APRIL  2017

Blackwater founder Erik Prince held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel - The Washington Post

 March 7 2018

Mueller evidence shows Blackwater founder held meeting to create Trump-Russia back channel: report · The Hill

Back in April of last year the Washington Post reported the completely idiotic, obviously false, made up fake news story that on January 11th (nine days from Trump's inaugural) former Navy Seal and businessman Erik Prince (founder of Blackwater - a private military company) had a meeting in the Seychelles (set up by officials from the United Arab Emirates) with Krill Dmitriev - a high level Russian official very close to Vladimir Putin. The purpose of the meeting said the Post "was to set up a back channel line of communication between the post-election Trump transition team and the Kremlin."
Now before I go on it needs be said that establishing back door communication channels to foreign governments is standard practice with incoming administrations - as they quietly set up in advance their diplomatic and foreign policy relationships. So if this is what Prince was doing it was perfectly legal, though rather odd or incredible for reasons cited below.
Now the Post reports that Prince previously told the House Intelligence Committee and the press that the meeting with Dmitriev was "by chance, unimportant and brief - of no significance." But now the Post has allegedly learned that Mueller has "evidence" from a witness contradicting Prince. The witness George Nader, a Lebanese American businessman (see), supposedly testified before Mueller's grand jury that Prince's meeting with the Putin confidant (which he supposedly helped arrange and attended) was pre-planned; that Prince presented himself to the UAE officials as an "unofficial envoy for President-Elect Trump;" and that the meeting's purpose was to create a secret, pre-inaugural communication channel between Trump and Putin.
 If Trump was trying to establish a secret back door to Putin and the Kremlin AFTER the election, that proves there was no collusion DURING the election.
Now the question is (assuming that the story is true) why the urgency? What could have been of such vital, immediate, critical importance to Donald Trump that he couldn't wait just another nine days when he'd be president and could speak to Putin whenever he pleased, for whatever reason to his heart's content? WaPo's story doesn't make sense. 
Moreover, if President-Elect Trump wanted a back channel line directly to Putin before the inaugural he didn't need Erik Prince (or anyone outside the transition team) to create that for him. A simple phone call, email, text message or note sent by courier to Russian Ambassador Kislyak would have worked just fine.
But come to think of it didn't Team Trump already do this? 14 days before Prince's Seychelles meeting Jared Kushner directed Mike Flynn - Trump's National Security Advisor to be - to contact Kislyac to discuss a range of issues with him. Right then and there in late December Trump had his secret backdoor diplomatic channel to Russia. In fact, according to Post reporter David Ignatius, "Flynn and Kislyac discussed plans for a Trump-Putin conversation sometime after the inauguration (see)."  
The story about Prince is patently bogus, or mostly false. If Prince had a UAE arranged pre-planned meeting with Dmitriev it had nothing to do with creating a diplomatic back channel between Trump and Putin - which was already established by Flynn with a Trump-Putin post-inaugural phone call in the works. Fake Russiagate, destroy-Trump MSM news doesn't get anymore absurd than this.


  1. Mueller and the left are off their nut. Congress needs to shut this crap down

    I was in the Seychelles a few years ago.
    Will Mueller be coming after me?

  2. I would have thought that a back channel would have already been established to enable Putin to defeat Hillary and the entire United States Intelligence Community. Not to mention the Personage in the White House at the time.

    Or, I suppose that if Putin is so awesome that he can defeat Hillary from the other side of the globe, he would not need a back channel.

    And, being so awesome, Putin can do anything in the United States he chooses to do, so why fight. I mean, if you accept the MSM’s view of Putin.

  3. There’s a ruskie in my neighborhood and while walking my dog the other day, my dog sniffed his dog’s butt? Does that constitute “collusion”?

  4. Next time Trump will know that the proper way to talk to russia is to hire a US law firm that hires a US company to hire a UK flunky to be the go-between.

  5. Great article Apollo!!

    WTF. Trump was President-elect. He could establish any channel he wanted whether openly or back channel. This has no connection with collusion. In fact it begs the question. If Trump had been colluding with the Russians during the campaign, why would he need to establish a back channel? How would he have communicated with them?

  6. No greater back channel than installing a private server in a mom & pop bathroom outside the purview of the State Department…

  7. Total kook nonsense. If anyone has to be jailed for “lying” about a transition meeting which was perfectly legal, then Hillary et al need to hang.

  8. Back channel is nothing new, it goes on all the time. Somethings can’t and should not be said in front of the news camera.

    1. It’s known fact now that JFK set up a back channel to the Kremlin during his presidency with RFK serving as the go between. I guess JFK was a Russian stooge too!

    1. So, now Trump is being investigated for conducting foreign policy?
      Remember this ?

      A World of Advice for Obama on Foreign Policy (By HELENE COOPERNOV. 13, 2008 )

      There is a world of advice out there for President-elect Barack Obama. Within minutes of his election, the calls from foreign governments began, Obama aides said, and they have not stopped.

      While the first telephone exchanges between Mr. Obama and foreign leaders were limited to pledges of future cooperation and invitations to visit, those leaders and their aides have also been contacting Mr. Obama’s advisers and their surrogates with suggestions on how an Obama administration should conduct, and change, American foreign policy.

      The foreign efforts to sway the new team are normal during any presidential transition, but they are accelerated in this case, foreign policy experts say, because of the historic nature of Mr. Obama’s election and the significantly different course that world leaders expect him to pursue in American foreign policy.

      The Russians want him to hold off on the installation of a missile defense shield in Poland. The Europeans want him to renounce the idea of “regime change” when it comes to Iran, while the Israelis want to be sure he does not give Iran a pass when it comes to nuclear weapons.

      Oh, and let’s not forget the Taliban, which issued a statement this week urging him to “put an end to all the policies being followed by his Opposition Party, the Republicans, and pull out U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.”


  9. Yep Apollo, more Fake News for dimocrooks to feed off of! And that’s fine because it causes them TDS.

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