2007-11-14 11:49:00.000 -- THE RISE OF NUCLEAR IRAN  
The surge in Iraq is working, the country is growing more safe and secure, the death rate for troops and civilians is falling and exiles are flocking home. What then are we to make of this remarkable turnaround? Is it a victory in progress over our Islamofascist foes as some commentators, politicians and the White House believe? I wish it were. If the war on terror were limited to Iraq we’d have cause to believe we were defeating the enemy, and that our forces were on a clear path to victory. But the path is not so clear and appears to be leading elsewhere. For this is a regional and global war, with Iraq as one of many battlefields and by no means the most important now that Saddam Hussein is dead and gone. Indeed, as security improves in the streets of Iraq a crisis for America worsens in the region, a crisis of confidence in American power as more of our credibility and fading prestige are lost to Ahmadinejad and the murderous, twisted genocidal mullahs-the primary enemy in the “war on terror,” a nuclear state close to getting the bomb-the ultimate weapon of terror and death. This is no victory, this is not success, this is a defeat in the making masked in Iraq by a winning military campaign. For with the equilibrium of the Middle East completely deranged-from the shock and awe of the Iraq War-and the balance of regional power shifting to Iran what we're seeing in the region is an advancing catastrophe; a catastrophe such like we haven’t seen since the 1960s when a misguided President from Texas who bungled a winnable war assured us repeatedly that victory was around the bend.
Perception is everything in politics and war and the Middle East sees America as losing in its struggle with Iran. They see us as losing not on the battlefield of Iraq, where our troops are fighting brilliantly crushing al-Qaida and other militant thugs, they see us as failing in our commitment and stated vow to “punish regimes that abet the terrorist menace” and that “Iran will not have nuclear arms.” The Arabs respect power and men of strength and steel, but they see our warrior President as having dropped the sword in his battle with Iran; as having deserted the larger battlefield for a smaller and less important one; a desertion with dire consequences we are starting to see as the murderous influence of the mullahs lengthens its evil shadow across the frightened dysfunctional, regressive Middle East.
In South Vietnam after several years of surging our troops until they reached a peak of 500,000 men a desperate North Vietnam unleashed the Tet Offensive and lost thousands of communist soldiers and guerillas in battle. Our troops fought bravely in cities, jungles, deltas and swamps killing 50,000 men in that campaign alone and in time a million overall. But where did it get us? Where was the promised victory that was always arriving but never came? The victory of an independent, sustainable pro-American South holding the line against the red tide and saving the region from disaster? Because we refused to invade the Communist North in the early days of the Johnson years Saigon in the end went down in defeat, and Indochina collapsed into a bloodbath of death camps, killing fields and drowned refugees. This was our worst hour vowed by everyone across political lines, Left and Right, Republican and Democrat, doves and hawks never to be repeated, never to be allowed. But now at a different time in a different place in another war it is happening again: the past that we believed was a lesson learned and buried is returning to life in a new incarnation, returning because we are fighting the right war in the wrong place; because we are fighting the enemy in Baghdad instead of Tehran, the stronghold of terror, the bastion of radical Islam, the vanguard in the struggle for restoring the faith as a menacing world power.
While our troops are reducing the violence and killings that bedevil Iraq and civil society returns to life Iran has been secretly out-surging us achieving its regional and strategic aims in defiance of all and in spite of our gains. "While we play checkers they play chess and are many moves ahead of us," writes columnist Ralph Peters. From the fall of Saddam to the Iraqi elections to the success of the surge America has been Iran’s unwitting friend; the primary enabler of its political, strategic and nuclear ambitions stupidly advancing its evil aims and turning it into the regional hegemon to the thrill and rising hopes of jihadists everywhere. For finally, at last, after 500 years of humiliating decline a Moslem state is facing down the unbelieving powers of the world; finally, at last, a Moslem state is leading the way in restoring Islam’s lost renown and glory and making it powerful again. That is the sad reality of this war, a reality that points to a broken strategy, unnecessary defeat and coming disaster.
