Back in April 2009 I posted the following article on Townhall predicting from Obama's first trip to Mexico a crisis for his administration coming from that country. First there was Operation Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal. But now overshadowing that is the rising flood of disease ridden, lice infested Central American children streaming into our country from Mexico seeking to be reunited with their illegal alien parents.

Amazingly, later that day after posting this article Air Force 1 buzzed lower Manhatten frightening New Yorkers that they might be under another 9/11-type terror attack. The man who ordered the flight for a photo shoot was Louis Caldera, a Mexican-American official in the Obama administration. You can read the article here. 


 BTW, back in July 2009 in a short article which I'm not republishing I coined the term "Borderporosis" to denote the crisis of our porous borders as a kind of disease that Obama & the Dems for political reasons care nothing about curing. No one has used this term  since;  but it should be used to hammer the president with.

Obama and Calderon in Mexico as Swine Flu is raging.


Will the Republic of Mexico prove to be an inauspicious country and source of serious trouble for our ill-starred president and his leftist administration now or in the years ahead? It certainly looks that way. On April 16  Obama visited Mexico simultaneous to the outbreak of the Mexican Swine Flu which has killed dozens of Mexicans and crossed the border into the US where it has infected scores of citizens. Will this become a serious public health crisis poorly managed by the administration, like Bush botched Katrina-as Hugh Hewitt surmised? Or is it a portent and warning sign of some other evil that will emerge from Mexico to hurt Obama and his tragedy-in-the-making presidency? A biological terrorist attack perhaps? Or something to do with the violent terrorist mass murdering drug cartels? Or the flood of illegal immigrants growing catastrophically worse and creating all kinds of problems for us? The signs are foreboding and Obama must take heed.

Indeed, after he concluded his meeting with President Calderon Obama visited a museum of anthropology in Mexico City. There he was greeted by a distinguished archeologist named Felipe Solis who gave him a grand tour of the place. Reports say that Solis came down with flu-like symptoms within 24 hours of shaking Obama's hand then died a week later(see).

If a terrible epidemic mismanaged by the administration doesn't come out of Mexico to hurt Obama will something else emerge from that country to plague and scandalize him? I ask this because April 16 was the 86th day of Obama's presidency a number which symbolizes the 86th year of the 20th century. This was the year when the Iran-Contra affair came to light to scandalize and bedevil Ronald Reagan in his second term (see) [and when Reagan signed into law a sweeping immigration reform bill that granted amnesty to three million illegal aliens]*.

 * Iran-Contra  was leaked to a Lebanese mag on November 3, 1986, Ronald Reagan's fifth year in office. Amazingly the Simpson-Mazzoli ct granting amnesty to illegals was signed by Reagan three days later on November 6th.

 Will some scandal related to Mexico be Obama's political undoing hindering or completely killing his chances of reelection? Or if, God forbid, he should manage to be reelected like Reagan will a crisis out of Mexico become a serious scandal for him in his second term? We shall see.


The White House issuing a statement concerning the swine flu assures us that: "It's not a time to panic." We can trust that Obama has everything under control and that panicking is unnecessary. To ease our fears Obama has instructed DHS Chief Napalitano to leave the borders with Mexico open and not test those who are returning. If a pandemic breaks out and thousands die because of this policy don't worry, don't panic, keep cool like Obama; he can be trusted to save the day with a new pork laden multi-billion dollar spending bill called: the American Recovery From Pig Flu Act. Keep the borders open and the traffic flowing. There could be an opportunity here.




  1. Close the border for a month. They will go berserk. No trade, no tourism, no nothing. Closed until further notice. Period…

    1. I have a better 30 day solution: a 30 day hunting season at the border, no limit. Just start shooting. Within a week all this crap would stop. Nothing would deter someone trying to cross the border like seeing the guy next to him get his head blown off. I’m betting the rest would turn around and go home. Problem solved.

  2. Does any one know if our sick southern border is covered by Obamacare? If it is maybe we can cure this borderporosis disease.

    1. Right. An election is coming up. The democrats need massive voter fraud to stay in power. Borderporosis stays.

  3. If Obama decides it is too much of a humanitarian crisis to have those kids risking their lives, his solution will probably be to send planes to the Central American capitals to pick them up there and bring them here.

  4. I have also noticed that although they refer to all of them as children, there are many adults and teen agers that are nearly voting age.

  5. I’m sick and tired of hearing the words “immigration, crisis.” There is no “immigration crisis.” What we have is an INVASION crisis of illegal aliens. Period.

  6. The wave of illegals invading America isn’t so much a disease-a “borderporosis.” A better analogy would be an infestation of ravaging insects-locusts.

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