Anti-July 4th Obamas with Malia their July 4th baby.
We're 65 months into Barack Obama's abysmal un-American presidency and till now it escaped my notice that eldest daughter Malia was born on July 4th. My thanks to Rosemary for bringing this to my attention pointing out ironically that "The most un-American president in our history has a daughter born on the 4th of July," then asking the question "What could it mean?" as she intuitively feels that it's a sign indicative of something significant that we should know. I spent the weekend researching and pondering over this and dispute slimjim's assertion (in the comment section) that it's meaningless because hundreds if not  thousands of American children are born on July 4th every year. Malia Obama isn't one of hundreds and thousands. She's the 4th of July born daughter of a president who has so much contempt and animosity for this country and its Founders (and founding moment) that he wants to transform it into something radically different and foreign. In short, when Obama became president Malia's birthday, in my view, became very relevant and meaningful to Obama's anti-foundational, anti-Constitutional un-American presidency. But that's for my readers to decide for themselves. 

Barack Obama and his wife Michele are typical radical leftist malcontents at war with America and its founding; at war with July 4th and the Spirit of 1776 and practically everything it represents; at war with the revolution of individual rights and responsible personal liberty that rose up courageously against government coercion, unfair taxation, oppression and tyranny. They are at war with the Founders of the greatest, most exceptional and prosperous nation and liberating force in history and are deeply ashamed of them, not just for being wealthy white slave owners who fought and killed Indians, but for not being more like the white, prosperous, bourgeois revolutionary leaders of 18th century France with their radical leftist utopian creed of government created social perfection summed up in the motto LIBERTY EQUALITY FRATERNITY: "LIBERTY" meaning freedom from want; "EQUALITY" meaning a classless society of economic and social equals; "FRATERNITY" meaning national kumbaya with everyone loving each other selflessly serving in unity the common good as defined by the state-the object of worship as a terrestrial god and supreme good on earth. 

Barack and Michele Obama the statist enemies of America's founding and its limited government free market Fathers believe it's their mission, purpose and destiny (as first man and first lady) to be the founding father and mother of a new America, a truly just America, the right America as it should and ought to be; of a Frenchified and Europeanized America;  an un-American America of radical equality and redistributed wealth and unbridled, reckless, anything goes, moral anarchy and individualism; an America remade, transformed and reborn according to the redeeming principles of the French Revolution and its communist/socialist/progressive government supremacist descendents. 

In short, true, real, authentic INDEPENDENCE DAY for the Obamas (the greatest day in modern world history) isn't America's July 4th founding, but France's July 14th upheaval-the first leftist revolution in history when the Bastille was stormed by a violent mob of bloodthirsty savages wanting to tear apart every member of the Old Regime of King, Aristocracy and Church. Wise, civilized, Christian and Classically disciplined and trained liberty-loving men fathered the American Revolution and founded the first and only American Republic which endures to this day. A demonic, frenzied Church hating mob started the First French Republic which lasted ten years until it collapsed; yet the ideologically blind Obamas and ignorant fascist Left prefer the French savages with their failed experiment to the Founders and their longstanding success. Why? Because after 238 years America still isn't perfect, which proves to them how terribly flawed and wrong the Founders were;  and though the savage French mobs unleashed a nightmare of terror and death that ended with the tyranny of Napoleon and the ruination of France, they are preferable to the Founders for the Left; this is because wanting to use government to create heaven on earth ( "a republic of reason and virtue" where everyone is wise and good) their hearts at least were in the right place and politically correct.

France has had five republics in two centuries, America has only had one with the same Constitution amended now and then-and the Obamas and the Left believe that the Founders are holding us back from paradise, that we are lagging behind Europe and the French and have much catching up to do; and that America must be founded anew-with a new Constitution and Bill of Rights for an all-caring, comprehensive, cradle to grave nanny security state: THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC II-which would be as broke and bankrupt in a few years as socialist Greece or liberal Democrat Detroit. 

But the future of America doesn't belong to Obama and the Left and their crackpot vision of a French Revolution here. A certain  auspicious sign, in my view, that Providence isn't on their side of the ideological divide was the birth of their first daughter on the day they most abhor:  July 4, 1995 16 years ago Malia Obama was born; and that the day of her birth to the most un-American president and first lady ever is a vindication of the Founders' creed (of limited government, balanced budgets, moral restraint and economic freedom) is indicated I believe in that July 4, 1995 was the 222nd birthday of our founding-a number that completes the date of our history changing revolutionary year. For when the triplet number 222 is multiplied by 8 it gives us 1776. 


On the 4th day of July the 44th president's eldest daughter celebrated her 16th birthday ( 4x4=16). It was also the 1991st day of Obama's unfit to command presidency. That gives us the year when the Soviet Union disappeared from history-which lies at the root of Russia's annexation of Crimea and the fighting in the Ukraine; and it was the year Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. This led to the Gulf War and 12 years later to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Saddam's downfall. The events in the Ukraine and especially in Iraq with the rise of ISIS are taking its toll on Obama's anti-July 4th downward plunging presidency.




  1. Would you believe it? That lying sh*t said in his Strausbourg speech that he “ordered the closing of Gitmo.” I pray to God that this is his last July 4th as president.

  2. You’re piece on Obama’s Strasbourg blunder is fascinating. You’re right that “equality” is Obama’s undoing. It’s driving his presidency into deepening levels of failure.

  3. Family comes first. I criticize Obama on a lot of stuff. I still think he should be out of the White House as soon as possible, but he does have a beautiful family that a lot of us young people Like myself will probably never have! Thanks Obama!

    1. Amazing isn’t it? You can be a wonderful husband and dad and be the worst president since the end of World War II.

  4. Hope you had a happy birthday Malia! You have grown to be a beautiful and confident young woman. Hopefully you’ll outgrow your two idiot parents and learn to become a sensible human being.

  5. Malia Obama should get on her knees and thank God that her dad wasn’t pushing contraceptives and abortions before she was conceived as he is now!

  6. YEAH!


    Why shouldn’t Obama and we leftists prefer the French Revolution to the American Revolution? It ended slavery and broke down racial barriers allowing blacks to be free and equal citizens with eqjual rights of the new French Republic. The French revolutionaries were more enlightened and progressive on racial matters than the slave owning founders and I salute them for it.


    1. VIVA LA BULL!

      All Frenchmen had equal rights except if you were members of the royal family, aristocrats or clergy. They had no rights and were equally beheaded as the enemies of humanity and the revolution.

      1. The French Revolution had its excesses. But it was a beginning. A very imperfect beginning with some brillaint bright spots.

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