Schumer: 'Negotiating with President Trump is like negotiating with Jell-O' - Business Insider'

Trump calls Schumer ‘head clown’.... - The Washington Post

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Is there a politician in Washington today more embarrassed, humiliated and miserable than Chuck Schumer? Or more deserving of ridicule and SNL scorn? Consider this: if the President is a big fat mentally ill blob of shapeless "JELL-O," as blink first, cave in, surrender Chucky called him, then what does that make him? What are we to call the man who wimped out on DACA amnesty (betraying millions of illegals and open border nuts) and lost the shutdown battle in less than 72 hours to the "worst anti-immigrant racist," "least fit to command" president in American history?
Early last January when Chucky and the Dems were demonizing Republicans and president-elect Trump on Obamacare saying that repealing and replacing the failed law would "Make America Sick Again" by depriving millions of health insurance, Trump, responding to their lies, fired off an angry tweet calling Schumer "Head Clown" Chucky.
 Head Clown Chucky's message in 2013 was that if Democrats shut down government over immigration it would be "a politics of idiocy."
That was the first and last time Trump called Schumer that. But "Head Clown Chucky" needs to be revived because since Trump became Pres the Dems have staged no better, more laughable clown show than the Illegal Aliens-Over-Americans-Pelosi-Schumer Failed Shutdown... the "politics of idiocy" just as Head Clown predicted it would be.


    1. Agreed I’m not sure I see the winning.

      All this appears to be doing is agreeing for running the gov for 2 1/2 weeks. The ‘Rats, pull their collective arms, vote today to keep the gov open those 2+ weeks.

      Where’s the wall? Where’s the end to chain migration? Where’s the fixes for legal immigration?

      For that matter, where is a budget? Won’t their be pressure for another short term funding measure at the start of February?

    2. “Not winning kicking the can just a short way.”

      I hope the dems shut down the government every few weeks over DACA. Their polling must have told them this is very bad. I hope they continue the same course of action, over and over again until the mid-terms.

  1. Sort of nice for the Left to experience the lack of success Right activist felt when they tried to shutdown maneuver to repeal ObamaCare.

    1. Indeed he did Activists were incensed at the deal, as it includes no guarantees that a bill will pass — nor does it tie an immigration bill to a must-pass measure to give Democrats leverage

    2. LOL! Shutdown Schemer Scheming with the hated repubs. It’s called representation. Deal with it moron marxists. He’s your man /s. He Chucked you overboard.

  2. HEY !!!

    How about a plan to protect American citizens from the illegal alien so called “dreamers” ???

    How about a deportation plan for those “dreamers” ???

    That’ll work…

  3. I bet Chuckie had weekend polling data that showed he and the damned Dems were being blamed for it, so they caved pronto!….. Love it.

  4. Pelosi should shut the hell up for her own good, which means I hope she keeps running her mouth.

    Schumer had no leverage here. In a country of more than 300 million people you can’t shut down the government over 800,000+ illegal immigrants with any leverage whatsoever — no matter how compliant the leftist media may be.

  5. I believe the RATs got rolled in the Polls … they won’t try this crap again – could be the end of Gov’t shutdowns, f-o-r-e-v-e-r !!!

  6. @brithume
    We will now be treated to a wave of complaints from the left that if Schumer had just hung in there, he & Dems could have won. Same thing GOP right said after the Ted Cruz shutdown failed back in 2013. Two sides. Same coin.

    I doubted it was possible, but Dems have actually lost a shutdown fight. Schumer has agreed to end the filibuster in exchange for practically nothing. Make no mistake: Schumer & Dems caved. What a political fiasco.

  7. NOTE:

    The next shutdown will threaten delays of TAX REFUND CHECKS. The Dems WANT the average legal American to notice, and feel pain.

  8. When Trump did his immigration show, inviting the media and asking the lib what they wanted, this issue was over. Trump effectively took all the high ground. Shumer and company are not only completely political, they are completely insane. They can rely on the media….but ultimately the people still decide.

  9. President Trump was brilliant. He set it up so he appeared willing to compromise but the Democrats decided to play hardball – and what hill did they decide to die on? Open borders. The President was able to put the blame on the Democrats for the shut down as well as show that they care more for illegals then they do for our citizens. The Democrats made a choice, a bad one, and they will pay the price for that choice in November when the blue wave turns out to be nothing more than a ripple

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