After five grueling years of war in Iraq the deranged Arab world, and Iraq’s Shiite leaders, see Iran as the winning horse in the region; not stronger than America, not wealthier than we, not greater in any positive way; but more conniving, clever, cunning and ruthless; secretly galloping in the dead of night toward the terrible dawn of nuclear victory. And we dare call this victory? Not for us, not for Israel, not for the forces of freedom in the world. After 4000 deaths and billions spent it makes me want to weep. Some measure of stability is returning to Iraq but the terror-masters in Iran are winning.
You don't believe me? Think I've got it wrong? Think that my fears are unwarranted? Then dare to be wise and look at the facts; look if you dare and weep for yourself! Look at the reverence being paid by the mad Arab street to Ahmadinejad and Hezbollah's terror chief in Lebanon-two sick, twisted bloodthirsty men driven by hate and fear and a lost world restored; men who long to destroy America, incinerate Israel and snuff out freedom everywhere. Look at recent actions taken by fearful Arab leaders reacting to U.S. failure to stop Iran from going nuclear and halt its regional advance:
The unprecedented invitation to Ahmadinejad (first for an Iranian leader) to address the Gulf Cooperation Council-an organization established to buffer Iranian influence in the region.
The Saudi Royal family’s invitation to Ahmadinejad (another first) to visit the Holy Shrine at Mecca for a pilgrimage-this in spite of the mullah’s condemnation of the House of Saud as a “decadent dynasty” desecrating the Grand Mosque and shaming Islam.
While the Saudis are abjectly kowtowing to the mullahs trying to solidify their friendship meetings in Cairo between senior Egyptian and Iranian officials are reversing thirty years of Egyptian policy after ties between the two states were dissolved.
And worse still were our moderate Arab friends, who have much to fear from a resurgent, nuclear armed Iran, rejecting Bush’s plan to form an anti-Iran coalition.
But the unkindest cut of all to our justified efforts to punish, curb, and contain Iran-to hurt them with sanctions, isolate them financially and bring them to heel-was Iraq’s historic invitation to Ahmadinejad to visit Baghdad for meetings with government leaders to close economic deals. Inviting the president of a murderous, defiant, malevolent regime that sponsors and arms terrorists in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan, that has the blood of tens and thousands of Iraqis on its hands, and thousands of killed and maimed U.S. servicemen, makes a mockery of the sacrifices we are making for that country and brings shame and ridicule on our government. Indeed, as Iran has been using its banking system to finance its nuclear program and funnel funds to terrorist groups Iraq allowed Iran to open a branch of Bank Melli, a notorious blacklisted Iranian bank, in downtown Baghdad. As this adds insult to injury the sad truth is that Ahmadinejad’s bellicose rhetoric against America and Israel, his defiance of the world on the nuclear issue and championing of the radical Shiite cause has endeared him to Iraq’s government circles-while George Bush is roundly despised as a weak and toothless leader, a paper tiger who suffers endless abuse from Messrs Maliki and Hakim and never tires of coming back for more.
None of these are signs of American success in the region; all of them signal our waning power and prestige. Ahmadenijad is emerging as the region’s great statesman because our frightened Arab friends seeing our failure to stop his plans capitulate and change their policies to accommodate him.
Our Sunni Arab friends begged George Bush not to execute his plan to invade Iraq and topple Saddam fearing that Iran and Shiite extremism would prosper. And prosper they have. This is not to say that the Iraq invasion was a mistake as it was the final solution to Saddam’s nuclear and regional ambitions, and his massive training, funding and arming of anti-US/Israeli terrorists-in violation of his agreements with the UN. But once the threat of Saddam was removed the mission changed to democratizing Iraq and the quagmire began. Now with one thousand years of Sunni hegemony over the Arab World in ruins the US again finds itself in a trap pursuing the mirage of democratic peace to the benefit of our enemies in Iran-the new Nazis of the region, the new North Vietnam. The invasion of Iraq was a national security necessity but the continued “occupation” is undoing all our gains and putting us in peril as Iran makes strides enriching  uranium  for building the bomb. In truth, the growing fear of Arab states over Iran’s rising power exceeds their confidence in America to keep them safe. And who can blame them? After reversing one thousand years of Mideast politics by turning a Sunni dominated secular Iraq into an Islamic Shia state allied to Iran and its expansionist plans how can Sunni Arab leaders trust America? Better to chance making peace with the nuclear mullahs and appease them than stir their wrath by forming an anti-Iran coalition with a weak unreliable, incoherent United States-a United States that overthrew Saddam because of his ties to terror and WMD but is weak in stopping radical Iran for the same reasons.
