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The Donald Trump that I know, respect and love, who I've been observing on the American political stage since the start of his angry, defiant, uproarious, against all odds presidential campaign is an unbreakable, Herculean, brutally blunt, stable, iron willed, unpredictable American patriot; a disruptive force of nature eccentrically in command of himself; the comeback Tom Brady of American politics, pursuing with great energy, stamina, vigor and zeal the renewal of America and its greatness. And after 12 difficult, tumultuous, challenging months in office (that would have broken lesser men) this anti-Bush, anti-Obama, anti-establishment, PC-hating Pres is reversing 16 years of economic, military and geopolitical decline - despite the formidable political and media forces stacked against him.
Trump is succeeding, that's the reality, and its driving his enemies mad. Now if what he's achieved and is achieving for this country is rooted in a serious mental disorder then I pray that he go full-blown batshit crazy. President Trump is CRAZY to be sure: CRAZY about America; CRAZY about its people; CRAZY to make it better, richer and stronger than ever before. There is good CRAZY and bad CRAZY; but Trump's CRAZY is all good, beneficial and divine; and the CRAZIER he gets in striving to renew our country the better we will be for it. That's the bottom line.
Indeed, let the frightened, bankrupt, bloodthirsty Dems using the media and weaponized cadre of left-wing shrinks go bonkers and rage without end. Their diagnosis of the President as a dangerous lunatic and mental case is political science disguised as psychiatric science fooling only the gullible and inane. Painting Trump as an immoral, evil, monstrous psycho (an existential threat to the nation and world) didn't stop him from winning the White House; nor will it stop him from staying there eight full years.
 We're in the first 400 days of eight MAGA Trump years - and it's best that you tend to your own mental health. If 12 months of Trump has so broken your brains and made you deranged what will be your mental state when he leaves office in seven years? How many of you loons will fly over the edge and become the heavily drugged patients of your Trump hating shrinks? Don't you see the peril you're in? Not that I care. Watching you go mad trying to destroy Trump is one of the great pleasures of my life; and no one's enjoying this three ring circus more than Donald Trump. It's the greatest, wildest, most thrilling show on Earth, and he is the RINGMASTER.
No one has seen anything like it. Even Wolf Blitzer was gushing with praise. Yesterday we saw Ringmaster Trump soberly at work at the White House meeting with Republican and Democrat leaders of Congress discussing border security and immigration reform; and it was grand. Donald Trump exploiting the impossibility of getting a comprehensive amnesty reform bill passed by both houses of Congress (just like it failed in 2013) turned the meeting into a public relations coup to discredit Wolff's book; and to counter political attacks from quack psychiatrists that he's mentally incompetent and unfit for office.
Indeed, the so-called extreme, self-absorbed, narcissistic, sociopathic, racist madman looked like a normal, flexible, moderate, evenhanded CEO in command of a board meeting wanting kumbya ("love") and compromise from his subordinates to get a difficult project done. As Trump had done this thousands of times before it was old hat to him.
What we saw in that riveting, unprecedented, 55 minute meeting was the real Donald Trump every inch the sane, sensible, self-confident, in control, "very stable genius" trapping Democrats and playing them like fiddles;  making sure if they shut down the government over illegals they will get the blame.
Trump vowed to sign any bill on border security and immigration reform that's put on his desk with no questions asked. What's in the works though is a House bill Trump backs on border security with a DACA component (see); a bill for building the wall, ending chain migration and the visa lottery, and allowing DACA illegals to get three year renewable work permits - nothing more. In other words, it grants amnesty to DACA illegals but no path to citizenship, no voting rights, no increase of the Democrats' base. If it passes the Senate after sailing through the House Trump will sign it into law. If McConnell can't muster the 60 senate votes needed to pass it then it will die like the 2013 bill; and the failure will be on Congresses head, not Donald Trump's.


  1. “Yale psychiatry professor [who has never examined President Trump] ‘warns Congress that President Trump’s mental health is “unraveling” at a meeting of lawmakers including a Republican senator'”

    To make a diagnosis without examining the individual is malpractice, isn’t it?

      1. PRACTICE GUIDELINE FOR THE Psychiatric Evaluation of Adults Second Edition

        “A. GENERAL PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION A general psychiatric evaluation has as its central component an interview with the patient. The interview-based data are integrated with information that may be obtained through other components of the evaluation, such as a review of medical records, a physical examination, diagnostic tests, and history from collateral sources. A general evaluation usually is time intensive. The amount of time necessary generally depends on the complexity of the problem and the patient’s ability and willingness to work cooperatively with the psychiatrist. Language competence needs to be assessed early in the evaluation so that the need for an interpreter can be determined. Several meetings with the patient, and in many cases appropriate family or relational network members, may be necessary.”

        Emphasis Added. The good “Doctor” appears to be practicing in full contravention of her obligations.

        1. Charles Krauthammer is a trained psychiatrist. He has refused to offer a psychiatric opinion on any politician in the decades he has been a pundit. I can only imagine his decision is based on ethical concerns. I have a hard time seeing how an MD giving a public diagnosis on someone she has never examined isn’t in violation of ethics.

        2. What does this nitwit “professor” know about “humankind” being that she is a subhuman wretch. Someone report this unethical loser to her state board for ethics violations. What a typical harvard degenerate loser. I bet this fool’s family disowned her years ago for being such an absolute moron.

