When you drop the letter "l" from the name "Flake" and add the word "American" you get "Fake American"  -  a Trump-style Stalinist attack on Senator Flake.

Thank God we're finally learning who the real, true, genuine Donald Trump is. Just when we were led to believe that our monstrous, deplorable, dangerous, evil president was a Hitler-like Aryan white supremacist nazi racist along comes Arizona Senator Jeff Flake to set us straight before he retires.  According to Flake Trump, like Cuba's Fidel Castro and North Korea's Kim Jong-Un (and the late Saddam Hussein) is really a Stalin-like Marxist-Leninist socialist.

Comrade Trumpsky (center).

Now the good news is that "Uncle Joe" Stalin (a name coined by FDR) was an anti-Nazi ally of America's and Great Britain's during World War II; and that American Jews like myself don't need to fear the Final Solution coming to this country. Though Flake says that Trump like Stalin is the unconstitutional enemy of the free press and media, and uses lies, slander and propaganda to discredit networks, journalists and newsmen (using terms like "fake news" and "the enemy of the people") apparently he's not been very good at it. Apparently for all his braggadocio, bluster and oversized ego Trump is a rank amateur at being a Stalinist.



Trump may ridicule Kim and call him "little rocket man;" but compared to Kim Trump is a pint-sized Stalinist leader.

 For we have it on the good authority of Vladimir Putin (a former KGB agent and expert on Stalinist strategies and tactics) Trump is nowhere near being the mature and accomplished Stalinist leader that a Kim Jong-Un is. Trump may disparage Kim and call him "little rocket man," and brag on the size of his bigger nuclear button, but it's Trump who has a steep learning curve and ways to go before he reaches Kim's high level of competence and enters the top ranks of Stalinist leaders.


The problem however is Jeff Flake leaving the U.S. Senate. Once he's gone who will replace him to fill the vital role of Senate watchdog as Trump with Putin's help (and daily secret meetings with Ambassador Kislyak) is expertly shaped into becoming the American Josef Stalin? 






  1. Why yes, it is STALINIST to demand truth and accuracy from the Media!
    HOW DARE TRUMP! The Democrats paid GOOD mostly taxpayers) MONEY to buy those narratives, Trump should play into them!

  2. How DARE Trump dissent from the media approved narratives !

    How DARE Trump defy the progressive Swamp elite !

    Trump is Stalin !

  3. You know what’s REALLY Stalinist?

    Two political parties that follow a Marxist ideology and work together to destroy anyone who represents the freedom-loving Americans.

    1. “What in the double hockey sticks is wrong with Flake?
      For one thing, he is like Mia Love; he’ll say what Bishop Romney tells him to say.”

  4. Flake does nothing for 8 years and now wakes up when he can’t win a primary. All he has is to beat Trump to win approval from MSM. What a LOSER.

  5. Flakey need to give a speech about all the rampant anti-Trump HATRED coming from the non-objective Media.

    NO other President has ever been subjected to such a non-stop smear job, right from Day 1. And Big Media has never apologized for their mistakes, nor do they intend to.

    Biased Big Media is the real problem here, not Trump. Too bad Flakey is too stupid and spiteful to realize this.

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