabama election for United States Senate. This was a matter again of vote rigging in population centers.

    Simply look at the massive margins which Doug Jones had to pile up in concentrated population areas. To put it plainly, Alabama is a state of 6 out of 10 voters are Republicans, in remembering this 60 to 40 percent margin, look at these numbers in percentages for Doug Jones.

    Bullock 80.4%
    Macon 88.1
    Montgomery 72.1
    Dallas 74.7
    Perry 79
    Wilcox 76.7
    Hale 87.6
    Sumter 80.9
    Jefferson 69.6
    Mobile 57.2
    Madison 56.9

    One only sees numbers like this in Pyongyang, Tehran and Peking. In a state of 60% Republicans who were highly motivated for Roy Moore, while Doug Jones was getting Hillary Clinton no shows at his events, and we are to believe that in Macon County 90% of the voters voted for Doug Jones?


    Jones Moore Write-Ins Rpt.
    Jefferson 121,169 49,910 3,121 85%
    Madison 65,664 46,313 3,446 100
    Mobile 57,715 41,398 1,300 71
    Montgomery 48,186 17,705 743 100
    Shelby 27,251 36,424 1,718 100
    Baldwin 22,131 38,445 1,699 98
    Tuscaloosa 30,858 22,064 1,007 100
    Lee 19,810 14,017 672 100
    Morgan 10,901 19,187 668 100
    Etowah 10,518 15,693 617 100
    Calhoun 11,705 14,567 399 100
    Limestone 9,606 14,298 515 100
    Houston 9,107 14,796 285 100
    Lauderdale 9,908 12,775 382 100
    St. Clair 6,203 15,876 459 100
    Elmore 7,711 14,411 338 100
    Cullman 4,156 16,602 324 100
    Talladega 9,967 9,698 223 100
    Marshall 5,134 13,828 449 100
    Walker 4,317 11,909 259 100
    Colbert 6,865 7,762 171 100
    Autauga 5,606 8,752 253 100
    Blount 2,405 11,621 180 100
    Dallas 10,492 3,485 60 100
    DeKalb 3,559 10,097 234 100
    Coffee 3,715 8,052 202 100
    Tallapoosa 4,590 7,171 148 100
    Dale 3,842 6,988 136 100
    Jackson 3,328 7,316 154 100
    Russell 6,761 3,622 55 100
    Chilton 2,298 7,555 132 100
    Covington 2,102 6,825 88 100
    Escambia 3,640 4,985 87 100
    Lawrence 3,028 5,314 61 100
    Clarke 4,346 3,984 43 100
    Pike 3,989 4,154 97 100
    Chambers 4,247 3,308 75 100
    Marengo 4,495 2,804 62 100
    Geneva 1,289 5,431 93 100
    Marion 1,311 5,268 68 100
    Monroe 3,244 3,276 40 100
    Macon 5,780 758 20 100
    Barbour 3,680 2,699 41 100
    Pickens 3,057 2,961 46 100
    Franklin 1,770 4,214 48 100
    Butler 2,914 2,756 41 100
    Winston 911 4,680 67 100
    Cherokee 1,525 3,996 110 100
    Hale 3,894 1,691 32 100
    Bibb 1,567 3,599 66 100
    Washington 1,799 3,320 48 100
    Henry 1,896 3,014 38 100
    Randolph 1,692 3,229 23 100
    Lowndes 3,779 988 13 100
    Fayette 1,142 3,491 50 100
    Sumter 3,527 814 18 100
    Wilcox 3,344 999 16 100
    Choctaw 2,273 1,949 17 100
    Conecuh 2,259 1,815 18 100
    Perry 3,138 821 11 100
    Greene 3,340 462 9 100
    Crenshaw 1,320 2,347 56 100
    Lamar 779 2,847 29 100
    Clay 985 2,586 44 100
    Bullock 2,712 656 7 100
    Coosa 1,414 1,867 30 100
    Cleburne 594 2,465 30 100

    I did an inquiry of the matrix and the numbers which returned were a long the lines of a month ago in Roy Moore won by 62% and Doug Jones lost in 28% of the vote.

    This is what the deep state looks like when it steals an election. FOX comes out with a bogus poll to repress voting, but is more to prepare the Republicans for defeat, as Matt Drudge bashes the Alabama Citizens over the head for months, for the fag vote mafia.

    What took place is e vote fraud, write ins, vote fraud and busing in voters. At one point Doug Jones somehow got 60,000 votes in a few moments.

  3. Come on people. Moore had a lot of problems before any of these allegations from his many years of vanity politics and burning bridges. The Republican base was not motivated to turn out for him.

    It’s interesting how if a candidate loses and the establishment supported them it is because the establishment supported them. If they lose and the establishment didn’t support them it is because the establishment didn’t support them.

    1. Expect the UniParty establishment to give special attention to anybody they perceive as a mortal threat, or to somebody who pisses off multiple factions.

      Moore managed to piss off the feminists, the gays, the Muslims, blacks, illegals, and who knows how many others.

      When you manage to get the hostile attention of lots of enemies, expect to be targeted especially hard.

    2. You say,”It’s interesting how if a candidate loses and the establishment supported them it is because the establishment supported them. If they lose and the establishment didn’t support them it is because the establishment didn’t support them.”

      What do you call it when the establishment suddenly pulls out all support, implies the chosen candidate is a “child molester” and “rapist”, and urges people to vote for the Democrat?

      Et tu Brute?

  4. Love this blog! Judge Moore will have his seat of high honors in the Court of the Eternal King forever. Great is his reward.

  5. Fuck you peoplew with your bull shit. Moore did himself in. He was a terrible candidate andcommunicator and Alabama voters didn’t want him. PERIOD!

    1. The only way to win in politics when you’re a terrible communicator is to be as entertaining as hell in the process. When he’s off-script, Donald Trump might be the worst public speaker I’ve ever seen this side of Barack Obama. But he’s funny as hell and really connects to an American audience — especially on TV.
      Roy Moore clearly had none of that.

    2. Roy Moore’s speaking ability or inability did not cost him the election. Unprovable accusations and subsequent abandonment and condemnation by his “allies” are what cost the election.

  6. Guilty until proven innocent has been the norm in sexual harassment cases since Anita Hill. But the media will never do a single story on men who are falsely accused.

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