    1. Let me guess, a liberal democrat Hillary supporter who unethically using her “professional” position for political purposes. That about sum it up?

    2. “We’re not allowed to diagnose from afar, BUT it is definitely the end of humankind!”

      Gee, I wonder what her political donation history looks like.
      What an arrogant blowhard mentally ill witch.

    3. Perfesser…when Trump’s mental health does not “unravel”, will you quit your job since you will have proved yourself to be completely unqualified in your chosen profession?

    4. Minor league psycho babble. In Oregon we have psych professor saying ALL people who don’t believe in the global warming myth are mentally unraveled.

    5. “….We’ve never come so close in my career to this level of catastrophic violence that could be the end of humankind….”

      If these liberals wouldn’t go so far over the top when trying to make a point about Trump, people might pay some attention to them.

      But as it is, they are so outrageous in their comments about Trump, that people will just chalk it up to “this is how crazy people talk” and write it off.

      1. Bingo! The critics of Trump remind me of a collective “boy that cried wolf”. They make these unbelievable claims about Trump but no body believes them after a while.

      1. What was his mental health like before it started “unraveling”? How has it changed?

        That’s a good question, because as far as I can tell, Trump is as Trump has always been. He is simply who he is.

    6. Rule of thumb: You can ALWAYS get someone, expert or not, to say anything at all, especially when there is an agenda.

    7. A truly bizarre comment from one who practices psychiatry, a field which is supposed to prize individuality, non-traditional personalities, and thinking outside the box, and to eschew labeling people as “normal” and “appropriate” – she needs a bit of remedial education…..

    8. Its HATE TRUMP news! Packaged for the Hate Trumpers so they can get their jollies off. Those who voted for trump are un affected by this crap, and that alone is enough to rile the haters. Trump is……………….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So they found one douche GOPe Senator?

    9. The baseline standard of psychiatric care at Yale has fallen, matching drunks in their streets who claim to be other than are, like this pathetic hussy
      who claims to use Yale-approved remote-viewing exams.

    10. Prof. Lee found a politically correct academic niche, and is a woman, and is milking it for all it’s worth.

      1. I want to warn Yale that Bandy X Lee’s mental health is unraveling. She has Trump Derangement Syndrome and is on a suicide watch.

      2. “A study found that a high suicide rate among psychiatrists: 58 to 65/100,000 compared with that of the general population, 11/100,000.”

        A doctor friend of mine said that most of the people who go into psychiatry have real mental issues of their own. She said it was kind of a joke among the med students.

        Liberalism is a mental disorder so that’s probably true of this gal.

    11. Am I correct in my understanding that she is saying that the best performing President in 30 years is operating with a mental deficiency?

      What does that say about his predecessors?

    12. Unprofessional shrink who is more Democrat than she is shrink. What psychiatrist analyzes people without having spoken to them? Quack, quack….

  2. Love your country… you’re nuts

    Think you’re a different sex than you are… perfectly normal

    THAT’S the crazy we are dealing with.

  3. So sick of these lying, loser leftists and their disgusting projection.

    I guess they think Hellary’s throwing ash trays at Slick, defending his sexual assaults and her screeching speeches is normal behavior and all unicorns and safe space soothies.


  4. I continue to believe that the left is trying to gin up fear to panic some mental case or other bastion of liberalism to take “direct action” to what they are portraying as an existential threat.

  5. Pathetic, these are old Soviet era tactics, when a high ranking official in Eastern European Warsaw Pact state went “off the reservation” and started displaying some non-party approved ideas, they would quickly be declared “mentally unfit” by a Kangaroo court of so called mental health professionals. Because if your opponent is “crazy” you don’t need to even bother debating them in the arena of ideas.

  6. When you see that your Enemy-your adversary is shooting themselves in the foot time & time again, You should encourge them to “Aim Higher & Higher” until they hit the “right spot..”

  7. Unbreakable, unsinkable, unstoppable. That’s Donald Trump. What he did yesterday was put an end to the “He’s mentally deranged” nonsense..he wanted to show everyone that he is smart and he knows how to deal with cockroaches(Democrats)..if this had been a closed door hearing the Dems would have come out and lied about what was said..this way no one can lie we all heard it live on TV

    1. “What Trump did today was put an end to the “He’s mentally deranged” nonsense..he wanted to show everyone that he is smart and he knows how to deal with cockroaches(Democrats)..if this had been a closed door hearing the Dems would have come out and lied about what was said..this way no one can lie we all heard it live on TV”

      He sure did. There was not ONE question today in the daily press briefing about Trumps mental health or the stupid book that the media has been obsessed with. All questions were on some aspect of Trump’s policies..most asked snottily of course.

  8. I hope The President allows many, many more broadcasts of negotiations to be seen in the fresh air of open daylight. Good job, Mr. President.

  9. Trump is a hateful, evil man.

    He took away from the democrats, their only narrative about him being old and disengaged and mentally lacking and tired.

    That was mean.

    Dems will be looking for another plan of attack. Maybe another fake

  10. Anyone who thinks Trump is pro-Russian, racist and a psychopath is a fucking retarded, mentally ill, delusional moron.

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