U.S. Allies Join in Lopsided U.N. Vote 108 - 9 Condemning Invasion Of Grenada - The Washington Post

The General Assembly voted 108 to 9 today for a resolution deploring the "armed intervention" in Grenada. For the key vote, 27 countries abstained and 13 were absent, in an action that left the United States isolated from virtually all its close allies.

Among those voting in favor were Australia, Ireland, France, eight NATO members--Denmark, Greece, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Spain--other American friends including Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia, and most of Latin America. Many of those who abstained made public statements of opposition to the U.S. action, including Britain, Japan, West Germany and Canada.


Thursday’s nonbinding resolution condemning the U.S. embassy moving to Jerusalem was adopted with 128 nations in favor, nine against, 35 abstaining and 30  absent. Joining the U.S. and Israel in voting against the resolution were Togo, the Marshall Islands, Nauru, Micronesia, Palau, Honduras and Guatemala. Among those that abstained were Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Poland and the Philippines.

In the era of Donald Trump the totally insane, unhinged, bloodthirsty, lynch mob Left has radically and malevolently redefined patriotism to pathetically mean wanting bad things to happen to the United States while Trump is President.
Indeed, these anti-American nuts disguised as "patriots" want the U.S. economy to fail, the healthcare system to fail, building the border security wall to fail, the war on terrorism and destroying ISIS to fail; and because of President Trump's historic decision to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, they want the Arab street to erupt in massive violent protests with thousands of fanatical Jew hating Moslems being injured and killed so they could blame the chaos on Trump.
And though this regional turmoil isn't happening (showing what little importance the Palestinian cause has for most Arabs) these imbecile leftists cheered the UN's lopsided General Assembly vote Friday condemning Trump's embassy move by 128-9. This they warned was a foreign policy disaster that isolated America in the world community and officially made it a pariah state. In fact, the cheers on the Left were so deafening I got the sense that these loons wanted the UN to expel us (which would have suited me fine).

But in reality Trump's embassy move in Israel has no more isolated this country in the so-called "community of nations" (there is no common unity as all nations pursue their self-interest) and made us into a pariah and outcast than did Ronald Reagan in 1983 when breaching international law he ordered the invasion of Grenada to overthrow an oppressive, unpopular, pro-Cuban Marxist regime. Then also the broken, bankrupt, dysfunctional, corrupt UN instead of celebrating the liberation of the Grenadian people (as they jubilantly did) condemned the U.S. in a 108-9 vote as if tyranny were preferable to freedom.


Then UN Ambassador Jeane Kilpatrick commenting on the UN vote defiantly said:

"The United States is proud to have participated in the liberation of the people of Grenada, and we are proud to have voted against a resolution that deplored this positive and constructive achievement." 
In the months and years following the invasion and cowardly UN vote the U.S. under Ronald Reagan's leadership brought down the Soviet Union and ended the very dangerous Cold War. And to this day the Grenadian people (a strong ally of the U.S.) honor the memory of Ronald Reagan for freeing them from a monstrous tyranny.
Likewise Niki Haley (Trump's Jeane Kilpatrick) defiantly rejected the General Assembly vote threatening to significantly reduce its contributions to the UN, and deny help to nations on a case by case basis who voted against us.
Good came from the invasion of Grenada not just for its people but for millions suffering under Soviet domination; for it emboldened them to oppose their Russian oppressors and it won their respect that Reagan was a man of strength willing to use force in defiance of world opinion.  
And Donald Trump is no different when it comes to the UN and Palestinian-Israeli conflict. If the UN is going to side with evil against good, with Islamofascism and Arab supremacism against a modern, peace-loving, democratic Western state, it will pay the price of shrinking U.S. donations and support; and if the evil, genocidal, Jew hating Palestinians don't end their racist jihad against Israel the U.S. will completely end funding to them - and perhaps even support a one state solution seeing that peace is hopeless and the Palis irredeemably bad. And maybe perhaps the money subtracted from the UN and Palestinians will go to Israel in the form of increased aid. That would drive the Left and Palis completely insane as it would annul the effects of their vicious BDS campaign (see).
Let Palestinian terror master Mahmoud Abbas howl like a wounded animal over President Trump's bold embassy move. It is side-splitting hilarious to hear this lying, Jew hating, genocidal dog (who wants to destroy Israel, not all at once like crazier Hamas but incrementally by degrees) banish the US from the "peace process." Peace process? What "peace process"? There's no such thing. Israel wants peace, the Palis want victory - a one state solution where Israeli Jews exist as an oppressed minority in a larger Arab Palestinian state. Israel's destruction is peace for Abbas - as it was for the world's ugliest villain, his twisted violent terrorist predecessor Yasser Arafat.
What should be done in response to Abbas? Prime Minister Netanyahu must issue a powerful counterpunch declaring that Israel will accept no nation, or group of nations, as a broker or mediator between the two peoples unless they first move their embassies to Jerusalem like the U.S..  That could possibly give the old decaying Abbas a massive heart attack and put an end to his long, miserable, worthless life of terrorism and crime.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that “several countries” are considering moving their embassies to Jerusalem after President Trump’s decision to recognize the city as the capital of Israel.  
The US should throw a well publicized bonus to Guatemala taken from the cutback of $285 million in US contributions to the UN. This would send a signal to other third world countries that their foreign aid could get a very nice boost if they follow suit and move their embassies to Jerusalem. Indeed, we should cut out all aid to the Palestinians and use that to incentivize and reward nations who follow Guatemala's lead.


  1. Great post Apollo! Didn’t know about the 80s UN vote on Granada .

    Funny how it never occurred to any of these UN members that the spigot of US largesse has a flow valve that can be closed.

  2. Excellent! Take all the money we give to the Jew haters and give half to Israel for weapons and half to our military for a pay raise.

  3. This is exactly what we have been missing.

    When Trump wakes up in the morning, he isn’t thinking about how he can please his corporate paymasters and the Marxist elite.

    His sole focus is to FIGHT FOR AMERICAN INTERESTS.

    How many presidents (besides Reagan) over the last century were genuinely of the same mindset ?

  4. Apollo’s got a great idea!

    Netanyahu should declare that Israel will not recognize any third party nation as a mediator between Israel and Palestinians unless they move their embassy to Jerusalem.

  5. This Prez is a true friend to Israel! God has promised a blessing to those who bless Israel. Proud of our president.

    Merry Xmas to all Apollonians!

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