Washington Post senior editor: Trump is jealous of Jeff Bezos · The Hill

Washington Post senior editor Marc Fisher said Sunday that President Trump has “a jealousy issue” with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
Why would the world's most powerful man, himself a multi- billionaire, be jeolous of Jeff Bezos? Why would any US President from the richest like Trump to the poorest like Truman prefer to be Bezos than the resident of 1600 Pennsyvania Avenue 15 months into their presidency (see)? Does Marc Fisher think that poor Harry Truman, the man who ended World War II and saved South Korea from communism, would have wanted to trade places with Bezos beacuse of his staggering success in the private sector? Beacuse Bezos controls a vast business empire and poor Harry couldn't make it in the haberdashery business selling hats? If Truman wouldn't be jealous of Bezos and his unrivaled wealth why would Donald Trump who values his political over his financial achievements, and wouldn't trade the one for the other?
Truly, what has Bezos done that's more impressive and astonishing than Trump's shocking rise to power from real estate mogul and TV star to President while holding no elected office in between? Bought the failing Washington Post and Whole Foods with its overpriced goods? Trump's unique, unparalleled, historic achievements overshadow what Bezos has done, and it humiliates him. It surely hurts Bezos to wake every morning from his wet dream of a Trump free White House only to be faced with a new Trump tweet that's damaging to him and his company. Bezos made a titanic effort trying to keep Trump down on the ground a mere low level billionaire, and epically failed; and now he's trying and failing to make him that again by lying about his "crimes" (and those of his family) and pushing for his impeachment or resignation - while losing much in the process.
Bezos, a pathological Trump hater from the start - from Trump's escalator ride down Trump Tower when he kicked off his campaign, to his rising poll numbers today as America's businesses and workers prosper - used his great wealth, influence and media power to thrwart his advance and hurt him in every way; and what does this vicious, cold-blooded tycoon have to show for his malevolence? A loss of $18 billion. 
As Andrew Benjamin writes here before Trump launched his assault on Bezos, Amazon was valued at $1617 per share; today it's worth $1391 having dropped 14% at a personal loss to Bezos of a whopping $18 billion. Trump beat Bezos on election day and is beating him again as he deregulates, tax cuts and grows his way to reelection in 2020; and there's only one way Bezos can stop him: sabotage the Trump strong economy - do to the economy what Trump is doing to Amazon. 
Bezos has spent millions trying to dig up damaging dirt on Trump and has come up with crap.
Jealousy is defined as "hostility toward a rival or one believed to enjoy an advantage." Trump by the advantage  of his larger than life personality, will power, energy, stamina and strength defeated Bezos and his media allies at the NY Times and CNN and seized the presidency; and by the advantage of his high office, counterpunching daily and tweeting up storms Trump is humiliating Bezos costing him billions, making him look like the world's richest BOZO.
Who should envy who? Who should be the jealous one? Who's the man driven by hate? When you know that you're great there's no room for jealousy and hate. I don't know about you my friends but I'd prefer to be Donald Trump to Amazon's Jeffrey Bezos.


  1. Smallville: Lex Luthor bought the Daily Planet.

    Realville: Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post.

    Art meets life.

  2. Bezos built a fantastic company, could have just provided excellent service , but just HAD to support and financially prop up the faggot COMMUNISTS at the Washington Post in their relentless attack on maybe the greatest President since George Washington.

    He’s got to PAY for that in the real world, and the RIGHT is just getting started.

    COMMUNISTS RAUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The dirty little secret is Amazon rarely has the lowest prices. I haven’t bought anything from them in years. They are flying high right now but like all businesses will fail if they don’t provide value to their customers.

    1. True,but much of Amazon’s value is it’s efficiency——one stop shopping,great website,they track gift cards and Visa points,and keep records of previous orders.

      Price isn’t everything.

