It's not polar bears that face extinction. Bring back global warming and save the sharks.
Why couldn't liberals be right for a change? Why are they wrong nearly all the time about everything under the Sun? Why did their scientists get climate change wrong? How could their computer models been so radically off? Where are the snowless northern winters they predicted? Where  the iceless arctic summers and early falls? Where are the New York streets knee-deep in water killing tunnel and subway travel? Why hasn't the polar bear vanished into dust? Why aren't icebergs an endangered species like they warned? Why isn't Antarctica going green like it was 50 million years ago with grass, flowers, trees and song birds? I ask you, why couldn't warmunist hysteria be 10 percent real instead of totally, embarrassingly false? 
I don't know about you my friends, but global warming is suddenly looking good to me; it's a whole lot better than living in Florida freezing my God-damn butt off!     
Four years ago this week, during the terrible winter of 2014, this Russian research ship of climate scientists sent to Antarctica to study global warming got stuck in the ice and was stranded for days. Before it was free the first ice breaker sent to rescue the scientists also got stuck (see). This event inspired me to write the following:
Greetings comrades from frigid Antarctica where our Russian shipsky the Shokalsky is stucksky in the frozen icesky and won't be freesky until Al Goresky's global warmsky finally comes. But don't be a  denialisky. Global warmsky is realsky. If not we'd be frozen to deathsky; my infallible climate computsky tells me without global warmsky it would be 50 degrees colder here.  So keep the CO2sky going till we're saved. 


  1. Imagine all the money spent on studying, preventing, or reversing “global warming” had gone toward practical measures to help people (and even animals) deal with whatever weather turns up.

  2. Coldest I was ever in was -18 F in Rochester, NY – plenty cold enough for me … springs on my Plymouth Duster sounded like they were cracking when I got in ….

    1. Was up hunting mid December 1977 in Tioga county NY. Had my 66 dodge van. My friend his new Datsun. It was -15F and colder. Not even my friend’s new Datsun would turn over till the sun hit it in he early afternoon.

      Bring the Gorebull warming. I’ll take it.

  3. LOL. Awesome Apollo. The sun is actually going to sleep. It’s going to be at its’ minimum for the next 11 years.


  4. I’m curious: If the Democraps and RINOcraps finally agree that man made gorebull warming is a hoax, will we get a refund from all the extra taxes we had to pay at the pump which BTW also drove up the cost of everything else?

  5. Christmas 1983 was far colder than this.

    Reagan’s second inaugural in 1985 was far colder than this.

    Strange I don’t seem to recall any of these “sky is falling” headlines.


    As cold wave sweeps US, Trump derides climate change science
    AP ^ | 28 Dec 2017

    Washington (AFP) – President Donald Trump chimed in on the weather Thursday, citing the cold wave sweeping across much of the central and northeastern United States as justification for his controversial move to leave the global climate change pact.

    “In the East, it could be the COLDEST New Year’s Eve on record,” Trump tweeted from his Mar a Lago resort in Florida, where he is on holiday vacation.

    “Perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming that our Country, but not other countries, was going to pay TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to protect against. Bundle up!”

    (Excerpt) Read more at yahoo.com ..


    1. Trump plays the global warming loons (and all leftists) like a finely tuned piano as they pounce on every statement he puts out there for them to scramble over. Then he slams the lid on their heads. LOL!

    2. Trump’s Tweet wasn’t really about Globull Warming, it was about the Trillions of Dollars America would be on the hook for if we joined these idiotic Globalist Climate Change Agreements.

      1. ‘Trump’s Tweet wasn’t really about Globull Warming”


        Indeed. Trump didn’t even bother to deny Global Warming. What he said precisely was

        1. global warming is a good thing, especially for the people freezing in the cold snap

        2. it’s right not wasting money to “combat” global warming

        3. fighting against global warming is irrational

        All truth, and of course, all distorded and spinned by the presstitutes.

        Now, just think that they do that for every other things they report…

    3. Love Apollo’s humor. Made my day.

      All of these news organizations have made all sorts of lame global warming statements and reports based on the most specious of so-called “Science”, so they double down on stupid when Trump calls them on their nonsense, which is effectively what is happening here. Here’s a great list:

      Global Warming Ate My Homework: 100 Things Blamed on Global Warming

    4. I so love this President that my New Years resolution is to skip news altogether and just follow his twitter page. Its all the news I need.

      1. It’s SO REFRESHING to have a President that stands up to the Globalist Communist Shakedown Artists!

        Gawd, I love this man! He exceeds EVERY hope I had for him and America – every day!


    5. “As cold wave sweeps US, Trump derides climate change science.”

      There should be quote-marks around the word ‘science’. I am a scientist and am disgusted by the climate people, who are mostly politicians or people chasing the government gold.

  7. Obama went everywhere telling audiences “you see climate change every day”. I have no idea what he was taking about but we can’t take note of cold weather?

    1. You libs in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island will still be screaming about global warming as the glaciers scrape your homes into Long Island sound and Massachusetts Bay.

  8. I gotta go look and see whats happening over the pond.

    If its cold and nasty over there, then things are changing alright, and it aint gonna be good for the Gorebull crowd.

    I’d laugh my backside off if the Thames froze over.

  9. Very amusing Apollo. But seriously, people need to understand that Global Warming has been replaced by “Climate Change” since the former has been shown to be false by the actual temperature data.

      1. “Please tell us how much the climate has changed. How many degrees?”

        Right on Max!

        Also ask them: Please tell us what is the ideal climate for the earth, how and when it will be achieved at what cost.

        Past breathless predictions by so-called “climate scientists” have ranged between worldwide ice age to massive ice melting over the past decade or two costing trillions of dollars to “save the erf”.

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