In my piece of several weeks ago "Why Islam Wants To Destroy Israel" I wrote about the underlying theological causes of Islam's genocidal war against the Jewish State which started with its birth 66 years ago and continues unabated today; and that nothing short of Israel's conversion to Islam or complete  annihilation would end the conflict and appease it's enemies. In this piece, The Underlying Causes of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict (originally published on Townhall in June 2010) I deal specifically with the 50 year jihad of the so-called made up, invented Palestinian people... the vanguard of the Arab/Islamic cause to destroy the state of Israel and replace it with an oppressive Islamic-Arab terrorist state that would have nothing of value or worth to offer the world.


Arab Moslem savages relentlessly bash and demonize Israel and call for its destruction as part of the solution to their crisis of faith, their 600 years of decay and self-caused catastrophes.

Multiculturalists and politically correct Leftist appeasers blame Israel for perpetuating its 62 year conflict with the Arabs and Palestinians by refusing to return to the negotiating table and give peace talks another chance. But after the catastrophe of Yassir Arafat, Oslo and the Second Intifada most Israelis are disillusioned with negotiations and have given up on peace. After withdrawing from Southern Lebanon and Gaza, thousands of rocket attacks and fighting two wars they've learned their lesson and simply want to disengage from the Palestinians leaving them to wallow in their racist hatred, ignorance, poverty and sins hoping that time and suffering will heal them. Their reasoning runs something like this: 

'How can you make peace with a people who believe that all your lands-Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, etc., belong to them by divine right? That the Koran is their deed to your lands? And that God who signed this deed demands that you surrender or face endless war until your crushed and defeated? How do you reason with such a people and make peace with them?'

Indeed, driving this murderous conflict from the start is Arab racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerance. Islamic supremicism explains 70% of the conflict, and Arab racial superiority the remaining 30%. West Bank settlements, East Jerusalem, blockades, checkpoints, etc. count for naught. Most Palestinians believe in an Islamic Peace, that a one state solution with Israel conquered by Islam is the only answer to ending the conflict. 

Israel's existence as a non-Moslem (Jewish) state bordering the Arabian Peninsula, where Mohammed supposedly received the Koran from God (Allah's plan for regional and world dominion) is a blow to and refutation of Islamic truth, religious and political supremicism, and Arab racial superiority. Indeed, Jewish Israel's existence-unlawful by Islamic law-is both religiously and racially humiliating to their Palestinian and Arab neighbors; it's intolerably offensive and wounding to their cultural pride, history and spiritual sensibilities. Israel's existence is a challenge to a 1300 year old belief system of medieval tyranny, injustice, bigotry and barbarism; a challenge that enrages most Arabs and drives them insane with painful and disturbing doubts about the totality of their faith: their traditions, values, ideals, identity, heritage and world view; doubts about restoring their once great and mighty empire of oppression, cruelty and fear; doubts about their "providential" mission to subdue and conquer the world for God and Islam. In short, the premise that “ISLAM IS THE ABSOLUTE ANSWER TO  MANKIND’S MANIFOLD ILLS” is refuted by Israel’s existence-which is why it's so hated and vilified.

Indeed, Arab-Moslems struggle against the terror of doubt and uncertainty caused by Israel, America, the West and modernity; they refuse to question, examine and test their beliefs; they refuse to mature, come of age and join the civilized world. Desiring the peace of mind that certainty brings they cling to their outworn absolutism and false moral clarity: their black and white division of the world into realms of war and peace, infidels and believers, the unclean and righteous, the saved and damned. They want to believe that they and they alone are God's chosen people and gift to humanity possessing the key to universal salvation-the one final truth and answer to everything. They want to believe these things strongly and believe them in peace, but can’t as long as the Jewish state of Israel exists.

Indeed, when true believing Moslems see a thriving, prosperous, modern democratic people in their midst-a non-Moslem mostly non-Arab state-certainty is shaken and dread sets in: the dread of losing their illusions; the dread they might be wrong; the dread of shattered hopes and dreams,  that Islam and the Arab race are not supreme with no sublime purpose, fate, destiny or meaning.