      1. I like most everyone else – love Amazon.

        It’s a shame an ass hat like Bezos owns it. Oh well. Another bigger better internet shopping site will soon take over and Bezos and his Compost agenda can suck eggs.

  4. I love Trump! He’s big bull in the media’s fine china shop! When he’s done, there will be nothing but broken pieces left on the floor

  5. As Apollo mentions the globalist SOB Bezos bought Whole Foods, too!!!!

    He wants us to order our groceries from home using Amazon Prime and his bogus device, and no longer “go to the store”. PHOOEY to all that!!!!

  6. Bezos wants to play in politics by buying WaPo, which is leading the anti-Trump charge – then he shouldn’t be surprised when Trump, or anyone else, then looks at Amazon as a big, fat target.

    1. Bezos is the Dr Evil of our time. Maybe THE FTC / DOJ should have a long look at the Whole Foods buy out.

  7. Fake News Factory — Another Disastrous Week For ‘The Washington Post’


    May 19, 2017
    If anyone had told me that any news outlet was capable of spewing more Fake News than CNN, I would have laughed in their face. I was wrong. Over the past week, the left-wing Washington Post has published an astonishing amount of Fake News, a torrent of lies, and all of it aimed directly at President Trump.

    1. BOMBSHELL Confession That Was … a Joke

    Beyond pathetic.

    2. BOMBSHELL: Deputy Attorney General Threatened to Quit

    Never happened.

    3. BOMBSHELL: FBI Director Comey Fired After Asking For More Investigative Funds

    Total lie.

    4. BOMBSHELL: Trump Revealed Classified Information To Russians

    Yeah, no.

    5. BOMBSHELL: Republicans Treat Rape As Pre-Existing Condition


    This is not the first time The Washington Post has engaged in a spree of Fake News. Over just a few days in late January and early February, Post staffer Josh Rogin published three anti-Trump BOMBSHELLS that eventually blew up in his lying face. After The Daily Wire exposed and compiled Rogin’s sins, two extraordinary things happened: (1) Rogin hasn’t published anymore Fake News (that we know of) and (2) Rogin also hasn’t published any big scoops.

    Funny how that works.

    And let us never forget The Post’s whopper of all Fake News whoppers — the BOMBSHELL that Russia had hacked into Vermont’s power grid. Man alive.

    I haven’t even gotten started on the serial-liar who poses as a fact-checker for The Washington Post.

    Just try to imagine for a moment the reaction from our national political media hadThe Daily Wire, Fox News, Breitbart News, Mike Cernovich or any other New Media outlet gotten as many BOMBSHELL reports wrong over the last year as The Washington Post has in just the last week.

    Over only a few days, The Washington Post has blown FIVE HUGE stories with massive national implications, and not a single one of its competitors have said a word.

    Where’s CNN?

    Where’s The New York Times?

    Where’s Politico?

    They say nothing because they are all on the same Get Trump team; they say nothing because the goal is not truth, the goal is to destroy Trump, and lies that further that goal are seen as necessary and courageous.

    To any objective observer, The Washington Post is a laughingstock, a fake news propaganda factory… But there will be no consequences because that is exactly what everyone in the national media wants The Washington Post to be.

  8. Electoralvote dot com has a nice piece summarising Spanky”s attacks on Amazon and the WaPo and making the same points as I did recently. It ends: With that said, there is little question that Trump attacks Amazon (and not, say, Wal-Mart (which also ships a lot of packages), because of the Post connection. Presidential confidantes say that every attack on Amazon is precipitated by a story in the newspaper that makes Trump unhappy. However, there”s probably also a fair bit of resentment of Bezos himself baked into Trump”s anger. Depending on who you believe, Trump is worth between $1 billion and $10 billion. Bezos is worth $120 billion, and for a man who is obsessed with numbers and ratings, that means Bezos is winning—bigly. Not helping things is that Bezos is self made, and that he is embraced by the same cultural elites who shun Trump. In short: Insecurity, thy name is Trump.

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