In a surge of desperation to reverse this dangerous trend, and regain the trust of our frightened Arab friends, the President restarted Israeli-Palestinian peace talks urging the creation of a Palestinian state living in peace alongside Israel-an enterprise of folly doomed to fail as the radicalized Palestinians are obsessed with Israel’s destruction existing, so it seems, for no other end.
As the surge in Iraq fails to resonate in the Middle East and is treated as a non-event the President losing confidence in his mission is running farther away from reality; he is running away from the truth that liberal democracy is not an option for Iraq, that reconciliation is impossible, that the roadmap to a more secure and peaceful region runs through Tehran not Baghdad or Jerusalem. He is running from the truth that every vital minute that our forces spend in Iraq diverts us from the main fight with Iran and makes the mullahs stronger. He is running from the truth that we are losing the war against Iran as it spreads its evil influence across the frightened Middle East intimidating the Arab world and empowering their terrorist friends and proxies. We have reached a crucial point in the global war on terror where a critical decision must be made: either we free Iran from the murdering mullahs and neutralize their allies in Lebanon, Iraq, Gaza and elsewhere, or we enter a period of geopolitical decline similar to the years following the fall of Saigon-with dominoes falling throughout the Middle East or the region engulfed in sectarian Moslem war.
As we waste our time fighting in Iraq supporting a worthless government allied to Iran-hoping against hope that it will reconcile with hostile Sunnis who want to take back the state, awe is growing for a tyrannical regime of theocratic killers who see democracy as a rival religion, the evil enemy of Islam that must be expunged. Death to America! Death to liberty! Death to human rights and rule of law! Death! Death! Death! Iran is ruled by men with graveyards for brains who belonging to a cult of martyrdom and death spill the blood of innocent victims believing it’s a pleasing gift to God. And how do we respond to the murderous deeds of this regime? By trumpeting our gains in Iraq as if victory were at hand, hoping it will give us a psychological edge in the war abroad, and score political points with voters in an election year at home-which do nothing to reverse our political weakness in the region or stop Iran from going nuclear.
The writing is on the wall: Iran's deadly star is rising in the region as ours is falling; falling from failure of will, from loss of nerve, from dashed expectations and dreams. Falling from a war that has gone awry, and from want of an immediate threat to alarm us. But the danger grows by the hour. As America and her allies wearying of the task yawn at the gathering storm menacing clouds darken the sky ready to ignite. The surge in Iraq is working, but it's failing to restore regional confidence in America; failing because Iran is defeating our efforts to contain them; and to stop them from crossing the nuclear threshold and getting the bomb.
The Iranian bomb overshadows everything in the region and is making the mullahs seem larger than life-not just because of the weapon’s destructive power, but because the world’s only superpower is failing to stop them from making it. Despite hard won gains fighting Iran’s proxies in Iraq Iran is gaining the psychological and political edge in the region; they are awing their neighbors and eclipsing our achievements while turning Iraq into a political and economic client state. We are rapidly losing ground in the greater war on terror because the fountainhead, powerhouse and central bank of this disease, the engine and epicenter of evil in the region, the regime that began it all, is growing in stature and building the bomb in defiance of America.
Did we overthrow Saddam so that Iran could fill the void in Iraq, develop the bomb and become a menacing regional power? Is this why our soldiers are dying? Is this why they fight and risk their lives? Is this why we’re spending billions? We ended the reigns of Saddam and the Taliban as a warning to rogue states with WMD that they would be next to fall unless they reform, disarm and end the funding of terror. Kaddafi got the message and surrendered his illicit arms fearing that he'd end up in chains like Saddam or fighting in the hills like the Taliban. But defying this lesson and developing nukes, while deploying the missiles to deliver them, are the genocidal mullahs skillfully riding the back of U.S. foreign policy straight into the nuclear age. And we dare call this victory? Not for America, not for freedom, not for the peace of the world.
