The 2016 presidential race was between Donald Trump, a force of nature,  and Hillary Clinton, a spent liberal force.
There is no argument among election analysts and experts that the historic 2016 presidential race between billionaire TV celebrity Donald Trump (who never held elected office), and Hillary Clinton (first woman nominee of a major political party) was decided in its final eventful week. There is no argument that because Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were the two most unlikable and least trustworthy candidates in U.S. history that the number of very late undecided voters (19 million or 14% of 137 million voters) was perhaps the largest ever. And lastly there is no argument that by landslide numbers these very late deciders broke for Donald Trump giving him the crucial edge of 78,000 votes in the three key swing states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan to win the presidency. Indeed, eradicate these 19 million and Hillary would now be president.
But there is fierce disagreement over why most of these very late deciders chose Trump over Hillary when they saw him as somewhat less likable and trustworthy, and hugely less experienced and qualified than Hillary lacking the character, temperament and judgement for the job. Some believe that it was Russian interference in the election directed by Vladimir Putin; that the hacked emails of John Podesta and the DNC (which were embarrassing to Hillary and published on Wikileaks by Clinton hater Julian Assange) turned enough of the late undeciders against Hillary to win the election for Trump.
Still others like polling analyst Nate Silver of 538, and Clinton friend and supporter Lanny Davis (in his recent book above) blame it on the "Comey Effect." - FBI Director James Comey's October 28th surprise letter informing Congress that the FBI was reopening the Hillary Clinton email investigation. These argue that the Comey Effect (which Democrat pollster John Zogby proves was real and negatively impacted many see), gave the late deciders a bias favoring Trump over Hillary.
But as you will see from the debate below (based on post-election polling data from Zogby and, more importantly, exit poll data from CNN) the Russian-Wiki Effect and Comey Effect weren't key factors either together or separately in determining Trump's victory. Indeed, what drove the November deciders to break for Trump were the two key issues of the ECONOMY and CHANGE.
Indeed, as you will see from the raw data this great mass of mostly middle class voters wanted ECONOMIC CHANGE - a NEW DIRECTION for the economy and country from the disastrous Bush and Obama years. And after a raucous, tumultuous 16 month campaign the late deciders after hearing eccentric, anti-establishment, iconoclastic billionaire Trump promising consistently and with brute rhetorical force radical economic and national change he seemed (despite his many flaws) the true, authentic, more credible CHANGE CANDIDATE than tired, liberal elitist, Washington insider Hillary.
The Comey Letter Probably Cost Clinton The Election - says Nate Silver of 538




The election was decided in the last week of the campaign with a large majority of late undecided voters breaking for Trump because of JOBS AND THE ECONOMY (as CNN and Democrat pollster John Zogby found).


The issue of the TRUSTWORTHINESS of the candidates (where the Comey Effect comes in) was a far, distant second - so far in importance from the economy in fact that you can drive a truck through the gap.



"large majority" - seriously? Click this article and read:






Very seriously. According to the Washington Post the number of late deciding voters in the last days of the campaign totaled  around 19 million. The vast majority of these broke for Trump in landslide numbers and gave him his slim victories in the three states that you reference, plus Florida.


The Post break down is as follows:


"..... if you look at the four closest states where Clinton lost — or, in the case of Michigan, where she's expected to lose — exit polls show late-deciding voters in each of them went strongly for Trump in the final days. In Florida and Pennsylvania, late-deciders favored Trump by 17 points. In Michigan, they went for Trump by 11 points.

In Wisconsin, they broke for Trump by a whopping 29 points, 59-30.


And these weren't small groups of voters. The number of undecided and third-party-supporting voters who were still free agents in the final week was as many as 1 in 8 voters nationally -- an uncharacteristically high number for the eve of an election.

In Florida, 11 percent said they decided in the final week. In Pennsylvania, it was 15 percent. And in Michigan and Wisconsin — states where Trump made a late push — fully 20 percent of voters said they arrived at their choice in the last seven days."


Click and read





Very Seriously. That all reinforces that Comey gave Trump the win!


The post article does not even mention "Jobs" or the "economy"!!




At 32% the post-election Zogby survey has "Jobs and the Economy" as the issue overwhelmingly driving voters to the polls - and dominating the decision made by late deciders (see). The issue of "Trustworthiness" was a distant 2nd at only 11%. In other words, any undecider who gave priority to trust likely went for Trump; but there weren't enough of these to decide the outcome.


