Ex-Bush lawyer: Trump's memo decision a 'massive strategic miscalculation' | TheHill

 Jamil Jaffer (not to be confused with the ACLU lawyer of the same name) founder of the National Security Institute, clerk to Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, Professor of Law at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason U, and one time Bush White House lawyer criticized President Trump's decision (and he's not alone) to block the release of a bipartisan approved memo (drafted by liar, leaker, hypocrite Adam Schiff and his Trump hating Dems) as being a “massive strategic miscalculation” that will cost the President big time.


Not on your life! Actually, the opposite is true. The President is being nothing short of brilliant as he's boxed Schiff and the Democrats into a corner again; and they and their supporters are howling at the moon. Consider this: the lying, corrupt, worst than Watergate Dems, joined by Rosenstein and Wray, opposed the release of the classified Nunes FISA abuse memo warning that it "recklessly" mentioned 'sources and methods' that would greatly harm our national security, undermine public confidence in the FBI, endanger American lives, subvert the rule of law, cause a constitutional crisis, and, worst of all, according to conspiracy theory nut Schiff, "make it even harder to prove that Donald Trump had colluded with Russia in his quest for the presidency"- this last being Schiff's real reason for opposing it as it shows the Clinton campaign and Democrats to be the treacherous collusive ones.   


 Indeed, from the get go Schiff, Rosenstein and Wray knew that no sensitive intel was "recklessly" included in the Nunes memo; they opposed it because it was incriminating to Barack Obama's FBI and DOJ - and to corrupt, lying, Chicagoland Obama himself, who was hell-bent on stopping Trump from becoming president because it meant the undoing of his progressive agenda and legacy. Indeed, abusing their power in worse than Watergate manner*, and lying by omission to a FISA court judge, they illegally obtained a warrant on Carter Page (using a Clinton paid for fake Russian dossier) to spy on Team Trump - just prior to and after the election in a wide surveillance sweep operation covering all of Page's communications. And wouldn't you know it, soon after taking office in late April as Trump's Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein (in one of his first acts) signed off on the last FISA warrant's renewal - I'll get to this snake in another place.  

*As Law Professor Jonathan Turley notes: "Nixon hired out help to do the spying on an opposition presidential candidate. In the case of Obama government officials did the spying (see)."


Then contradicting themselves and looking like circus clowns the Dems denigrated the memo as a politically motivated dud full of traitorous distortions, omissions and propaganda lies that needed to be rebuked to defend the integrity of DOJ and FBI; and they would do this with their own counter-memo 'based on truth.' But instead they cynically and hypocritically did with their memo what they falsely accused the Republicans of doing: loaded it with poison pills - top-secret sensitive 'source and method' information that they knew could not be released and that Nunes and Trump would block. It was a classic Democrat set up. But with Nunes (and the other Republicans on his committee) Trump plotted to beat the Dems at their own game: looking bipartisan they'd vote for the memo's release while Trump blocked it and took all the heat. This is exactly what Schiff and the Dems wanted Trump to do to make him look partisan, unfair and that he's hiding the truth. But it backfired.

Trump massively out-strategizing Schiff and the Dems got Rosenstein and Wray to join him in wanting the memo heavily redacted claiming he was blocking it under their advisement.  Indeed, Rosenstein and Wray informed White House Council Donald McGahn that "declassifiction adjustments were needed for release" of the memo (see). And McGahn citing "national security and law enforcement concerns" subsequently informed Congress and requested that Schiff work with the FBI and DOJ so the memo could be quickly released (see). In other words, the Schiff memo was exactly what Rosenstein (self-servingly) mischaracterized the Nunes memo to be: "RECKLESS."  

In short, no revision of the memo no release. It's that simple. Unless Schiff and the Dems agree to the changes that Wray and Rosenstein want them to make in the memo Trump will continue to block it.  This puts Schiff in a bind. He claims that his memo in its present ten page form is necessary to rebut the alleged "errors, omissions, distortions and lies" in the nothingburger Nunes memo. If Schiff cries foul (like many Democrats are doing) and refuses to cooperate with Rosenstein and Wray (suddenly treating them as corrupt partisan hacks in cahoots with Trump after praising their integrity in opposing the Nunes memo) then looking like a complete ass he'll lose (after falsely crying wolf) what little credibility he has left.