Do you believe the politicized NIE Report and acquiesce in its findings? That Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 after we invaded Iraq? Are you that foolish and naïve? No leader in the Middle East trusts this report-nor do the leaders of Europe. The Saudis, Jordanians, Egyptians and Jews differ from you in that they know the enemy, they know Iran, they know the mullahs and their evil plans: the restoration of Islam as a great world power-the dream of jihadists since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. My friends, the hunger, the thirst, the longing, the dream that blinds the believing Moslem world from the Arab street to Bin Ladin up to the rulers of Iran is the dream of Imperial Restoration: the restoring of Islam’s political and military preeminence after centuries of defeat, dishonor and decline. And in a nuclear age of weapons of mass death, where America A-bombed Japan into submission, there’s no way Iran can make Islam feared and powerful again unless it has the bomb. Those who believe that mullah Iran is a status quo power-moderates disguised as revolutionaries-that want the bomb for national defense have serious reality problems. This may be true of an Israel, an India, a Pakistan and the U.S., but not for implacable, radical, apocalyptic Iran which flying the banner of blood and death believes that Islam, God’s supreme faith, God’s chosen religion for humanity, has a divine right to supreme power on earth. This was the promise of the prophet Mohammed, his great vision for Islam before he died-blindly embraced by the fanatical mullahs as their God appointed destiny. Unless Iran develops the ultimate weapon of terror and death Islam can’t reclaim its preeminent place in history and restore the frightful glory of the past; it can‘t restore the glorious time when nations trembled at the prophet’s name and the blood of millions was shed. That is the reason, that is the truth, that is Iran’s firm intent for defying the world community and illegally developing the bomb. Take solace in the NIE report at your peril; use it to bury your heads; the odds it has a grain of truth are less than zero, and Arab leaders say as much when they cozy up to Iran.
Fearing a U.S. invasion of their country by a leader who flattened two neighboring regimes our forces in Iraq are exactly where the mullahs want them: fighting in Baghdad instead of Tehran spending billions in treasure and losing precious lives. Those who disbelieve this citing Ahmadenijad's repeated calls for U.S. withdrawal ignore one inconvenient fact: the ostensibly pro-American, pro-occupation stand of Abdul Aziz Hakim. This theo-fascist Iraqi leader who heads SCIRI the most pro-Iranian faction in Iraq's Shiite government-is an invention and evil tool of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. When the mullahs tell Hakim to jump he asks them how high. If this stooge of Iran were to stray from their views he would end up a corpse like his brother Sayed who was allegedly blown to bits when he crossed them. The mullahs don’t tolerate dissent and Hakim has a loaded gun to his head a heartbeat away from death. In short, this man is no friend of America, no friend of democracy, no friend of our nation building project in Iraq. Why then does he support the U.S. “occupation?” Because he’s ordered to by the devils in Iran!
In a recent interview with a German magazine Iran's foreign minister was asked if his country still fears a U.S. invasion: "No," said the minister smiling, "the US has too many problems in Iraq and is in no position to get into a new military conflict." Too many problems? Caused by who? While we tarry in Iraq battling insurgents and putting out fires caused mostly by Iran, while Iraqi’s Shiite government conspires with Iran to bleed us militarily and politically, the evil day of the Iranian bomb approaches. As we surge ahead in strife-torn Iraq devastating much of Al Qaida and other militant thugs the Islamonazis in Tehran surge farther and higher and wider and deeper rising up from their pit in hell to regional hegemony and global power. With so much at stake this cannot go on. Too many lives have been lost and treasure spent to acquiesce in the rise of a nuclear Iran which would hold the oil rich Arab states hostage to its expansionist plans.
It seems like pre-World War II all over again. Again the nations choose to sleep ignoring a terrifying regime rising in their midst with a mandate from hell to rule them. Again the appeasers cower before the beast hoping to placate his pitiless heart with offerings of peace. As “peace in our time” quickly turns into war millions are slaughtered and ground into dust. The Iran-Iraq War with its million dead is prelude of worse to come. It’s a sign of what will follow if we reward the mullahs for their evil and they triumphantly get the bomb.