Zogby lists the top issues for voters as follows:


Economy/jobs 32%

Taxes 5

Syria 1

Immigration 7

Trust/Truthfulness 11

Terrorism 8

The Environment 5 

Energy 1

The budget deficit 6

Social security 6

Medicare/Medicaid 4

Obamacare 8

Other (specify) 8


According to exit poll data from CNN the economy and terrorism, the two top issues, were separated by a 34 point spread 52% to 18%.


most important issue facing the country

other/no answer
foreign policy



Typical bait & switch. We were talking about the last minute swing voters and you produce stats for all voters.

Anything that supports your BS irrelevant of context?




Hardly. Last minute swing voters, the majority of whom were working middle class Americans, are included in the stats for all voters. Why should their concerns about Obama's trickle growth, bad jobs, flat to failing economy be any different from voters who before the Comey letter made up their minds on who to vote for?


The choice was between the more unlikable, crude, inexperienced Donald Trump who was brutally clear about the state of the economy - that it sucked - and unambiguous about his commitment to ECONOMIC CHANGE vs. Hillary, a hugely more likable, experienced candidate but with a mixed, ambiguous and confusing message about ECONOMIC CHANGE.



Hillary simultaneously promised to stay the course on the economy (continue Obama's policies) and change its direction or, "revitalize it" using hubby Bill (see). In the closing days of the campaign it's clear that middle class swing state voters chose the more consistent, credible, change candidate - Donald Trump.


In fact, CNN found that by landslide numbers the quality of offering CHANGE was the most important trait that voters were looking for in a candidate, hence:


which candidate quality mattered most?

You will notice in the above chart Trump crushing Hillary as the CHANGE CANDIDATE in the race by a whopping 68 points 82% to 14%.


when did you decide presidential vote?

other/no answer
last few days
last week
in october
in september
before september

One other utterly fascinating CNN exit poll (above) was when voters decided their presidential vote. This shows Trump's largest gain of undecided voters at 51% in the critical month of October (before the Comey letter). This is fascinating because it was on October 7th when the crude Hollywood Access video surfaced followed by ten or so women accusing Trump of sexual assault. Ironically, at 37% October was Hillary's worse and weakest period for gaining undecided voters.


Moreover, the chart shows Trump's second largest gain of undecideds occurred in the last week of the race at 49%; while it was Hillary's second worse period at 41%. This 8 point spread giving Trump a 1.52 million vote lead over Hillary with the 19 million late undecideds turned the key states of Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin into Trump states. This is proof positive that Trump's momentum received a tremendous boost weeks before Comey's letter; and that this was a trend that continued into the last days and final hours of the race giving him victories in the four key swing states.






Donald Trump's historic victory was won in the last week of the campaign due to a surge of late deciding voters that began in early October when Hillary's momentum critically lost steam. And this surge that carried Trump to victory was mainly due to the perception that he not her was the best candidate to effect economic and national change. The Comey Effect which was related to the trust issue (which Zogby shows was a major concern for only 11% of voters) helped Donald Trump somewhat; but not enough to make a difference and effect the election's surprising outcome.  



Daily Wire compiled a list of 32 Hillary excuses of why she lost the 2016 election: Comey, the Russians, sexism, Bernie Sanders, the DNC, Netflix and on and on ad nauseam. But cutting through the bull Hillary lost to Donald Trump for the exact same reason she lost to "Hope and Change" Barack Obama in 2008: he was the more convincing and credible change candidate with an electorate badly wanting change. Ironically, just as in 2016 with Trump Hillary in 2008 won the popular vote beating Obama by 287,000 votes;  but she lost the delegate count by 294 - just as she lost the Electoral College vote to Trump (see). Even more ironic is that 30% of Trump voters voted for Obama in 2012 because Trump was their new  Barack Obama - their new "Hope and Change" man (see).



It should be crystal clear that just as it was ultimately the Obama Effect that won the presidency for the more charismatic Barack Obama over Hillary, so was it the Trump Effect (and message of Making America Great Again) that made the super- passionate, energetic, untiring, charismatic Donald Trump president.








