"Unless Iraq wakes up and institutes political reform US forces will not intervene to [crush al Qaida] and end the conflict," says Obama.

In saving feckless, incompetent Maliki's prime ministership our reckless president doomed Iraq to worse than pre-surge sectarian turmoil verging on all out civil war and regional chaos.

 Who lost Iraq? The answer is simple: George Bush broke Iraq then fixed it. Then Barack Obama (the greatest US enabler of Iranian power) broke it all over again-and maybe worse than before. How? By recklessly intervening in Iraqi politics in 2010 and (joining with Islamonazi Iran) effecting the outcome of the national election. What did Obama do? Kowtowing to  Iran's  supreme (terrorist) leader he stupidly defied Iraq's strife weary electorate who wanted reform and reconciliation (and voted in a close election for national unity candidate Ayad Allawi) and made sure that the disastrous status quo was maintained: that miserable, incompetent, divisive, Nouri al-Maliki (Iraq's anti-Western, pro-Iran, fundamentalist Shiite prime minister) continued in power.

Iraq Insurgent

Iranian puppet PM Maliki at news conference in March 2010 pointing to the photos of two al Qaida leaders killed by US/Iraqi forces. "We're not sliding into civil war and I'm the man that's preventing that," said Maliki. 

Thanks to the blundering, politics driven,  weakling in the White House who's been uselessly trying (through diplomacy, sanctions, and butt-kissing appeasement) to stop terrorist Iran from going nuclear Obama caved into Ayatollah Khamenei's demands to keep Maliki (a one time refugee in Iran) as Iraq's puppet head of state. What phony concessions and promises Iran made to Obama is anyone’s guess. But what is clear is that Obama swallowed the offer hook, line and sinker and joined terrorist Iran to ensure Sunni hating, Shiite extremist Nouri Maliki's survival in power.

Iraqi National Movement's leader and reformer secular Shiite, Sunni-backed Ayad Allawi (feared and hated by Iran and deserted by the US) was robbed by Obama and Iran of the prime ministership in post-election backroom politics.

And now the chickens are coming home to roost as a completely demoralized Iraqi army loathing their hyper-partisan, paranoid Shiite leader can't defeat the dreaded, death-loving, Sunni-backed soldiers of ISIS as they sweep over Iraq in murderous rage en route to Baghdad. In short, after stupidly backing Iran's man against Ayad Allawi (a true pro-Western, uniter, reformer and anti-Iranian patriot), Obama is calling for political reform as a necessary precondition  for intervening militarily in Iraq to defeat ISIS. It's mind-boggling. Is it too late for Iraq? Is the country irreversibly polarized and plunging into sectarian civil war? Has the hour passed for the good Ayad Allawi to  reverse what Obama and Iran did to him and save Iraq? The situation is bleak.


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  1. Great post Apollo, and I agree:


    I read that 30,000 American trained and armed solders fled against a rag tag force of 800 men armed with AK-47s and Toyota land cruisers. The Iraqi army had helicopters, tanks and armoured vehicles. But they still ran.

    This will embolden ISIS, they will believe it is some kind of miracle, that they are like the army of the Prophet back in the 7th century. God help the Middle East.

    1. Obama’s loss my arse. This is Bush’s catastrophe. He lied us into war with Saddam who’d now be crushing ISIS with his Republican Guard.

      1. @Cey

        The basis for Operation Iraqi Freedom was Saddam’s noncompliance with 17 UN Resolutions based on a treaty he signed with the UN agreeing to either surrender or destroy his declared stockpile of WMDs and to end his support of terrorism. Saddam did none of these things; and that FACT, that TRUTH, that REALITY was the basis of the war.

        1. Why is this so complicated for you conservatives? The Iraq War was a mistake. No WMDs were found. Obama opposed going to war with Iraq as early as late 2002. If we had listened to him thousands more Americans would be alive, and al Qaeda wouldn’t be marching toward Baghdad. Get it?

          1. Assuming that the Iraq War was a mistake (I believe history will prove otherwise) Obama compounded it tenfold with his utterly stupid, premature and unnecessary political withdrawal.

          2. Blaming GW Bush for the Iraq invasion without acknowledging the mess Obama has subsequently made in Syria (and its spillover into Iraq) is partisan politics.

            1. Well you know how it goes. We were warned by Powell that we’d break Iraq and what would happen.

              All the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put Humpty together again.

  2. Apollo, you’ve cast a new and fascinating light on this debacle. If Allawi became PM as he should have US troops might still be in Iraq with ISIS confined to Syria. Obama who irresponsibly wanted a total withdrawal for political reasons completely blew the lid off of the cauldron.

    1. You’re essentially right. The Sunnis who backed Allawi didn’t want US troops to leave fearing that Maliki and his radical Iran-backed Shiites would politically and violently turn on them. Now the cauldronization of Iraq is underway and will likely spread to Jordon, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia unless ISIS is stopped.

  3. Starting at the beginning of the colossal Iraqi Failure, is the Start. “W” was told that Saddam, bad as he was . . . he was THE Stabilizing force for the entire region. See the warnings Colon Powell and others manifest. This not about blaming Pres. Bush, which he is the Blame, rather see how the U.S. De-stabilized the region. Highlighting Two Major options following 9/11: (1) Use the global out pour of “Goodwill” to our advantage to get the real culprits (i.e. Bin Laden) and improve our standing in the region “Making The Peace” following the Clinton Strategy or (2) Go to the wrong nation, kill the guy that was already doing what we say is needed now, purging people that have an agenda we call terrorism. See, all that U.S. collateral damage increased the number and strength of Terrorist Groups. Remember, “Nobody Invited the U.S. into Iraq”; the war that was supposed to be 6 months is what it is because the U.S. Can’t make the Peace because we went with the “Army we had” and no plan.

    1. Saddam Hussein who aspired to be the nuclear armed Joseph Stalin of the Middle East, and invaded two neigboring countries at enormus cost in lives and treasure, was a what? A stabilizing force in the region? Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider your analysis? BTW what was Obama’s plan for keeping the Middle East stable? Pulling out of Iraq? How did that work for us?

  4. No need for the US to worry or wring hands in Washington. The Iranians will have this insurgency/rebellion put down in short order. Why? Because the Iranians will outbrutalize al-Qaida.

    1. I’m not so sure. Iranian forces in Syria have so far been unable to take back Aleppo, Raqqa, Hasakah and Deir al-Zour. Without US forces it doesn’t look good for Iran in Iraq.

  5. President Obama shouldn’t even think about sending in airstrikes, weapons, money, or any material support for a completely corrupt, undemocratic, pro-Iranian government. Just stay away, USA. It could not be clearer or simplier even if it’s a terrible thing to watch like the bloodletting in Syria.

    1. With ISIS in control of $400 million (the largest fortune al-Qaida ever had) how much of that do you think will be used to send mass murdering suicide terrorists across our porous southern border for 9/11 type attacks?

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