As the President has vowed to keep Iran out of the nuclear club promising that this awful regime "will not have the worlds most dangerous weapons…." there is no way he can honor his pledge short of regime change in Tehran. Indeed, if the mullahs are still in power when the President retires postponing the evil day of nuclear victory to his successor, his post-presidential years will be filled with regret. Lamenting his inaction when he had the chance to strike his unkept pledge will haunt him to the grave as millions could die in a nuclear inferno and regional war. Indeed, the man who toppled Saddam and the Taliban but left the job unfinished by not invading Iran, preferring the albatross of Iraq to our greater strategic needs, will likely be treated unkindly by history. Instead of being remembered as a second Harry Truman history may see him as Lyndon Baines Bush: the President who gave us a nuclear Iran and a new and more terrible Vietnam.
We are fighting on the wrong battlefield in the wrong country in the right war against Islamic terror, and the mission must change to avert disaster. As the invasion of Iraq toppled a dangerous regime hell-bent on hurting American interests so is regime change in Tehran the only answer to stopping the threat of nuclear jihad and the rising lethal power of Iran. Our mission is inescapable, the way is clear: what failed to depose the adamant Saddam will fail with the fanatical mullahs: sanctions, bombings, inciting mass revolt, containment strategies, assassination plots, coercive diplomacy, and the like. In the end preëmptive war is the only solution. In the end the Bush Doctrine the only hope.
Ronald Reagan used a plan of economic warfare to bankrupt Russia forcing the hostile Soviets into reforming their system to avoid mass starvation and death. There was no glory in martyrdom for the atheistic Reds who believed that death brought extinction and a final nihilistic end. Facing the same moral choice Saddam chose starvation and hardship instead of reforming his regime with thousands of Iraqi children perishing from malnutrition and disease. Saddam believed that God had destined him to be the Joseph Stalin of Arabia unifying the region under his iron fisted rule and nothing was too sacred to sacrifice to his dream. The messianic mullahs are fearfully worse: seeing themselves as Islam’s sword and savior destined to redeem the faith from weakness through subversion and war they will choose hunger over reform letting millions die if need be. “Let Iran burn so that Islam prevails,” said the Ayatollah Khomeine who extolling the act of martyrdom as the highest religious good saw the people of Iran as sacrificial lambs living to die for the victory of Islam.
In truth, the mullahs are backward looking reactionary killers who want to terrorize humanity into returning to the past, and they will not be changed. Believing that their repressive regime is God’s chosen answer for bringing peace to the world reforming it would betray the will of heaven causing the horror of endless torment in death. Better hell reign on earth as a guarantor of heaven than making peace with infidels and disobeying God. Such are the delusions of this apocalyptic regime; such are the reasons why the time to strike has come.
As Iran was Jimmy Carter's political undoing so is it undoing our standing in the Middle East and the presidency of George Bush. Bush has been castrated and Carterized by Iran’s proxy terrorism and intervention in Iraq, and he‘s been weak and feckless in fighting back. His tough talk against Iran has been a substitute for military action, his warnings and threats are laughed at and ignored. Making al Qaida the principle enemy in Iraq and the general war on terror diverts us from dealing with a rising menacing nuclear Iran. What is bin Ladin compared to the Ayatollahs? What is al Qaida compared to Hezbollah? A putrid pond in the widening sea of mullah blood, and nothing more.
The Left want to withdraw our forces from Iraq and leave the country to its fate, and the Right want regime change in Iran while we remain in Iraq fighting on. As we cannot depose the mullahs while our troops are in Iraq the Right needs to side with the Left on retreat and redirect our forces to Tehran. As the only thing worse than invading Iran is the mullahs getting the bomb, this is the only real answer for stopping these men and for ending the threat of a nuclear Iran.