 During the 2016 election cycle the "forgotten" middle class voters who were hurting economically and pessimistic about the direction of the country and its future revolted against the Obama presidency and economic status quo wanting radical change. These voters formed populist movements around two candidates: Bernie Sanders on the Left (promising more government intervention to fix problems), and Donald Trump on the Right (saying too much government is the problem and promising less).


Hillary, on the other hand, was the status quo candidate vowing to stay the course with Democrat voters the majority of whom (84%) loved Obama right or wrong and wanted to continue his economic, healthcare and foreign policy legacy. 


But as there were too many millions of anti-establishment voters in the key swing states of Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin wanting change, Hillary's strategy of appealing to pro and anti-status quo voters made her look inauthentic and disingenuous, and doomed her candidacy from the start.



Caught between a Barack and hard place if Hillary was solely pro-status quo promising to be Obama's third term (to keep Obamunism going) she'd completely alienate the Bernie Sanders wing of the party representing millions of ailing middle class voters who weren't faring well; and if she swung too far to the Left she'd alienate too many moderates who were satisfied with Obama's status quo and didn't want change.


On the other hand, Donald Trump with his message of MAGA was 1000% for change; the economy sucked, "crazy" Obamacare wasn't affordable for millions, our borders were porous and letting in drugs and criminal scum, and the world was a more unstable and dangerous place with ISIS, Iran, Russia and China growing more powerful at our expanse - and that would have to change.


Though Hillary would win the popular vote Trump's message of America's restoration resonated in all the right places needed

for winning the electoral vote. Those who credit Comey and Wiki for Trump's victory are either Trump derangement liars who know the truth, or fools. Either way Trump's victory has broken their brains and made them insane. The question now is what will be their collective mental state when Trump's reelected 'cause he's keeping his promise and delivering beneficial change (see)?



















  1. Hillary lost because she’s an ugly old skank and a whole pile of Obama voters didn’t give a damn about voting for her.

  2. If Hillary wants to know why she lost the election, I’d recommend she look in the mirror……being evil, there’s probably no reflection.

  3. What did Comey’s letter have to do with Saint Hillary having an illegal email server in her TOILET..if she were not trying to hide criminal activity, maybe there wouldn’t have been a reason to have one, and she could have won the election.

  4. Im still waiting for President Trump to put that sack of sh*t in prison along with Comey..PLEASE Mr. President just do it

  5. ILLary’s.. downfall was North Carolina,Florida,Ohio,Wisconsin,Michigan and Pennsylvania…all states populated largely by people who *work* for a living.

    In those states her comment about “deplorables” caused many,many voters to promise themselves (but not pollsters) that they’d crawl over broken glass if necessary to vote *against* her.

  6. What we need to remember is that Hillary was the only candidate to ever be under an active FBI investigation for criminal activities.


    And why the second investigation on 10/27/2016? Because the FBI – doing a routine investigation of sexts to under aged girls from a pervert named Carlos Dangers found what? Oh yeah. Missing Hillary emails.

    And that was the proverbial straw. God works in mysterious ways. And I believe God used a sexual pervert to save America.

    1. They discovered this in September. Why the delay. Comey’s agents wouldn’t let him get away with opening the investigation till after the election.

  7. Good well thought out article and debate Apollo. But I really don’t care what cost her the election, whether it was Russians, Smurfs, dancing internet cats, or exploding vibrators. I’m just thankful that she is not President

  8. We all remember Marcel Lazar, aka “Guccifer” who hacked Sidney Blumenthal’s account, providing access to his and Clinton’s private emails. He also claims to have hacked Clinton’s server in Chappaqua.

    the man was extradited from Romania and sits in US jail specifically for those crimes – is anyone now claiming he was a Russian agent?

  9. Sore losing Hillary apologists believe that “late interference by Russian hackers and FBI Director James Comey scared off some potential supporters.”

    No she scared off her voters all by herself. Neither of the Clintons (or Obola for that matter either) ever accept the fact that their own mistakes created their problems.
    It is a corollary to “The reason that Socialism/Marxism has never worked isn’t because it’s a failed idea, but rather it’s just that the wrong people have been in charge of the implementation! The next time we try it WILL work!”

  10. Nah, her being an unlikeable, corrupt, annoying, shrill Marxist bi*ch who held few if any sparsely attended rallies had nothing to do with it. s/

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