Indeed, in the wake of 9/11 the rising tide of Saddamophobia swelled into a tsunami that swept away George Bush’s inhibitions and fears about invading Iraq and bringing down Saddam; gone were the father’s wise restraints and Dick Cheney’s insights into sectarian chaos as we swept into Iraq 555 days later ending the dictator's terrible 23 year reign and turning him into a hunted fugitive.


Remove any factor from the equation and Saddam (or his sons) would still be in power oppressing their people, menacing the region and funding terrorism aimed at hurting US and Western interests-and perhaps armed with nuclear bombs.

Saddam Hussein was so enamored with his cruel, sadistic, mass murdering idol Joseph Stalin that he imitated his ways and actions, and did everything he could to look like him. But Stalin, unlike Saddam, survived as his country's leader till his death. Saddam died a Stalin wannabe. But it could have been different if he survived.

After 9/11 Bush and Cheney came to the conclusion, and the right one I believe, that the possible costs and chaos of a post-Saddam Iraq-of murderous tribal, ethnic and religious strife-was less to be feared than the possible horrific domestic consequences of the America-hating dictator staying in power with his WMDs, nuclear ambitions, funding of terrorism and grandiose dreams of becoming the master and Joseph Stalin of the Middle East. Bush, Cheney and many Democrats from the Clintons to Joe Biden understanding the danger (and with huge public support) refused any longer to take a chance on Saddam. Practically everyone feared another horrific 9/11 and so we preëmptively struck.

Saddam, who like most Arabs rejoiced over 9/11 admiring bin Laden and al Qaida for the deed and great death and destruction it caused, would fall. We'd take the War on Terror to the enemy in the heart of the Middle East however troubling and destabilizing it could be (in the short term) to the region. The sick, dysfunctional, despotic Middle East, the incubator of Islamic terror and 9/11, would be forever changed and transformed-blown up if need be-and made less dangerous to America's security, freedom and well-being.

True to his unbending nature the tragic, stiff-necked Saddam was defiant to the end. Thumbing his nose at the 16th and final UN Resolution warning him that failure to comply with the terms of his ceasefire agreement, and come clean on his missing stockpile of WMDs, would have dire consequences, Saddam instead issued a bogus 12,000 page document claiming they were destroyed. That was the last straw. For 12 years Saddam had been violating his ceasefire agreement triumphing over every punishment, and now it was time to enforce its terms and resume the state of war.  President Bush made the tough decision to finish Desert Storm, the war his father began, and Saddam this time would fall.

Driven from power Saddam went on the run trying and failing to organize a guerrilla war against the invading infidels (the new Christian Crusaders) who he’d heroically defeat (fulfilling his destiny) as the Sunni world rallied to his cause. But that was another grand delusion. In the end Saddam was abandoned by everyone weak, pathetic, alone looking like a filthy bum crawling out of a stinking spider hole as he ignominiously surrendered to US forces.

 Now ten years after that day Iraq is on the verge of a cataclysmic civil war due mainly to the incompetent leadership of a feckless Leftist US President ironically bearing the middle name HUSSEIN, who rose to power because he opposed the war that brought down Saddam justly ending his evil, mad, monstrous reign.

 Barack Hussein Obama, America’s first president with Moslem family roots, has been a catastrophe for the Middle East and Moslem world. Through butt kissing appeasement, cowardice, inaction, retreat and bad calls he's made things radically worse in the region by intentionally trying to kill the Pax Americana caring nothing about the consequences and what will replace it... leaving everything to chance. Will it be a nuclear armed Iran achieving regional hegemony and control of Mideast oil? Or will it be ISIS the mightiest al Qaida army of all ravaging Iraq like a swarm of locusts becoming the Sunnis' last best hope to keep the region free of a Pax Iranica? We shall see.

11 thoughts on “SADDAMOPHOBIA, 9/11 AND THE IRAQ WAR, PT 2

  1. Yes, indeed. Saddam’s political idol was Stalin. Added to his nazi influences (he admired Hitler as well as most Muslims do), he personified the greatest evils of the 20th century, all wrapped up in one package. Thank God he’s gone.

  2. I read that Saddam had the greatest library of literature about Stalin in the world. And that he read most of his books and was an authority on the man.

  3. Like your neat little formula: 9/11 + George Bush + Saddam’s intransigence = Operation Iraqi Freedom. Ultimately it was Saddam’s enemy Osama bin Ladin who brought him down.

  4. Saddam never came near to reaching his goal of being King Hussein of a United Arabia, but he certainly holds a high place in the pantheon of modern dictators and tyrants.

  5. How could Saddam Hussein be the “Joseph Stalin (and uniter) of the MIddle East” without a stockpile of WMD and nuclear bombs? If it weren’t for George Bush and the Iraq War Saddam’s Iraq very well might be a nuclear power by now.

    1. We’ll never know, of course. But why take the chance given the Stalinist monster Saddam was, and hated us above all nations.

  6. What you say Apollo about Saddam thinking if he was deposed by Bush that he’d fight a successful guerilla war against the US and emerge the winner is entirely plausible.

    Syrian dictator Hafez al-Assad said this about Saddam: “He’s a chain smoker who lights up one cigarette after the other.” Meaning he’d light one fire after the next testing things to their limit then going over the cliff thinking he’d come out okay. His faith in himself was completely delusional….just like Obama.

  7. Excellent coverage Apollo. I remember how I sat glued to the television waiting to hear what happened to Saddam . Watched his boys go down ,and then how he himself was tracked all over the place.
    What gives me a knot in my stomach, is knowing Obama is in charge now, and his decisions will be our future. And his childish indecisive actions so far, have given me a real lack of confidence. I only hope things can be held down until the presidential election is over and the year has come to an end without disaster. Then maybe some sensible decisions will come to the fore, and hope will return.

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