John Dean warns Gates's testimony may be 'the end' of Trump's presidency | TheHill

John Dean: Trump 'more dangerous' than Nixon | TheHill

Watergate felon John Dean commenting on former deputy manager to the Trump campaign Rick Gates (who worked under Paul Manafort) said that Gates's plea deal with Robert Mueller to testify against Manafort may be Trump's Watergate moment, and the Nixon-like end to his presidency. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Dean's preposterous notion rests on the assumption that Trump colluded with Putin in criminally meddling in the 2016 election; and that Manafort is the link to and has certain knowledge of this crime; and that Gates testimony against Manafort to financial crimes will pressure him to cut a deal with Mueller and give up Trump for a reduction in charges and less jail time.
But Dean, who predicted in 2004 that "Worse Than Watergate" George W. Bush (who "lied us into the Iraq War") would fall like Nixon and resign because of the Plamegate scandal is (like all Trump derangement nuts) in denial of reality and is clearly out of his mind. In reality, Gates's plea deal reveals the very opposite of Dean's new Watergate fantasy; it reveals, in fact, that Manafort has no more evidence of collusion on Trump than does Gates; it reveals that Russiagate is more like Plamegate than Watergate with an innocent President finishing two terms while others convicted of crimes go to jail - as I predicted would happen here .
It's not hard to figure out that Manafort has nothing incriminating on Trump. It's as simple as the fact that Gates has nothing. Indeed, conversely, as you will see, if Manafort had dirt on Trump Gates would have it as well, and would be spilling his guts out to escape all the charges against him; and win lasting fame or infamy as the man who ended the Trump presidency when all else failed. How can I be sure of this? That if Gates has no dirt on Trump neither does Manafort and visa versa? My analysis is based on what we know about the relationship of these two men; that up until their recent split it was long, intimate and deep going back 30 years where young Gates started as an intern in one of Manafort's firms. Consider this:
Manafort joined the Trump campaign in March 2016 as its campaign convention manager, with best friend Gates  working as his deputy. Prior to that neither man had any relationship with Trump. Manafort owns an apartment at Trump Tower and with Trump has a mutual friend in Roger Stone (who recommended Manafort to him); and while he and Trump may have met on occasions they were never friends.
But to continue, in May 2016 Manafort replaced Corey Lewandowski as Trump's campaign manager - a position he held to the end of August when he resigned. During that time Gates was Manafort's confident, right hand man and second in command (as he'd been for years serving Manafort loyally). Indeed, both these men worked in the Trump campaign (as they did in politics and business for decades) as one soul in two bodies trustingly sharing their experiences and every bit of info and gossip with each other. In short, there were no secrets between them; what one knew the other did too.
Indeed, at the Trump Tower meeting with the Russian attorney in June 2016 if there were anything criminal regarding stolen Hillary emails being transacted or proposed Manafort, who was present, would have shared the good news with Gates - as this was potentially beneficial for the campaign. It's inconceivable that Manafort would have hid this from his deputy and best friend who he trusted above all men. 
Moreover, in the end Gates saw more and knew more about Trump and his inner circle than did Manafort. For when Manafort resigned in August 2016, replaced by Kelly Ann Conway, Gates remained in the campaign retaining his position as number two man - as he was good at what he did. And when the campaign was over Gate's work for Trump didn't end; for he continued as the deputy chairman of his inaugural committee.
Do you see where this is going? From March 2016 to late August neither Manafort nor Gates, together or separately, witnessed any collusion with Russia, or other types of crime. And from late August to the election, and from there to the inaugural, Gates saw nothing treasonous going on in Trump's inner circle and transition team. He had nothing on Trump, Don Jr., Jarad, Ivanka or Pence. In the final analysis, all that Gates had to save his own skin was the bargaining chip of alleged financial crimes on his former friend - his friend who told him everything about the innocent and crazy goings on in the campaign.
John Dean's failed prediction that Plamegate would be George Bush's Watergate and Nixonian downfall should be taken as an auspicious sign that like Bush, Donald Trump (who Dean warns "is more dangerous than Nixon*") will likely be a two term President making idiots of Dean and the lunatic, hate Trump, lynch mob left.
*He said the same of Bush who led us into Iraq that Trump fully opposed in 2004 having been ambivalent before.


  1. I remember when G. Gordon Libby revealed that John Dean’s wife was a “high class” prostitute. Dean threatened to sue Liddy, but Dean did not sue. I guess Dean did not want to go through discovery.

    1. If I recall correctly, GG Liddy (GGL) called him a serial purger.

      GGL was sued by this puke – three times – and each time the day of the trial John Dean (JD) dropped the case.

      BTW, GGL said JD’s future wife was running a prostitution ring out of the DNC and the ‘burglars’ found proof of this.

      GGL further stated the JD put the tape over the door latch — twice — so that the ‘burglars’ would get caught.

      He is an evil man, that JD.

      1. John Dean is the one that called for the burglary, and then put the finger on Nixon. Too bad that Nixon was too loyal to his guys.

      2. John Dean was Watergate. He owned all the intent and misdeeds. And as a lawyer for the president, he was the person who should have known better. So for us to care what he said, is grossly misplaced. At no time has John Dean changed from being a highly disreputable person.

    2. Its Liddy. And Dean was afraid that G. Gordon would kill him. If Liddy wasn’t so old, he would make a good FBI director.

          1. “It’s been a good ride,” said Liddy, “but I”m finished.”—Washington Examiner, Sept 2012

            Wants to spend the rest of his time with grandkids

  2. Dean must be 100 years old by now. Probably one of the few Watergate alumni still alive that the MSM could drag out to draw comparisons.

  3. Good point Apollo. Dean predicted Bush would fall from the Plamegate hoax. Now he predicts Trump will fall from the Russiagate hoax. Why hasn’t he died from embarrassment?

  4. Dean described the firing of Comey as “Nixonian,”

    It’s actually “Clintonian”. BJ Blythe fired FBI director Sessions after a few months in office in 1993.

  5. John Dean is a Democrat stooge. What Nixon did was NOTHING compared to the Obamabastard’s use of GOVERNMENT AGENCIES to surveil and sabotage political opponents.

    It is amusing what these Democrats think.

    The only thing NOT amusing is snakes and POS’s like John McCain, Linda Graham, Sasse, Corker, Burr and Flake – members of his OWN POLITICAL PARTY – trying to sabotage him.

    The only POSSIBLE explanation is THEY TOO are part of the privileged swamp and want to maintain their LUCRATIVE sinecures and view Trump as a threat.

  6. Excerpts from Dean’s bio on Wiki:

    “Dean authored a book heavily critical of the administration of George W. Bush, entitled Worse than Watergate, which called for the impeachment of Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney for allegedly lying to Congress.”

    “Dean frequently served as a guest on the former MSNBC and Current TV news program, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and The Randi Rhodes Show on Premiere Radio Networks.”

    “After it became known that George W. Bush authorized NSA wiretaps without warrants, Dean asserted that Bush is “the first President to admit to an impeachable offense”.[25] On March 31, 2006, Dean testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee during hearings on censuring the president over the issue. Senator Russell Feingold (D-Wis.), who sponsored the censure resolution, introduced Dean as a “patriot” who put “rule of law above the interests of the president.”

    1. He served his boss Nixon very, very badly.

      Then he testified against his own side. Then he went to prison.

      Hardly cred for anything, except being an untrustworthy slug

      1. John Dean….a lying sack of excrement who was running a prostitution ring with his wife/girlfriend. The man who lied his rear off in front of the Watergate committe.

        I trust his evaluation not one bit

        Read the book Silent Coup

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