   To recap, Schiff and the Democrats are trapped. Unless they revise or redact their memo according to Rosenstein's and Wray's criteria (as outlined in their letter to McGhan) it will not be declassified and released. And Trump in continuing to block it will look like he's doing (truly doing) what's best for national security, the country and the FBI.


So the question is where's the "massive strategic miscalculation" in this? Where's the costly political mistake warned about by Jaffer and others? There is none. On the contrary, blocking Schiff's memo looks more like a Trumpian MASTERSTROKE on the way to the total discrediting of the Russiagate probe - and complete vindication of his "Towergate" allegations that he was the victim of Obama's criminal Nixonian machinations to influence the election (and once elected wreck his presidency) by weaponizing surveillance.




Schiff: We're not going to revise Democratic memo | TheHill

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said Tuesday night that members of his party won’t revise their countermemo, despite requests from the White House to do so.

“We’re not going to make any revisions to it. The only question is what redactions will be made. And obviously we’d like to keep those to a minimum,” Schiff told reporters.



Revising the RECKLESS Schiff memo in accord with DOJ and FBI specifications would probably redact 95% of it thus reducing its ten pages to two paragraphs.

Kidding aside. Just by admitting that redactions have to be made to the memo Schiff has made President Trump's case that blocking its release was justified. Now Schiff has a fight on his hands with Rosenstein and Wray on what in the reckless memo needs to be redacted to make it safe for release.







  1. The fake news media has no standing to complain about censorship.

    They lost that right when they colluded with corrupt officials in the DOJ/FBI to block the release of the Nunes memo

    1. Schiff is a notorious leaker and he won’t be able to resist. Not only will its release be illegal, it will prove to be a giant nothingburger and catch Schiff at his own game. As Apollo says; Smart move Mr President.

      1. If I understand correctly they don’t have to leak it. Congress can vote to release it despite Trump’s objections.

        The Dems just don’t want to take responsibility for the release. Gutless wonders.

    2. If they don’t leak it would seem to mean that they know it contains sensitive material that shouldn’t be made public and that not even they, who could care less about the welfare of the country, dare let it out…..

    3. As Hillary would say “what difference does it make. 5 to 1 the leaked memo is published in full in the Hew York Times by the end of the week even though a Times editorial opposed releasing the Nunes memo because it was not cleared by DOJ and FBI

  2. The Republicans won the election.

    The DemonRats LOST the election.

    The DemonRats can have THEIR memo if they win an upcoming election but for now, WE WON THEY LOST.

    ONE Congress, ONE MEMO!

  3. Excellent Post!

    The Rats think they’ve set Trump up to make it look like he’s hiding something..
    The joke is on the Rats however when THEY leak it and the entire country will know THEY broke the law. AGAIN.

  4. You’re so right ApolloSpeaks: The word is “MASTERSTROKE”

    The real estate guy from NYC does politics a heck of a lot better than all of the professional politicians in Washington DC.

  5. Yet somehow, the FBI isn’t running around screaming about “grave concerns” this time. Their bias couldn’t be more obvious.

  6. Schiff has that crazy eye look. Usually, I see it in people like Charles Manson or that kid who shot up the elementary school in CT, Adam Lanza. If Schiff actually has the same kind of brain disorder, that explains a lot about his behavior.

  7. Hear, hear…. Release the memo.

    Will it tell us the second Judge they went to after the first Judge refused to authorize wiretapping. was indeed fully aware of the political motivation and signed off on it regardless of that knowledge?

    They went to a second judge, that was clearly a mistake because the first Judge was fully aware as well, and he didn’t sign off on their warrant… So why did the second Judge authorize their politically motivated warrant?

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