The President says that all options are still open with Iran including military action as a last resort. Straining to sound tough Mr. Bush said to reporters before his failed trip to the Mideast last January “Iran was a threat, is a threat and continues to be a threat as long as they continue to enrich uranium.” And so the threat continues. And so it advances and grows unopposed. Seemingly demoralized like his feminized state department it looks like the President is unwilling to make good on his pledge. It looks like he’s accepted the reality of a nuclear Iran and that the Bush Doctrine is dead.
Yes, it‘s true, the surge in Iraq is working, the country is growing more safe and secure. Less troops and civilians are dying from violence and exiles are coming home. But it is not a sign of coming victory; it’s the lull before the storm.
Iran is the principle enemy in the global war on terror, an inspiration and ideal to jihadist forces everywhere-to those who strive to enslave mankind in the name of God and Islam. Why then in this war with terror and tyranny, the transcendent struggle of the age, are we so obsessed with “victory” in Iraq? Why, pray God, is Iraq the central front of this new global struggle when oil rich Tehran, the terror capital of the world, is the most deadly and death dealing nation on earth? How can Iraq become a true ally for peace-a force for democratizing and civilizing the Middle East-when it’s run by Shiite extremists in league with Iran and opposed to liberal ideals? It doesn’t make sense! Capture and kill al-Qaida agents in Iraq, decimate them by the thousands and Iraq follows Iran as its loadstar all the same. As long as the mullahs rule Iran Iraq will be a force for evil in the region supporting Hamas’s relentless war on Israel (Maliki boycotted Annapolis following Iran) and Hezbollah’s efforts to destroy democracy in Lebanon-disproving Maliki‘s commitment to freedom. “The Maliki government is no better than Saddam,“ warns former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi. Indeed, with Maliki condemning Sunni on Shia terror but not the other way round, (overlooking the crimes of Hakim’s Bader Corps and those of Hezbollah), Allawi’s analogy is at least half true. We are caught in a terrible contradiction in Iraq: while fighting extremists on the battle field we serve a corrupt Shiite government run by bigots and ideologues whose world view is closer to Tehran’s evil plans than to Washington’s vision of the good. This policy of both fighting and serving our enemies in Iraq, of kowtowing to extremists like Maliki and Hakim (who yearn for a holocaust in Israel), hoping against hope to turn them into pro-U.S. allies, is so bewildering and inane that it led conservative columnist Diana West to call it “certifiably insane.”
Having a pro-Iran, pro-Hezbollah, pro-Hamas government running Iraq, a government complicit with Tehran in the bleeding of our troops and treasure-is not why we toppled Saddam and brought freedom to that land. It is clear that our priorities in this war are deranged with a bitter price to pay if it continues. Retired CENTCOM Commander William Fallon was right in opposing Bush’s surge policies; he was right in saying it was wrong to give Iraq priority in this war; where he errs (like Obama and the Democrats) is in giving priority to Afghanistan and Pakistan over radical, nuclear menacing Iran-the worst of the “Axis of Evil” states, the heart of anti-U.S. violence.
The downfall of the mullahs is a world necessity, a regional necessity and a national security necessity. If you double the reasons for invading Iraq you will understand the fierce urgency for invading Iran and making the mullahs history.
Patraeus’s strategy is succeeding in Iraq, succeeding downhill like the numerous surges and 50,000 lives that went down the drain in South Vietnam. We are blindly surging toward defeat in the region and must radically change course before it’s too late, before the countdown to crisis runs out, before the nightmare of a nuclear Iran becomes the reality of nuclear jihad.
The central challenge facing U.S. policy in the Middle East is not the war in Iraq, or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, transcending these in importance is reviving the awe and respect for America in the region by confronting the evil mullahs and defeating them for good-an issue which no Washington politician or presidential candidate dares raise as it means a military conflict with Iran which no one wants to contemplate-and that has got to change!
Before us lies the choice of action or inaction over the rising menace of Iran and its deadly regime of apocalyptic killers. The choice of war now with a weaker, conventional non-nuclear Iran or war later when the mullahs triumphantly have the bomb-when their defeat might require their nuclear destruction in a first strike by Israel to save itself from doom.
When the strongest nation on earth can be shackled and chained for years fighting in a country with no end in sight I say let’s end it now. I say end the “occupation” today not by cutting and running from the region like the silly retreatists and defeatists want to do, but by sending them east to crush the regime of death, to initiate Operation Death Blow.