In short, Israel's restoration after 2000 years (foretold by Biblical and non-Biblical prophecies), and continued existence against all odds, has caused a catastrophe in the Middle East: a terrifying cataclysm and crisis of faith in God, Mohammed and Islamic truth; a crisis in the belief that Islam perfects Judaism, Christianity, philosophy and science; that its laws abrogate all constitutions and is the fate of the Earth as promised by God. Israel's destruction is an Islamic necessity and to that end its Arab enemies-Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, the Moslem Brethren, al-Qaida, the Saudis and Wahabis (joined by the Persians and Turks)-work relentlessly and feverishly. If Israel were to be destroyed the victory would be celebrated as a sign from heaven that the Prophet Mohammad was right: Islam is the answer; and that with Israel's demise Europe and America would be next to fall, and the entire world thereafter as promised by Mohammed in the Koran and Hadith when he has God saying (in numerous places): "the world and everything in it will be yours."



The experiment of land for peace with Palestinians has been tried and failed over and over and over again. Its failure proves the point that the conflict is essentially driven by ideology and irreconcilable world views. A peace loving modern liberal democracy and a predatory medieval Moslem terror state have nothing in common and are natural enemies. Like the 19th century Italian nationalist Joseph Mazzini said: "Ideas rule the world they divide mankind and keep it in a state of conflict and war." Ideas about God and government. Good and evil. Human nature and mankind's destiny. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a microcosm of a larger civilizational struggle between Islam and the West that will grow more violent and bloody in time especially in Europe where jihadists are hell-bent on destroying democracy and being in charge. Those who at this late date after 66 years still think that the Arab-Israeli conflict is about land and not ideas and ideals are in extreme denial and have their heads in the sand. And such is the Obama administration, most leftists and Bill and Hillary Clinton.




  1. The Palis are the most worthless and despicable people on planet earth. How long will Israel tolerate them before the IDF starts kills them by the thousands?

    1. I messed up.

      How long will Israelis tolerate the Palestinians before they unleash the full might of the IDF and kill them by the thousands?

    2. A corrupt and murderous people incurably poisoned with hatred for Jews who danced in the streets handing out sweets when Al Qaeda hit the Twin Towers. If any people deserve extinction it’s them. God please destroy them.

      1. Israelis were also dancing in the street as the Mossad congratulated themselves on a job well done. See‘Mossad, Bush planned, executed 9/11’ | Veterans Today

        1. Actually Bush and Mossad weren’t alone in bringing down the Twin Towers. They had help from Big Foot.

  2. An excellent article! Anyone confused about the real cultural causes of the Palestinian Israeli conflict should read it.

    1. I agree! “Racism, cultural imperialism, religious intolerance” says it all. Islamic & Arab supremacism is what drives this conflict. Westerners who see this as a land issue are being duped by the Palis.

  3. I am sure that on the local, personal level, many Israelis and Palestinians only wish the conflict would end so they could all live in peace and prosper.

    At the political level, the Palestinian National Charter (constitution) still calls for the abolition of the State of Israel, and states that the abolition of Israel is the primary goal and purpose of the Palestinian People.

    Wars aren’t ginned up by the common people. They’re usually the machinations and follies of the ruling elite. If there’s to be peace the Palestinians need a radical change in leadership.

  4. Want peace bewteen Palestinians and Israelis? Put Hillary Clinton in the WH. She’s poor enough to identify with average folks on both sides.

  5. Israel has a finer line to walk than most countries. Everything the PA does is set up to fail and then they point the finger at Israel. That aside, yes I like to see them kick-butt.

  6. There has been trouble between Israelites, and Arabs since Abraham had a son Ismael, with the handmaiden of Sarah.
    But as time passes, they become more and more evil. When the accepted Mohammed, as a true prophet, then and there was their downfall, and as time went on they became more and more wicked, as they worship the devil and not Jehova, God.
    This article was true and explains the thinking of these blood thirsty demons.

    1. I could be wrong, but I believe that Muhammad was a demon in the flesh. And Allah was his creation, a figment of his imagination. But Jehovah he wasn’t.

      1. Sounds right to me! I know hey are of the devil.
        And I worried for hours because I had miss spelled Jehovah, then I thought no one would notice. What happens the first crack out of the barrel. You spelled Jehovah.
        Face red! :-)

  7. IMO the origin of the name Palestinians is me-toosim based on jealousy of Israel by Arabs in the region, especially after seeing the flourishing of the Jewish state in stark contrast to the relative squalor among Palestinkians who have been too preoccupied with destroying Israel and committing acts of terrorism against it to work diligently to improve their lot. Of course the surest course to that improvement would be a fair and comprehensive peace settlement with Israel, with mutual assured security, which will never happen.

    1. All Jews are Palestinians , the true, historic Palestinians. Which means that the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) wants to liberate Palestine (Jewish Israel) from Palestinians (the Jews). What a joke.

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