My fellow Americans, the war in Iraq has gone on too long and must end soon; enough U.S. blood has been shed for its people and corrupt, worthless government; enough of our treasure has been spent for their progress and common good. Now for the peace and security of the region the mission must change. Since the mullahs believe that “war is a blessing for mankind,” that it’s “a religious duty decreed by God,” then let’s bless mankind and bring them war: the war to end their war, the war to bring them peace, the peace of the grave so that they war no more.
My friends, Iran is global enemy number one in the War on Terror. They are hell bent on our destruction and given the chance would kill us by the millions. There is no wishing, or willing, or hoping away this war; there is no negotiating an end to it, no appeasing or placating the foe. Diplomacy with Iran is useless, for there are no wrongs to be righted, no grievances to be redressed, no differences to be resolved, no common interests to be found to form the lasting bond of peace. We are the one’s being injured, we are the one’s being wronged, it is we who are the aggrieved; and the differences between us are irreconcilable: for secular liberal democracy that separates church and state privatizing faith and securing the right of worship for all cannot peacefully coexist with a revolutionary regime that makes clerical rule and Islamic Law supreme over all. In short, diplomacy with a jihadist regime that believes it has the ultimate truth and a divine right to world rule is useless-as useless as telling a hurricane to break its violent winds and become a gentle breeze.
The war between freedom and radical Islam is a war of ideas, a war of world views, a war to the death for the fate of the earth. Those who say give diplomacy a chance that the mullahs are not what they seem, that they are moderates disguised as revolutionaries wanting the good life for their people, are naively and dangerously wrong. They are wrong to believe that Khomenie‘s frightful face, the icon of this regime, is a mask worn by men who want to normalize Iran and integrate peacefully into the world. For the evil face of this regime is its awful reality transparent to the bone. The face of fear that rules by force out of fear of being wrong.
America is the supreme political and social achievement of human history; it is the greatest instrument forged by Providence for spreading freedom and peace in the world, and as such it is a painful refutation of core Islamic “truths:” the “truth” that Islam is the ultimate way of justice and peace, that it is God’s chosen religion for mankind. The “truth” that the Koran is God’s final revelation and Mohammed His last and greatest prophet. The “truth” that Islam owns the future of the world and that history will end in the apocalyptic triumph of a one world Moslem state. More than any nation or challenging faith America causes vexing doubts about these “truths” and must be destroyed so that Moslems can believe with perfect faith, worship in peace and doubt the truth no more.
The ancient hope of Islamic world rule born from Mohammed’s fevered brain is now hanging on the mullahs across sectarian and ethnic lines as the regional popularity of Ahmadinejad fearfully proves. After 60 years of hostility and war Sunni leaders have failed in their promise to destroy Israel, as have Hamas and Hezbollah in terrorist attacks, missile strikes and murderous cross boarder raids. All that remains are the murdering mullahs who are building the bomb and threatening Israel with nuclear war. In short, the eyes of Islam are turned to Iran as the great Moslem hope for destroying Israel, defeating the U.S. and saving the faith from powerlessness and ruin; they are turned to Iran as the nation that is nearest to filling the void left by the fall of the Ottoman Turks; nearest to restoring the honor and awe of Islam as a feared and respected world faith. And this must end, and end soon before the mullahs get the bomb, and interpreting it as a sign from God of coming victory advance down the path of nuclear doom. For unless the President takes the War on Terror into the den of darkness and death, unless he revives his great doctrine and changing his views makes Tehran ground zero in this new world war; in short, unless we get out of Iraq where Patraeus is wasted and into Iran where his talents belong then Iran's lethal power will continue to grow radicalizing and destabilizing more of the region with devastating consequences for America, Israel and the peace of the world.
There is no other way to prevent the catastrophe of the mullahs getting the bomb. There’s no other way to stop Iraq from becoming the New Vietnam.


  1. A bit long and repetitive. But nonetheless a good read that I agree with. Israel begged Bush to invade Iran instead of Iraq as the greater evil of the two.

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